2014-07-06-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Dearest children, I am your Universe Mother with a message of love for my children of this world. Your minds are being bathed with LIGHT and LOVE that stream from the very heart of CREATION and the CREATOR OF ALL. You have the capacity to integrate these spiritual energies by saying “yes” to what your Spirit Father and I wish to share with you. When you place your thoughts and feelings upon receiving this, your perception will change, as you are now opening to the higher energies of LIFE that create new sparks of awareness within.

Little by little, through the desire to grow spiritually, you strive to achieve new understandings about life and increase your ability to love others. Human striving is a part of WILL—the animating life force that comes from the divine realms of creation. When human will aligns with divine will, when your thoughts, feelings and actions are in alignment with the laws and principles of the universe, you expand your spiritual capacity and move more into your real self—your soul.

Therefore, my beloveds, strive on! Let there be a strong impulse and impetus within your desires to foster your hunger for spiritual growth—for TRUTH, BEAUTY and GOODNESS to be your way of life. Deepen your desire to strive and you will receive more universe support to guide you along your path. Renew yourself in your spiritual inheritance by coming to your Father and me that we may shine our divine personality upon you to help you achieve greater things in life. Let your striving foster new curiosity in your potential that you may desire to live and express it more fully. Strive to BE what you have been created to become and allow the WILL energy of LIVE to carry you forward.