2014-04-26-Q and A with Michael

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Topic: Q & A with Michael

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for centering us in your love, speaking into our hearts and minds the words you know we need to hear to imprint more upon your love, your presence. As you minister in our minds today, thank you for expanding more in who you are that we may become more like you in thought, word, and deed. May your WILL prevail in us now. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children. This is Michael. Before we move into the question and answer period of today’s call, take a few moments now to rest your thought current in me, in my PEACE, in my SECURITY. As you know, there is a mighty transformative power moving upon your world. Everyone is feeling this power but in various ways.

You, who are among my awakened children, know that this is necessary part of the Correcting Time to help the human consciousness system outwork the influences of the planetary rebellion. It is quite normal that your mental streams and emotional bodies would undergo many changes as these energies of the past begin to diminish their influence within you.

During this time—this particular time of transition—it is very important for you to stay focused on me as your Father and PROVIDER. The thoughts you need, the information of Spirit, is coming into your awareness. I invite you to keep your desires to receive this information keen and focused upon me as my mind can harmonize with yours and nurture you at levels that are fundamental to this time of transformation.

So I invite you to receive me now. Let your Mother’s presence move in you gently expanding you, adding new spirit fibers and current for your beings to receive what you need now. When we have finished with this energy conduction, we will move into the Q&A portion. Relax. Center your thoughts on me. Invite your Mother in to build you in Spirit, my beloved children. (Pause)

There is an order to life. In the process of reordering life here upon Urantia, certain changes are fundamental and necessary to evoke. You have been prepared in many ways to participate in these changes. The invitation has gone out to the whole world. There are those have been, you might say, first responders—those that have stepped up to the call of Spirit. These first responders are those who are now being prepared to be in active ministry to help the children of this world awaken and respond to the call of Spirit within themselves.

You are amongst this group first responders. As you are being prepared in many ways, it is very pivotal for you to continue to receive me, that I may participate with you and through you to minister to my children and to give them what they need. This is not always the easiest undertaking of your own personal lives—to be so centered and aligned in my MIND and WILL, but it is what I invite you develop more and more each day, that you would fulfill the desires of your heart to serve your brothers and sisters and to change the ways of the world, to bring more order into the chaos of human consciousness, and to help them recognize that the presence of the Father Within them contains the order and the ways that they seek.

So in considering your own lives today and the ways in which you are being prepared and trained, I invite you to bring any questions you might have to me. Or if you would wish to remain in this meditative attitude and simply receive your Mother and me, that is perfectly acceptable. Sometimes the questions upon your heart and mind can be better perceived in stillness. But either way, spend a few moments in thinking about your own desires to serve and how you might be best prepared. When you feel ready to present me with your question, please do so.


Student: Hello, Michael, this is B. I want to thank you so much for all the blessings that I've received these past weeks, especially those from the online Beloved retreat that I participated in. It was just so beautiful how you and Mother brought together all of these kindred spirits in such a loving way. Supporting us and helping us to support each other. So many broken hearts out there, Michael, you know that. Thank you for that lovely experience. I sense it will stay with me for quite sometime, and maybe even have future implications, I'm not sure.

My question today though is for the meeting Monday night - for John and I - as we meet with the congregation in North Tonawanda to discern what our next step in our future is...if you have any advice on that. And then also for myself. You know that I've been meeting with the lovely refugee and immigrant women from Bhutan, Nepal, the Congo, Thailand and other places every week, stitching side by side. It has been a surprise to me at how much joy that has brought me. I wonder if you could give me advice as to how I proceed with that group, if I should proceed with that group, how that may or may not fit into my ministry. Thank you.

Michael: My dear daughter, to answer your first question, it is a very simple answer: Be yourself. You have a spiritual vitality that is an energy that people can perceive when you speak from your heart, when you speak from the attitude of love. It is advisable for you and your husband to sit in stillness and prayer before your meeting and ask for the words that this congregation needs to hear to come forth. You are conduits of my presence and that of your Father through the Holy Spirit. This is an opportunity to practice simply being the conduit that you are - both you and your husband. This is not a time or interview when you should try to engage your intellect into 'what I should say' or 'how should I respond or act', but to go deeper into that desire to allow the words the congregation needs to hear to come forth. It is this simple. Does this help, my daughter?

Student: Yes, it does, Michael, very much. Thank you.

Michael: You are most welcome. To answer your second question would be very easy for me to tell you what your heart longs to know. Yet, your perception of Spirit and Divine Will is becoming very acute and keen. It is my desire that you would pose this question to your Father Fragment, for here is where you will discern more of what Father wishes to do through you and participate with you in this beautiful ministry of helping these women who have led such challenging and difficult lives. But always when you are with them, simply open your heart and ask for my love to emanate from your heart into theirs. Ask for your Mother to embrace these women in her womb of love and life.

You are learning to let go more of what you think you need to do or say in favor of allowing the spiritual energy to flow through you, and I provide that to you. The Container of the mind, as you grow in Spirit, begins to simplify because you outgrow the encumbrances of the conditioning of your planet's thought structures that grew up in the climate of the Rebellion. You are in this very rigorous process of outworking your own mind in favor of the Divine Mind, the Divine Will being more operative in you.

While I understand your question and the desires of your heart to know, it is so fundamental for you to experience the creativity of Spirit and that can only come when you are in that moment of ministry in allowing what Father wishes to do through you come forward. This may not be the answer that you sought, my daughter, but I hope you will understand the deeper impact of what you are doing now and moving more in faith and in that mind of creative unfolding in the moment of the present. Do you understand my meaning, my daughter?

Student: Yes, I do, Michael, and I welcome and I love what you have presented to me here. I'm not sure I had an idea of an answer of what I wanted, but I do understand what you are saying. I think I experience that at times when I am at the loom - when I journey at the loom - and just be in that present moment and allow Mother and sometimes Infinite Spirit to just work through me, allowing my heart to lead as opposed to my mind. Such beauty happens in such different ways, it is wonderful. So I appreciate what you have given me here today. Thank you, Michael.

Michael: You have many abilities to share with these individuals. You will continue to gain and grow in the grace that flows from the Father through you into these women. So enjoy this part of your ministry and let your heart expand in the joy you are co-creating with Father and these beautiful daughters. Be in my peace, my daughter.

Student: Thank you, Michael. I find I am learning just as much from them as what they may be learning from me or from some of the other women helping.

Student: What would be the best way for me to approach other churches to stir up interest in the spiritual presentations that I have designed and what churches might be receptive?

Michael: I do very much appreciate your attempts to reach more of your brothers and sisters with this message of love and trust in the Father. In some cases you must trod very lightly into the realm of the church. There are many conflicting belief systems threaded through the various factions of Christianity. Each church has its own flavor of understanding based on the role of the pastor in doctrinal discrimination and discernment.

Therefore it would be helpful for you to visit some of the churches in your locale and begin to perceive what is that essential flavor—where is their focus on the Father. You may need to attend more than one service in order to establish a real sense of understanding. Once you have done this it would be helpful to speak to some members of the congregation and ask them questions about what drew them to this church, what they like about it, what is its message.

It may take you many weeks in order to establish a base of understanding. It would also be helpful for you to establish a rapport with the ministers of the churches where you feel some receptivity. Invite them to share with you what they feel their mission is and where they wish to lead their congregation. You might even say that you are interested in more information about the church but not disclose your intention to do your presentations right away.

It is important for you to establish a certain level of trust and legitimacy in who you are. Let your personal attitude and energy speak for yourself when you are talking with these individuals.

At the spiritual level you are invited to go into the church and quiet your mind and make contact with the angel of that church to begin to perceive if there is receptivity for what you have to offer. It would be very helpful for you to develop your intuitive ability in collaboration with these angels who are a part of the seraphic corps ministering to your world. Do you wish me to elaborate further?

Student: No, you have given me plenty to consider. Thank you, Father.

Michael: Be in my peace, my daughter.

Student: Hi, this is S, and I really want to thank Christ Michael for your presence and you being here. In my experience lately, I’m drawn to this word “conflict”, to reframe it, for myself as how I view that, that, what that energy of conflict is. And it’s very big, so I’m asking for your thoughts on reframing this sense of what conflict is. Thank you.

Michael: Conflict, as it is experienced on this world, is a contrast of values and understanding. There is a very large gulf between the will of the Father and the ways of life here that the rebellion spawned. The energies of both of these dynamics are very abrasive, you might say. They create tension within the human heart and mind. Reframing this word of conflict then becomes a matter of adjusting the emotions that this energy dynamic of these two forms create.

You wish to move beyond the tension and the pain and suffering that is inevitable that is in this type of dynamic that is in these two forms. So when you look to reframe this, look to your own heart. Where do you experience the tension? What form does it take? Do you see the ways of the rebellion as having more influence or sway over human consciousness or are you able to perceive the greater farseeing will of the Father as the larger force outworking something very important and significant here on the planet?

When you more fully align your desires to see this word conflict from the Father’s perspective, you will begin to outgrow more of the emotional tension because now you have begun to perceive this Rebellion dynamic more from the eyes of love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy. What does this do within your own heart and soul when you perceive any conflict in this way? Does it change not only your emotional understanding but your intellectual understanding as well?

The choice is yours. It is up to you to take this to the Father and ask to see this framed in your own heart, and of course, I can help you with this as well. For especially in my own life here as a human and as your brother Jesus, I had to come into a deeper understanding of why there was so much turmoil and conflict on this world. And I grew into the perception my Father Fragment wished me to perceive and I could begin to see all conflict through these eyes of compassion and mercy, forgiveness and love.

I will pause here to see if this has helped you or if you need me to elaborate on this further for you.

Student: Yeah, I hear everything you are saying and when I see it from that bigger picture it does help and I feel very small; and yet I still have that desire to do that, to be in that space so I can at least be the conduit if I find myself in a conflict situation because I find that “I” can do very little but you can do much greater and more powerful things, so it does really help and I thank you for that.

Michael: You are most welcome, my daughter. Keep in mind that what your world is presently undergoing is what you might call a shakeout of a value system that has deviated from the Divine Plan and that the conflict does not necessarily have to be viewed negatively, that this exacerbated value exchange, you might say, is part of the necessary change of which I spoke of at the beginning.

So if you also begin to appreciate the conflict as a means of moving into that larger perspective this will help you engage your own spiritual potential for your growth because you will now see this as an opportunity to serve, to expand and to stimulate your own God-given talents to be used more effectively. As you listen to this recording or ponder this transcript know that you will grow through this time of conflict and that this is a ‘mighty’ impetus for planetary change and transformation. Does this help, my daughter?

Student: It’s that last part, that you just gave to all of us, that is really, really valuable. I don’t even know how to thank you for that because it’s really important to be able to appreciate conflict and you just gave us that way to do that and just seeing it as a value exchange. Very important. Thank you so much.

Michael: You are most welcome, and enjoy how this reframes your emotions as you become a greater conduit for mercy and forgiveness for your brethren to receive. And be in my peace, my daughter.


My children! Go forth boldly into this time of change. You have more support than you know. Everyone sincere effort to love, forgive, understand the problems of this world and the ways in which your brothers and sisters react to them will be given tremendous light and truth for you to use to help them overcome, perhaps a little bit at a time, but it is still growth and change. You have been prepared and continue to be so stimulated that you may work in these fields of change and transformation. So what is there to fear? I am with you.

As you remember in my human life as Jesus, my trust in the Father was so strong that I could take these bold steps, and help the children of this world come into a deeper appreciation of the Father’s LOVE. But how much more of the way has been opened for you through my life as Jesus and the Spirit of Truth? This is the time to take greater risks, greater chances, but this is how you grow your faith and allow the Father’s presence to be greater in and through you. And I am with you, and I will help you, and your Mother will expand you and bring you more opportunities to serve and love.

It is my delight to be here with you today, and I accompany you as always throughout your day. When you turn to me, you will receive more of what you need to carry on with courage and strength, trust and hope, and above all, great peace and love within your hearts. Good day, my beautiful children.