2014-07-26-Q and A with Michael

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Topic: Q & A with Michael

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we’re so grateful to be here together to receive your words of comfort and guidance and wisdom. You know our individual unique challenges, concerns, strivings, desires, and you know certainly what this planet is going through. So we’re here to receive from you whatever you wish to share with us that will support us during this time of change and transformation. We open yourselves to receive you in the ways in which you imprint upon us—upon our minds and upon our hearts. Thank you so much, and may your will being done.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children. This is Michael. My PEACE is upon you. Allow your thoughts to settle on my PEACE. Drink in this nurturing soul energy that I share with you of my divine nature. My PEACE is part of the divine coding your bodies need to sustain you through this time of great change. The underlying foundation of your lives is moving you into new directions of renewal and rebirth. And when you feel these foundations moving, even shaking, they can interfere with your internal sense of equilibrium, both from a physical standpoint and an emotional one as well. This conditions how you think, how you respond in your daily lives.

So think of my PEACE as the under-grid—that unshakeable foundation upon which a new planetary culture will be forged in the ages to come. It will be forged through men and women, such as yourselves, who are secure in me and this divine attribute of PEACE that I delight in sharing with you.

Today before we begin the question and answer portion of our time together, simply focus on your desire and need to be more deeply anchored into my PEACE, that the underlying foundation of your emotions, your thoughts and the way in which you perceive this time of change can feed your souls, secure you to help you radiate more of the Father’s LOVE at the very cores of your being. Simply invite my PEACE in and receive it now, my beloved children. (Pause)

Peace moves you through changing times and social conditions with a sense of composure. There is an inner confidence that all is well, that things are indeed moving along in the WILL of the Father according to His divine plans. The plan of correction your Mother and I have implemented for this world is designed to be a spiritual correction that reverberates out into all streams of consciousness around the planet, within all life forms to correct those patterns that have long existed in the energies of the rebellion.

Now you know that this is a massive undertaking. And you know your beings have all been conditioned by fear and other energies of the rebellion. And you know that this plan of correction is and will be successful, so my question to you is, where do you still harbor uncertainty and (the word I will use is) trepidation within your beings that says to you, “well, I’m not sure if things are truly working out.”

When you receive and are more firmly embedded into PEACE, these feelings will no longer be a part of how you perceive your outer world. You have been taught in your Urantia text what does it matter if all things earthly crumble. And it will not matter to you when you are more deeply rooted in PEACE and responding from that place in all you think, feel and do.

Therefore in today’s imprinting, your Mother and I wish to help you move deeper into this anchoring of PEACE that you are strong and steady as the winds of change blow around you. Some of your brethren will be knocked down by these winds. You are being prepared to remain steadfast and secure. You have already had many challenges in your lives to promote your faith in your inner awareness that you are indeed supported through this time of change.

Now I invite you to open as fully as you can and to continue to come to me and allow me to share my PEACE with you. It truly is this simple! And yet we understand how you are challenged by the outer conditions of the world that may sometimes knock you off balance, especially when you feel insecure. Continue to imprint upon this. Invite your Mother to open you to new circuits of my presence and my PEACE. (Pause)

My beloved children, the light in your souls is indeed growing. We see the beauty of who you are and what you are becoming. We invite you to appreciate this more in yourselves each and every day. Your perfecting process was designed to be a great delight to you. Especially rugged on this world, yet so much more thrilling because you can see how far you’ve come and how well you outwork the energies of selfishness, self-centeredness as you evolve more into the service motive and mentality that is all part of the Father’s love.

Take time to appreciate your efforts. Savor your accomplishments. Know that this will indeed strengthen you for what is to come in the future in the way of challenges, for now you have actual evidence—the power of faith—in how you grow through times of uncertainty, and you have so many more opportunities to grow. And we are with you, and we will continue to nurture you in our personality energy to support your growth and transformation. (Pause)

You may come before me with your questions, if you wish, or remain in this meditative state where you will continue to receive in our PEACE. The choice is up to you.


Student: Michael, this is L. I thank you for the many years of preparation I have received from you and many others to prepare me for beginning to establish a relationship with residents of Pine Ridge in South Dakota. On my mind right now is how the Lakota understand and experience you in their lives and how I understand and experience you in my life. I ask you to speak to how I may be better prepared to represent you and to bridge any gaps created by differences in how we receive you as cultural differences and what I may learn from their culture to establish a relationship of trust with them. Thank you.

Michael: Thank you for your question, my dear daughter. Establishing a relationship of trust builds from that place of listening with the heart as well as speaking from the heart. There are wide cultural divides to bridge. The role of forgiveness here is pivotal, as you well know. What you ask of me is already in place for you are carrying an energy within your heart that gives you the ability to listen to their story with compassion—deep compassion, and that builds understanding.

What has affected these people is a loss of trust, a sense of betrayal as their needs have largely been ignored. They have been deceived, they have been brutalized. So the first thing that needs to occur is for someone to listen, to listen with compassion, with mercy, so that the cultural divide can begin to be bridged. You will carry this energy with you.

You have been prepared to be a larger container of my presence as well as to hold more of that spiritual charge from my human life as Jesus to shine upon individuals when you are in close proximity to them. It is not so much the words you speak; it is your attitude of compassion that will build this trust relationship. Show concern for their plight. Let them know that you are sympathetic to what has happened to them.

That is the best way to gain trust. Be more willing to listen that to speak, for in the listening the Spirit is then able to convey through your thought currents the words that that individual or individuals need to hear. But your heart must be open, your mind quiet. And then things will proceed more as they should, and you will be more effective in your outreach.

Does this help, my daughter, or do you need further elaboration?

Student: Thank you, Michael, this does help a lot. I know I need to be a good listener. I’m just wondering if you can give me some specific insight into how they understand you as Jesus and what their relationship with you is.

Michael: It is a mixed bag. It is difficult to sort through that which comes from their own traditions combined with the ways in which they were deceived by those individuals who professed to be followers of Jesus. I would steer clear from the discussion about who and what Jesus is and simply allow them to speak from their hearts. It is more important for them to see and feel your godly nature than for you to speak about your beliefs of who I am as Jesus or Michael.

Actions speak louder than words, and hearts are opened through love and understanding. When they feel your compassion, it will catalyze something within them for now they have a recognition that their own Father Fragments can use in conjunction with their own indwelling Spirits of Truth. So do not be as concerned with how they perceive me as Jesus and simply represent me to the best of your ability and let me minister to these beloved children to my delight. Does this help my daughter?

Student: Yes it does, thank you very much. And thank you for the reminder that we are all guided by the Spirit of Truth. Michael: You are indeed welcome my daughter. Continue to build yourself in my peace as that will further provide you with that strong supportive structure to be this messenger that you are groomed for service. Thank you.

Student: Hello, Michael, this is B.

Michael: Please proceed, my daughter.

Student: As you know, a week from tomorrow I will be leaving for the west coast to spend the next two months in the state of Washington. As you also know, there has just been so much change going on in my life recently, that has prevented me from preparing myself as fully as I would like to have for this adventure of mine: the classes I will be teaching, for the residency I’ll participate in.

All through this crazy time this summer—though there is much good that has happened—it has taken its physical toll on me. I know I am being guided to trust. Your words today about your blanket of peace—that underpinning, underlying that will help us through everything—were sweet words to my ears. There have been times when I have wondered if my physical body would hold up while I am out there.

I come to you today with a question, much like my sister L. I will be presenting material I have never taught before—all about Sacred Geometry. I have worked with it. I have been blessed with endowments about Sacred Geometry. But this is the first time I am actually going to be presenting it to others in a somewhat structured setting. I am a little unsure of how to go about this. How best will they be able to receive? What is it that they need to know that I can share with them? How best can I inspire them on this subject that has been such a passion of mine for the last 4 or 5 years—actually longer than that—bbut specifically these past 4-5 years? If you could give me any advice as to how to proceed with these and even during my residency, how best can I represent you while I am there to the people that will be coming to this center for instruction, rest, and renewal? Thank you.

Michael: B, my little one. I do understand your concerns. I know that you have struggled in many ways over the last few months with your growth process and the change of mind that comes with being more responsive to the needs of your soul. You have been encouraged that all you have is within you. You simply need to let it flow from your being through the energies of your heart that the words you speak will touch those individuals who come to you to learn what you have to share. Before I continue with my answer, I encourage you to simply focus on your heart and acknowledge, “I have everything I need within me.” You can do this silently. As you do this I will help you gain more inner confidence through my peace and love. [Pause.]

Now before I continue with my response, let me ask you, “Do you feel more confident with what you have inside of you to convey to your prospective students?”

Student: Yes I do, Michael. I do.

Michael: The only thing I wish to add to my response to you then, my daughter, is to help your students see Sacred Geometry through the lens of the natural world, to help them appreciate that the patterns of nature are indeed part of the sacred geometry of life. There is a symbiotic relationship between the natural world and the energies of Spirit that wish to portray a wider view of the patterns and personality of the Father. Now you may not need to use words exactly such as this, however, you may indeed help them understand that Sacred Geometry is a part of life and that the natural world is a very helpful study to understand these various aspects of the principles of creation and functioning of the universe. Does this answer satisfy you, my daughter, or do you need more?

Student: Yes, it has satisfied me, Michael. Thank you. It feels right and it makes sense. I have struggled with how much book knowledge to present vs. how much time of just looking through the eyes of nature, which is what this whole class is really being based upon. I think I have been leaning more towards the nature end of it. The book knowledge will come out if and when it is necessary. I do hope to spend a portion of the class every single day getting the students outside into the garden, into the forest, and down to the river to help them see where these patterns, structures, and shapes are. Then allow the metaphysical energetic meanings of these shapes be presented.

Michael: Remember that when you provide the environment for people to experience what you plan to teach that you also provide their indwelling Father Fragments the ability to convey more truth and light upon their minds. Who is the Master Teacher here after all? What you are doing is facilitating a learning experience for their indwelling Father Fragments to truly teach them. They need to learn for their own edification and growth. Keep this in mind and you will do very well in all of your endeavors.

Student: Thank you, Michael, I will. I realize I am certainly not the Master Teacher. I just have a sincere desire to share my passion about this topic with them and hopefully provide them the environment to explore and discover on their own what it is that they need to understand about the truth of all of this. Thank you. Thank you for your encouragement, your answers today, for your support, love, and peace, for I know that they will carry me through these couple months of being away. Thank you.

Michael: You always have my love and encouragement, my daughter. So go into this new experience with a joyful and receptive heart to portray to your students the passion that you exude of your own heart and soul.


Beloved children, my PEACE is always upon you and you are growing and absorbing it each and every day, a little bit more each day. Be secure in this time of change. There are many who attend to you. Follow their leadings and the guidance of your indwelling Father Fragments as best you can, and remember to turn your attention to me when you start to experience feelings of fear, doubt, discouragement, even anger. Let me shift your perspective and afford you the bigger picture here of what is really occurring on your world. Love your brothers and sisters and serve them as best you can. Many opportunities are right in front of you. Enjoy your life experiences, and let the JOY of the Father’s LOVE lead you forward into mighty service. Good day, my beloved children.