2010-08-04-Fear and 11:11 Pt.2

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Topic: Fear and 11:11 Part 2

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Midwayer

TR: George Barnard



Midwayer: “OK. We now carry on. There is much to be said for Progress – progress for yourselves, your bodies, through better food and medicines. Progress for your minds through better education, and progress in your spiritual outlook so you will learn to better care for each other, as the Creator asks of you, and insists upon. However, ask yourselves the question, ‘Progress based on what?’ What would you like for this great Correcting Time progress to be based upon? It has to be constructed upon a foundation of something strong and positive.

“Perhaps not in your mind, my dear friend, and not in the minds of many of your ‘11:11 promptees’, for they tend to be of health, service, education, or innovation orientation. Think again. Religion, as promoted by the Angels of the many diverse Churches, those on High, who advise them, those Midwayers who tirelessly work for them, cannot be taken out of the equation. Without ‘Churches’ -- as you refer to us -- your tasks in Progress would grind to a halt, slowly over time, and after this time you would hardly retain any concern for another.”

George: “I thought I was hearing from the Chief. Now I know I’m not.”

Midwayer: “I am attached to the contingent of the Angels of the Churches. My name and number are irrelevant. My message is of importance. But for our tirelessly prompting the educators – parents, siblings, teachers and priests -- of this world, all knowledge contained in various religious teachings, indeed their doctrine, would go astray, would be lost. Our efforts allow for that which should be passed on to be retained by a younger generation. It allows parents to be encouraged to educate their children about what must be taught.

“As much as the Angels (and Midwayers) of Progress are specialists, so are we of the Churches, and as such we are not opposing forces, but complimentary tribes of good will in the overall organization that follows Prince Machiventa’s orders, Christ Michael’s mandates, and the Father Creator’s will for all of evolutionary status. There is no evolutionary world without Progress, or without Churches. We are jasper and basalt, the touchstones of eons of time in the evolutionary reality of time space soul purification tests.


“Would that you would see variety of creed, color, and function, as do we of Progress and Churches, our shared world would be of peace. I am your servant and brother, and I bid you farewell.”