2014-08-03-Message for the Heart

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Topic: Message for the Heart

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Beloved children, this is your Universe Mother. An awareness of my presence is growing upon the planet. My children are attuning to the call of Spirit within their beings and they are seeking better ways to meet the challenges of life.

Some call this the divine feminine energy; some refer to this as the power presence of the Holy Spirit. Whatever way you are responding to this inner awareness, know that it is my personality as your Divine Mother, and I desire to establish a more intimate relationship with you, in whatever way you are open.

There is much I can share with you of my Motherliness that provides you with more safety and security in and around you. While your planetary construct of consciousness may promote fear and separation, when you come to me and ask me to share my love for you with you, I can shower you with my personality essence that surrounds you with those feelings of being safe and help you grow in the security of my presence as the womb of life and creation.

From that inner place, you will grow in that sense of unity and harmony with life that fosters greater self-confidence in who you are as a child of creation. All I ask is that you spend time with me each day, and ask for my Mother’s touch to enfold you. As you do this each day, know that you are helping to establish more of the ways of Mother upon the planet. You will live from this place of inner security that allows you to co-create with your spirit more of your personality gifts.

This is what is now changing the world, my children, and as you allow your Mother to uplift you, you will certainly come into a deeper appreciation of how LOVE flows through my being and what it means for the evolution of the divine creative plan of LIFE upon your world.