2014-06-20-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



My children, this is your Father in Spirit. The spiritual pressure applied to this world is creating a reverberation within the human heart for something greater to feed your consciousness. This is the internal call within, beckoning the individual to open to the glorious realm of SPIRIT where you have access to the information you need to heal and transform yourselves and your world. This is the greatest undertaking imaginable and it is available to anyone who responds to this internal call.

What is available to you during this time is only the biggest adventure of LIFE: to grow in comprehension of who you are as a child of creation and of the Divine Creator in whose thoughts and heart you took origin. Becoming aware of your origin and destiny will feed your soul with what it needs to grow and to be nurtured on the spiritual energies of LOVE and all of its attenuations that help you comprehend and experience the inner greatness which you develop over the course of your lifetime and daily interactions.

As more individuals awaken to this great truth, the more LIGHT will shine forth from the soul and bathe the world for others to open to their own inner origins and destinies. When enough of you truly come into the full recognition of this, then you will start to gather in groups to work together in unity consciousness to address the various social ills of your planetary culture. This is already occurring, and it will continue to mount until it embraces all of humanity.


So, in considering this message today, asses how you are participating in this great awakening and unfolding of the ways of heaven on earth. Continue to grow and strive to be all that you can become during this time of transformation, and know that your efforts are helping the collective consciousness to strengthen in the ways and will of SPIRIT; that the divine order of the universe is indeed growing upon this tiny world and reshaping LIFE as you know it.