2014-05-17-Filling Your Needs From Your Divine Parents

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Topic: Filling Your Needs From Your Divine Parents, Adjusting to Change

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for being here with us today with your words of wisdom and comfort. As you know, this world is going through a tumultuous change. So many things are topsy-turvy. And yet you know this change is necessary and is part of the correction. We thank you for stabilizing us in your peace, holding us in your will through this time. We are here to receive more of your words and your essence that we may be strengthened in who you are and be more as you are. Thank you. May your will be done.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children. This is Michael. Yes, it is important for you to anchor into your spiritual nature now as your world undergoes more of these necessary changes in order that the higher path may be perceived in the citizenry of this world.

As you know, this is a monumental undertaking to change a course of evolution that has long been following its own path, pursuing a course that is largely misaligned with the Father’s plans. And yet, you see the power of the evolutionary momentum. This is a part of life. It is inescapable. It is the natural order of the place in which we live in the universe. The design is to grow incrementally in comprehension and manifestation on the material, intellectual and emotional levels of the Father’s will.

What you are witnessing now is this turnabout in its course. While it may seem that things are indeed rough and bumpy, it could be much worse if we do not apply certain stopgaps into this change that would even further destabilize you. So keep in mind that things are well under control, and to remember to replenish yourself in me and in your Mother, returning to the embrace of the stillness practice where you receive what you need to continue to grow and flourish during this time of change.

I come to you today to invite you to ask of me in the quiet of your own heart and mind—what are your needs? What do you wish to imprint upon of my nature? Each of you has particular desires—emotional needs, intellectual stimulation and gratification of your questions. Whatever it is, please bring them to me now in the stillness of your heart and mind. Allow your Mother to expand you in what you need that the parameters of your energy systems would be able to contain a bigger realization and revelation of what you seek. This is a time for great growth. And you live it! You live through these challenging experiences and you expand in your capacity.

Take these few moments of silence. Bring what it is you need to me and let your Mother and me move in you to fulfill those needs, whatever they may be! Let us begin. (Pause)

There is a time coming when the world will no longer sense its isolation from the rest of the universe. Technically this has already occurred. But what still needs to happen is the human recognition of your place in the universe on a personal and planetary level. It will be a tremendous shock for many who have felt this isolation deep within their hearts, and to have that sense of it no longer there as a safety or comfort zone. You are being prepared to help these children to know what a wonderful new era of life is dawning—the fulfillment of human consciousness.

Change is always uncertain, and especially on a world such as this where changes can be sudden and dramatic. We are doing what we can to prepare you and to provide those circuits of stabilization that you can, not only, perceive but use to anchor yourselves in peace and to provide that lifeline of peace and stability to your brothers and sisters who will be confused and disoriented.

Let these words settle in as you allow your Mother and me to minister into you. Allow that desire of your heart to serve well and wisely to be your utmost desire, for here is where you will receive the most spiritual vibrancy to carry you forward. Let this desire be at the forefront of your daily priorities that you may continue to receive from Spirit throughout your day. (Pause)

Many new avenues of service will open soon to each one of you. Be prepared to respond to them when you have these brought to you. Some will be subtle, some overt. Do your best to be as responsive as you can, knowing may it not necessarily be the words you speak, simply that your presence is required. Trust that when you do need to speak the words that you know that it is the Father within you who is conveying what the individual needs to hear. The more you desire to be of service, the less centered on your own needs you are, the ability to be of use to your Mother and me during this time of correction expands in ways that will truly satisfy the deepest longings of your heart and soul.

It is remembering that you need this spiritual nourishment and in coming to us that you will indeed receive what you need to help others and be a voice of reason, comfort, and understanding. The human mind is now in the throes—powerful energy—of the change of course of the evolution of consciousness. How will you participate in this? It is in coming to us and by remaining positive and encouraged that you will help in the building of these currents of LOVE to grow on the planet in the planet’s consciousness. So consider these words for a few more moments as we continue to imprint upon you, trusting as a little child in what we seed into you. (Pause)

My children, your Mother and I are proud of your efforts. As I take my leave of you in this way, your Mother will address you and continue to minister to you—that you may imprint upon more of what you need and be at peace during this time of great change. Be strong and courageous and know that we are with you. Good day, my beloved children.

NEBADONIA: Greetings, my little ones! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks! Small you may be in your evolutionary stature you have a mighty spirit presence within your beings that compels you to grow and to seek for that which you desire. This world has provided you with many unique challenges, and it will continue to do so for many years to come. But you are not without help. You are not alone.

Take a few deep breaths. Let the energies of spirit absorb deeper into your bodies. The spiritual current is life building. Your Father has provided to earth His offspring to support you during this time of correction. They are the personalities whom you have come to know as Adam and Eve. They are here in a particular stage of their morontia personas to deliver into your beings that which will support and sustain your spiritual vitality.

So open to them now! Invite them in, and your Father and I will continue to help you absorb this quality of spiritual frequency that will greatly aid in your development and help your physical systems attune to what we wish to provide to you. Receive this now with an open and glad heart. (Pause)

Allow the spiritual current to increase, gently expanding into places within your being, especially those areas which may contain that resistance you cannot feel or see. But you can desire that this resistance yield to the power of LOVE, trusting that power can wash through you, purifying and cleansing those areas which have harbored sin. Allow the energies of MERCY and FORGIVENESS to move to this place where Adam and Eve are ministering to you, opening to a greater expression of their love and what they are now permitted to provide to you. (Pause)

The purification of the human heart is the foundation of the Correcting Time. It is the place where you perceive your material reality from an emotional standpoint. These energies are powerful, and where you see corruption, immorality, disease and poverty, it presses upon those heart energies and you become anxious, fretful. We wish to provide to you that spiritual counterbalance that you may send forth the energies from your heart compassion, mercy, forgiveness and understanding to this material arena; that the spiritual energies may grow upon the planet and help others to have their hearts purified and rehabilitated in the power of FORGIVENESS and MERCY.

We are building the momentum for this to occur. You see it now, and the wave will continue to grow. So let yourselves open to more of what Adam and Eve provide to you, that your hearts may be strengthened and be able to withstand as the wages of sin and iniquity are purged from this planet. (Pause)


Join me in focusing on this phrase now as we continue to minister to you: IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S WILL UPON URANTIA. IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S WILL UPON URANTIA. IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST THE FATHER’S WILL UPON URANTIA. Let the energies contained within this phrase serve as a conductor for your growth and allow what this contains to press into you, expand you, fill you with more LIFE. (Pause)

Soon it will be evident to everyone that the isolation is over, and that you are invited to join us in the universal family to grow and to prosper as a rehabilitated member. There is much to do before this occurs, and so prepare yourselves by coming to us more frequently and faithfully during the day that you may indeed rest well and be strengthened for the times of change ahead. (Pause)

My blessings are upon you, my children. Grow in my JOY and LOVE. Be in your Father’s PEACE. All is well. Good day.