2014-07-17-What Does TR Really Mean

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Topic: What Does TR Really Mean

Group: N. Colorado Mission


Teacher: Erion

TR: Tetrapod



Dear God, I have some more technical questions regarding the celestial "circuits":

1) Would it be possible for an inexperienced TR like myself, and some of the others on this forum to establish reliable 2-way mindal communications within other people on the forum, or at least with Ron? Is there an effective way to practice and test this? I ask this as I believe that no matter what precautions we take with the design of the Forum servers and associated networks, there will be significant loss of connectivity, either for some or all. I'm concerned with our ability to help if we are isolated from the rest of the team, especially our COO.


Dear Tetrapod, You can be confident that we share your concerns and have formulated ways to work around this. Ron will be sharing exercises before long that will help your team to accomplish this form of communication. This is, of course a primary purpose of your team -- to provide a mechanism where we can communicate and receive information from communities that have been rendered isolated from the larger community and from our warnings and guidance. The tectonic events that have been forecast will disrupt, not only your power grid, but the ejection of material into the upper atmosphere will cause most satellite and microwave line of sight transmission to fail. This may even impact the broadband highly resilient networks provided to the military and civil defense personnel that are designed to function in degraded environments. We can assure you that the mechanisms provided by us through Ron will not degrade under any conditions foreseen to occur on your planet.

2) I'm confused on the use of the term TR, and when we are performing the Transmitting, and when the Receiving. It seems we call the receiving and publishing of messages Transmitting, which I view as receiving. Do we, or will we also have the ability to Transmit, as in sending a message for others to receive, or is that strictly reserved for Celestials? If we can have this ability, what would we call it?

There has been a misuse of this term that has occurred during the progress of the Teaching Mission, that we have been aware of but have intentionally not attempted to correct. The original intent of the term was to use Transmit, as you suggest to describe the sending of a message, and Receive to indicate that a message has been sensed by a TR. As time went on, it became used to identify the two phases of reception. That is, receipt of the message, and then publishing it. The publishing has been incorrectly referred to as Transmitting. As we indicated, we did not attempt to correct this usage as it did little harm. I can see why you ask this question in the context of your first question above. There has for the most part been little true Transmitting done to date by humans on Urantia. There has been little reason for it. But now that you will begin to learn this skill, it is probably time to correct this usage. I think the term Publish is a good one to refer to the act of documenting the transmission that you received, and making it available to others, or even to a local archive (in the event you are isolated for a time). Ron may want to take note and begin using this clarified terminology.

3) Is it acceptable to ask for celestial guidance on issues such as #2 above, which I'm sure could be answered by searching the archives or asking others on the forum, or is it considered an abuse of the gift to ask such questions? I do it now to practice my TR skills, but I am wondering for future reference.

Yes. Of course it is alright. Deities function in a very different way than your human mind. A Deity is not interrupted or disturbed in the slightest amount by responding to such inquiries. They are constituted such that they can process a near infinite number of simultaneous prayers, queries, or other communication at the same instant. One should not concern themselves with overloading or burdening such beings. For beings such a myself, that are at a sub-deity level of existence, it becomes a joy and a thrill to utilize our knowledge to benefit others. It is considered good manners in fact for a TR to permit his celestial helpers to serve in this way, before spending the time of other people who are very busily trying to keep up with their lives. Time is somewhat different here, and it is never considered an interruption or distraction from our work to communicate to mortals such as yourself. This is actually a very welcome interruption, and one that we greet with joy, and receive with honor. We await further questions and opportunities to serve. I am Erion and wish you a good day.