2014-05-24-Q and A with Michael

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Topic: Q & A with Michael

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for this time to receive your guidance in the ways you wish to convey to us those truths and attributes of your personalities that we need for our continued growth. We open this circuit to receive you. We thank you for connecting us in the ways that you provide to us through our brothers and sisters. Thank you for speaking into our hearts, expanding our minds, and using us to be more of the embodiment of your presence here on this planet. Thank you for protecting us from any outside interference through the Archangel circuits. May your will be done. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children. This is Michael. It is indeed good that you come to your Mother and me with all of the requests of your lives. As you aware, so few children of this world are aware of the innate relationship they have to us. We are your immediate Divine Parents within this realm of the local universe. We are grateful that you have sought to strengthen our relationship. This is one that will be a center-point of your lives for many, many eons of time to come as you traverse this world to its completion, moving on to the local system and eventually making your way to the headquarters of Nebadon where you will receive the divine embrace of your Mother and me.

Think about this expanded dimension of your lives. I know the human imagination cannot always extend that far, but within the endowment of your Father Fragments, you may begin to perceive the faint glimmers of your eternal destiny and be more fully invested in your eternal careers. It truly begins here and now, and it is in keeping with that, that I invite you to open to me and to the presence of your Mother that we may provide you with more of that spiritual current to help you open the door more widely to this unfolding your ascension career.

What questions do you have for your Father Fragments? What questions might you have for me today to help you understand how you are growing in the unfolding of this eternal career right here and now? Take a few moments to center your thoughts on your eternal career. Allow us to move in you, and after a few moments, I will be happy to address your questions. Let us begin. (Pause)

The more you seek to follow the plans seeded within you for the perfect life, the greater capacity you expand into to be attuned to the Father’s presence within you. Your Mother and I provide you with the environment and also disclose into your beings those very spiritual qualities that provide you with the means by which to take this journey. As you know, it is a very long journey, and you will be growing in innumerable ways along your chartered course. It is not so important that you intellectually comprehend what you will be doing as it is to set that desire, feel your interest, fuel your appreciation for this wonderful path to unfold, for you to live it each and every day.

So focus in your hearts and feel that desire to be more harmonized with your divine life plan. We will continue to minister into your consciousness and provide you with more of that spiritual integrity you need to fortify you for this journey. (Pause)

So few Urantians are aware that this plan of spiritual magnificence is available to them. So few people earnestly embark on this journey. What we would invite you to consider is how invested are you in living this now? I encourage you to consider this carefully for there are twists and turns and opportunities along the way that you can hardly fathom at this time. Sometimes it will take you into places that seem daunting to you, but yet the Spirit within you knows your potential and gives you room to grow, experiment, to try new things that will move you out of your comfort zone to stretch you. It does not have to be a painful process, but the more you are invested in this journey and desire that your will aligns in Father’s WILL becomes the Father’s WILL, will you be stimulated in ways that truly inspire, ennoble, and thrill you to the depths of your souls.

So keep these thoughts in minds as you go about your days. We understand the challenges that you face on your world, but yet you know how many opportunities there are to grow and overcome the conditioning of your culture to truly live as ennobled and free citizen of the universe.

So when you feel ready you may bring me your questions, or if you wish to stay in this more meditative state of mind, you will continue to receive what your Mother and I sow into you now. You may begin when you feel ready to speak.


Student: Hello, Father Michael. Thank you so much for this session today. I find it not coincidental that you mention the eternal career and all the different places that we can go with our eternal career and that it starts here and now, as I’ve been really thinking, pondering and implementing recently, different ways to expand my own career here on Urantia, my own professional career, and questioning some things and trying to start some new side businesses and just going in new directions at work. There’s some frustration there, there’s minutiae I have to wade through, there’s sharks that I have to fend off, i.e., my competition. If you could I would like to hear from you what the long view is and help me put all of this perspective as I learn these new things and implement them and how that applies not just here, but to the rest of my eternal career, whether directly or indirectly. Thank you so much. Michael: Thank you, D, my son, for this question because it underscores the human desire to be in alignment with the Father’s will in the midst of material living. You have certain advantages and disadvantages by living on a rebellion world. One of the disadvantages is that your world is out of step with the normal evolutionary course, and, therefore you have certain obstacles in your way to overcome, as you say, the “dog eat dog” competition of your business culture is sorely lacking in certain morals and ethics. This can lead to a certain level of cynicism, frustration, and even anger at the current way in which business is conducted, but the counterbalancing advantage is that it compels you to dig deeper and to find that spiritual current within your own being to help you recognize that you have an opportunity to change things and to be a better role model for your colleagues and associates in the business world. The stillness practice shall remain the foundation of the development of your eternal career, and it will remain so for many, many years to come until you are finally fused with the Father within. Two attributes I would encourage you to develop here and now for your career is one of patience: patience in your dealings with your brothers and sisters, patience with your ability to grow your businesses in ways that will incrementally build upon each step one at a time to your eventual goal attainment, that which you might consider to be a success. The other component I would encourage you to develop is more faith. Trust in the natural unfolding of this eternal career, the process of building of your eternal career one step at a time. Patience will serve you well here because now you are taking a longer range view. Faith will stimulate you to progress and to bring the best D that you can become in any one moment in time forward. Cultivating these two qualities will synergistically expand your capacity to be guided by your angels, and they can bring opportunities to you for growth. Sometimes the opportunities will seem very challenging, and that is your signal to dig deeper to go to the Father within and ask, “What do I need here? Bring forth something in me that you wish to provide to me that I may embody you more.” Of course you have the ability to come to your Mother and me to seek guidance, and to also appeal to my Personalized Adjuster to help you receive the situation from the higher perspective, that which I was able to receive from my own human experience that will aid you in your own objectivity in looking at your life. We provide you these spiritual tools, you might say, to equip you with meeting the challenges of living in the various climates of your environment: business climate, the relationship climate, home environment. These two spiritual attributes translate very well into all kinds of relationships, and since you are forging new paths for yourself, it is in the cultivation and embodiment of these two spiritual attributes that will give you more of that sustenance and stamina to make that progress that you seek. I will pause here and ask if this has helped you or if you would wish me to further elaborate. Student: I think that is obviously very helpful what you have said, and I have enough right there to ponder and implement for some time, so I have no further comment or question at this time. Thank you. Michael: You are most welcome, my son. I would add one other dimension and that is to cultivate joy. Enjoy what you are doing, even those things you consider to be the minutiae of life, but here is where the Father experiences life through you, and the more you stay in that attitude of joy and appreciation the Father’s presence is able to align your thoughts toward what is truly good and real and what the Father wishes to experience through you. Remember that you are in this co-creative partnership with your Adjuster. You are not alone. He is always experiencing what you experience, whether you consciously recognize this or not. As you ponder these words and sit in stillness to reflect upon what I have conveyed to you and what your Mother and I have seeded into you today, you will truly be nourished at a deeper level in your soul and have new thoughts generated for your consideration. Be in my peace, my beloved son.

Student: Hello, Father Michael, this is B. Like D, I too find this topic that you have chosen for us today—this theme to think about and ponder—synchronistic, serendipitous, and certainly fortuitous. For these past days I have been trying to focus more on my eternal career and what that might be for me, spending time in stillness with my Adjuster asking that question and what I could be doing now to prepare for that.

The information that I have received so far surprises me, but it is a wonderful surprise; leaves me with a joyful feeling. I know not really what it means, nor understand it, but I can see where your comment about the twists and turns and unexpected surprises along the way will certainly play out for myself and, I'm sure for anyone who is on this kind of path. I am beginning to see how certain elements of my material life are unfolding and yet tying themselves together.

There is this theme of weaving and of course I am a weaver, as you know, a weaver of cloth. I am sensing that words and crystals and sacred geometry and all of the different things that make my heart go pitter-patter –working with fiber and all of that—tie in together somehow. So weaving is really more of a metaphor. Although those things are what take place in this material world, I sense that the theme of me weaving in some other realm will stay with me for many years to come—even beyond this life on Urantia.

Like D, I would just ask for your comments, encouragements, guidance; whatever you can provide for me. I will ask one specific question: You know I have monkey-mind. It is a struggle to quiet it and get out of the material mind and get into my heart. I manage to do it from time to time, but monkey-mind comes back. How best can I focus in the present, in the now, in this material world doing the tasks that need to be done, doing the tasks that are presented to me, and yet keep that sight for the future - discerning what is best now that will actually help me grow into this beautiful plan that you have waiting for me? Thank you.

Michael: My dear daughter B. You truly have answered your own question. Your eternal career is unfolding now, as you say. The best advice I can provide to you to answer this question of your heart is to stay focused on the present moment. This is quite a defined skill that enables the depth of your relationship with the Father to speak more profoundly into your mind and heart. This attention and attunement to being present in the moment is so challenging for the children of various cultures of this world—to remain focused, and yet it is truly the at the heart of being able to perceive the leadings of the Father within you. What more can I say...other than to perhaps suggest a few little ideas to help you to remember to return to that moment you are in?

The attitude of appreciation and gratefulness is the attitude to adopt no matter what you are doing. Feel your appreciation for whatever it is you are doing even if it is something as mundane as brushing your teeth, making dinner, driving your car from one destination to another. This gratefulness speaks volumes to your soul. It provides you the means to receive the information that is required for the upcoming steps you need to take, but it may not come when your mind is focused on this question "what do I do next?" When you ask that question, it is as if you are engaging your monkey-mind.

What you wish to provide is that open environment for the Father to say, "Let's do this next. Let's try this." It also provides you the structure for your angels to provide you with what they seem might be very helpful for your spiritual growth. There is a quotation in your Urantia text that discusses the best way to become a frog is to be a loyal tadpole each and every moment. And that is what you are. You have not yet reached Adjuster fusion, but you are on your eternal career; you are at this particular stage of your eternal career.