2014-06-14-Imprinting Upon the Energies of Goodness

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Topic: Imprinting Upon the Energies of Goodness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we come before you today. We thank you for filling us with your presence, expanding us in your love and light. You know what we need to continue to grow and become more as you are here in our material lives, and we thank you so much for your outpouring of mercy into us now. We are ready to receive you, and we greatly appreciate all that you provide to us during this very challenging time of change. We especially ask for an outpouring of love into our physical bodies to help us stay the course for the transitional transformational period. We thank you for providing us with the celestial help we need to incorporate these changes, protecting the circuits from any outside interference that your will may be done. Thank you.


MICHAEL: My dear children, welcome, welcome indeed! This is your Father Michael. You are most welcome to step up and receive from your Mother and me as your world continues to undergo its very vigorous transformation. New circuits of spiritual current are being applied. There are frequencies bathing your world that will disclose new information, not only into your minds—your consciousness—but also into your bodies which have connections to this universal consciousness.

It is no small measure to help you reverse this course of de-evolution that has created so much havoc and chaos on this planet. We know you have been faithful in your attempts to move forward, and we see the steps you take to foster your growth. And yet, you do need more spiritual energy to support that new foundation that is growing within your consciousness to feed your bodies, to feed your souls, to liberate your minds, to expand your hearts. We appreciate you coming to us when you are in need. You may imprint upon what we offer to you as part of the parent/child relationship. You have access and you are connected to us in this parent/child relationship. The door is always open for you to come to us, especially remembering to turn your attention to us when you feel that need for renewal and refreshment, for healing and re-patterning.

So prepare yourselves now to receive this from us. Let us minister to you in the ways you need, letting go of what you think you need in favor of what we wish to provide to you. Sometimes it is the same. Sometimes it is slightly different. But regardless of what it is, do your best to stay out of the intellect, to open your hearts, and to truly feel the desire to receive from us what we wish to provide to you.

Take a few moments to set this intention, to still your thoughts, to open your hearts. I invite you to focus on the energies and the universe language of GOODNESS which streams from the Paradise Father, which is a part of my nature and that which I can provide to you. Again, it is not so significant that you understand what this energy truly fully represents but that you desire it. So relax now as we open this portal for you to receive in this GOODNESS endowment. Let us begin. (Pause)

If it is helpful for you to visualize and hold your focus, simply put your attention on the word GOODNESS, and invite it to speak into you, disclosing itself into your being in various ways. (Pause)

Goodness is a reflection of the divine nature. While you hardly can conceive or encompass all of what this energy wishes to disclose to you, it is more important for you to desire this GOODNESS endowment to embrace you, to help you choose the higher path—the Father’s WILL. Contained within this endowment of GOODNESS is the natural unfolding of choosing of the Father’s WILL. And the more you seek to be good as the Father is truly good, the affinity for choosing the Father’s WILL becomes more refined in your thought processes. It is as if there is a spiritual current now directing your thoughts to what composes and constitutes the Father’s WILL in human life. The path of GOODNESS truly liberates the individual from fear because now there is an inner security and assurance that you are more connected to doing the Father’s WILL and your indwelling Father Fragments are then able to convey what is truly the righteous and correct path to follow.

As these words settle into your minds, let the endowment deepen into your hearts, nurturing your souls; that the energy provided in this endowment may indeed feed you at the deepest levels of your beings. (Pause)

Over time goodness becomes a more habitual way of living as you increasingly seek to become good as the Father is good. There is an easiness and a simplicity to life. The inner assurance of the developing personality as a child of God expands and heightens. You are able to perceive a greater perspective of the relationships and circumstances around you.

As you seek and imprint on these energies of GOODNESS, there will come a point in your inner development you will find yourself more naturally gravitating to doing things in the way more consistent in the Father’s WILL. We offer these endowments to you as inducements to truly choose the Father’s WILL for you to imprint upon what these endowments truly mean and their intrinsic value to human life.

We provide them to you that you may become good as the Father is good, and to share these energies with your brothers and sisters who also earnestly need these energies to transform their lives. These can be powerful inducements for them to open to their spiritual potential: to seek for the spirit, to seek for the Father, to catalyze something within them that will offer them an internal recognition of the presence of their own Father Fragments.

So in imprinting upon these energies for yourself, you know that you will be given opportunities to share this with others. So allow yourselves to soak in this, to let it go deep and wide, serving you in various ways, that you may serve this to your brothers and sisters in the way you demonstrate your daily actions out in the world. (Pause)

I invite you to shift your focus slightly to encompass the energies of MERCY to harmonize and blend with this GOODNESS endowment. There is a synergy that I wish to help you experience as these two components of the divine nature harmonize in you. So add this focus of MERCY to how you are holding these energies and allow us to continue to imprint upon you, helping you to incorporate more of what you need to transform. (Pause)

I will leave you now in the loving embrace of your Mother now as these endowments continue to be provided to you. Allow your focus to remain on these energies as I yield this forum to your Mother now, as She speaks to you and helps you grow in the divine nature of our Paradise beloved Father. I leave you in Her hands, my children. I leave you in my love. Good day.

NEBADONIA: My blessings are upon you, my children. This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. These endowments are continuing to settle into your systems. There is a restructuring occurring that will help you indeed embody these qualities that will help you over time. You need do nothing more than simply receive now. My presence continues to embrace you, expanding you in these endowments of what will truly transform this world. So continue to relax. Breathe deeply, slowly, rhythmically, feeling your desire for these energies to go to new depths as well as expand to new heights. Allow me to embrace you, holding you in my love. (Pause)

The human heart longs for truth and goodness. This is an innate part of the evolving structure of human consciousness to build a culture of Light and Life on the material level. Due to many factors imposed upon this world by the rebellion, your world has suffered a setback in the demonstration of these qualities of the Father, as the human heart has been, you might say, repressed, and the energies of TRUTH and GOODNESS have not been able to be fully disclosed within. That is all changing now. As we provide these energies to you, we also ask that you submit this to the growing planetary circuits of the Supreme consciousness of the planet that more hearts may truly open to what these energies provide and reveal to human consciousness.

So take a few moments now to shift your focus slightly. Hold the world as a globe in your mind’s eye before your heart. As you have done during the Magisterial Mission calls, project that line of energy from your heart to embrace the globe and allow the words and energies of GOODNESS and MERCY to enfold the world. You may start at the North Pole and spiral that around the globe in a counter-clockwise rotation. There are many celestial supporters who will join you in this visualization and add these frequencies into the higher consciousness. Do this with great love in your heart, knowing that you are helping your brethren to feed upon the energies of GOODNESS and MERCY. It will help them to respond to the call of the Spirit within. (Pause)

Legions of angels are functioning in these circuits, helping to increase the spiritual frequencies in areas around the world where certain resistant strains of the rebellion virus are still firmly ensconced. Over time as you and others continue to ask for more GOODNESS and MERCY to bathe the world will these resistant bands of energy open and receive these higher divine alignments. We await that time when the humans connected to these resistant energies will indeed respond appropriately to the call of the Spirit.

You can do much during your times of stillness to ask for these circuits to continue to be opened, for those individuals still responding to the rebellion energies to receive the endowments of MERCY and GOODNESS. You all well understand that every soul here on this world is precious and that we do not look at our children with anything less than unconditional love and mercy. We understand the challenges that you face in seeing your brethren who are still performing very heinous acts against one another. But we truly desire and ask for you to expand yourselves in these energies we provide to you, that you may respond accordingly when you are confronted with these situations, no matter how big or how small you see them in your daily lives.

Is this too much to ask of you? Only you can answer that. But we do desire and hope that you will see the bigger purpose and what it is that we ask of you, and recognize that it is part of your cosmic responsibility to increasingly see and respond to heinous acts with love and compassion and mercy, and to allow the energies of the Ancients of Days and the Magisterial Mission to outwork what constitutes the laws of justice and fairness.

It is not up to you to judge but to love and forgive, for these are your brothers and sisters and they know not truly what they do in terms of their responsibilities to the cosmic whole. You are beginning to have these glimpses into what life is like in the universes, and when you pledge to do your best each day, you will receive more of what you need to continue to grow and feed upon what will truly liberate you and help others to become liberated as well. So let these thoughts settle in as you continue to receive and allow the flow of GOODNESS and MERCY to flow from your heart to the world. (Pause)


I take my leave of you in this manner my children. As you know, the flow truly never recedes. It is only a matter of you returning to this embrace to continue to imprint to feed your soul, to expand your minds. Go joyfully into this day with this increased awareness of GOODNESS and MERCY that may precede your thoughts and actions and hold you in the beauty of how you are becoming more Godlike in thought, word and deed.

Enjoy your day, my children. It is a beautiful gift from the Father and it is there for you to use creatively and with great love. My blessings are upon you. Good day.