2014-08-10-Building MIchael's Heart Energy

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Topic: Building Michael's Heart Energy

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for preparing our minds and hearts for this focusing experience, as you guide us in the ways you desire to build the circuitry for the Magisterial Mission to be physically here on the planet. Thank you for helping our hearts expand in your love, bringing in more of what you know we need for our own personal healing and transformation. We may continue to participate with you in the transformation of our world. We are here to serve, and we are ready to participate with you as you weave us together as one in your will, in your love. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings my beloved children! This is Michael. It is my delight to be here with you today and to share more of my love with you. For many of my children of this world this is a very challenging time to be alive. But I say to you, it is also a very exciting time to be present and to witness the change of tide as the world moves more into the circuits of the universe. Your Mother and I appreciate your efforts that you make each and every day. We honor your requests to be of service to us and provide you with innumerable opportunities to share love, to practice patience, to exhibit forgiveness in the circumstances of life before you. You will continue to be afforded many opportunities to demonstrate these fruits of the spirit to increasingly build your souls, fortifying them through active and dynamic service of love.

Today I invite you to join me in co-creating more of these energies of LOVE to the construct of the planet’s consciousness. You have been co-creating with me and the staff of the Magisterial Mission to build these energies of the heart, which forms the basis for the emotional nature of human comprehension and activation of the WILL of the Father out into material reality. We will continue to build these circuits of heart today, fortifying them with the energies of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE, but with a little bit of a different twist, and that simply is to open to my presence within you.

See in your mind’s eye the words SPIRIT OF TRUTH. Feel your desire for your heart energy to grow. Hold this as a dual focus for the next few moments while I speak into the circuits of the heart to fortify you in my love. There are many around you who will help you receive and integrate these energies. So simply relax and maintain that focus of your desire for your hearts to receive. Allow the energies of the Spirit of Truth to move in you now. (Pause)

The world is opening to the Father’s LOVE. The human heart circuit is picking up the impressions of my love for humanity—my devotion to this world. It is not an easy signal for many of my children of this world to recognize, for there are still the currents of fear, unworthiness, apprehension, and mistrust that form the barrier within the heart to receive the full expression of my love. But as we conjoin today, there is much that you can provide of the human frequencies within the heart circuit to imprint on my love and help with the greater circuit of the collective to imprint upon this expanded capacity and help open wider to feed more children, help them lay down their resistance and answer the call of Spirit Within.

Your heart energies play an important role in this undertaking, and I encourage you to become more heart focused now as these words imprint upon your minds and help you conceptually understand what it is you co-create with your Mother and me and your universe brethren who are here to serve you, ministering in these circuits of the heart. Continue to focus on your desire for the heart energies to grow around the planet, for your Spirit of Truth to receive more of my love, to incorporate more of my love into your very being. (Pause)

Many hearts are on the brink of opening. This is a time of heightened spiritual frequency, beckoning the children of this world to take a chance, make a faith step into the heart, to explore this realm of love through the power of forgiveness, mercy and compassion. The resistance within the human heart sometimes makes it very difficult for individuals to trust that there is something of great value to be received by opening to their hearts.

This is the place where the healing occurs. This is the place where you grow in wholeness, where your personalities have a better opportunity to thrive, to help you reach more of your potential to grow your soul. You have heard the phrase, “I stand at the door and knock.” This is the invitation to open your heart. And while you have done that, there are so many on this world who have yet to respond to this inner call of Spirit. So I share my love with you today as you participate with me and many others in constructing more spiritual energy into this circuit of the heart, that others may respond this call, to recognize that it is safe and powerfully healing to open the heart and receive my love.

I feed this into you that you may expand and be a larger vessel to share my love with your brothers and sisters, that your heart energies would let them feel safe, supported, understood, and that they would indeed be in a more favorable place to open their hearts to me, and I will speak into them and feed them with my love, just as I am now feeding you. But it will be through your heart energies to provide a catalyzing energy to help them open and respond accordingly. Continue to receive and in a few moments we will shift focus as you have done so many times before and gaze upon the world to grow the LOVE of the Father into the heart circuitry of this planet’s consciousness. (Pause)

I invite you to turn your attention to the world. In your mind’s eye, let your gaze settle upon the heart energies and the words MICHAEL’S HEART. Envision if you will the planet simply being held in this circuit of my heart. The words MICHAEL’S HEART form a blanket embracing the world. Settle your gaze there for the next few minutes as we join you in this focused effort and add more spiritual power into this. Do your best to hold this gaze for the next several minutes. Thank you. (Pause)

Now there are many places upon this world where my heart energies are necessary to turn the tide of chaos and destruction. In your mind’s eye allow your gaze to roam the planet and simply ask for my heart energies to be more fully established in those areas where you would wish to seed more change, and to witness more love to grow, more healing to occur. As you have done in the past, take your time with this and we will follow you and your celestial brothers and sisters will share more of what is needed to foster these heart energies to grow. Simply focus MICHAEL’S HEART—my heart—over these circumstances, situations or relationships. Feel your love for your brothers and sisters involved to receive my love in their hearts. We will do the rest. Thank you. (Pause)

The value of what you co-create with us affords your brothers and sisters the spiritual energy that they need, that which they may not know for themselves and cannot ask for it. But surely and steadily spiritual pressure is being applied. Sooner or later, many more hearts will join this circuit of love and participate in the great healing of this world.

So ensure that you are ready to participate in this transformational time. Are you taking the time each day to commune with the Father Fragment—the presence of the Paradise Father within you to obtain the guidance and direction you desire and need? Are you monitoring your thoughts to recognize when you have slipped into fear and other types of negative attitudes and thoughts? Do you take time to pray for your brothers and sisters and for the healing of this world? Do you make the effort to place your heart and mental energies directed towards the growing of the Father’s WILL on this world? Do you take time to offer kindness to a stranger, a smile and kind words to those around you?

These are some of the small things that we impress upon your hearts and minds to take each and every day. These are the actions that demonstrate the fruits of the spirit and add into the growing into the planetary consciousness of the Supreme Mind. I encourage you to be more vigilant in how you use your mental and heart energies each day—to come to me when you need more refreshment and renewal, and I will fill your needs, help you stay strong and steady and you progress on your own transformational journey. Continue to focus your gaze in these circumstances for a few more moments. We continue to meet your there and add the Father’s LOVE to these areas of great need.

There is spiritual rehabilitation occurring in these circuits. So much of what we provide exists beyond the realm of your conscious understanding, and yet you know that in co-creating these energies with us you bring more of the human desire for change to occur, for this spiritual rehabilitation to clear out the patterns of the rebellion that have fostered greed, corruption, lust for power and control.

The power of LOVE through this circuit of the heart is able to convey the spiritual rehabilitation necessary to help the humans change their hearts, change their thoughts, change their behaviors. We do this with great care and respect for the divine dignity and will of each individual. So allow your thoughts and heart energies to simply focus on the words SPIRITUAL REHABILITATION. This is being woven into the circuit of the heart. Feel your desire for this SPIRITUAL REHABILITATION to become stronger, more pervasive in this heart circuit. (Pause)


My dear children, thank you for participating with me and with many others today to help your brothers and sisters open to this wonderful reality of the Father’s LOVE. You are truly stepping into a realm that is so full of life, promise and hope, and in the coming days, may you find yourselves receiving more spiritual sustenance to support your own transformation. I hold you in my arms and I lift you up to the Father in Paradise.

Father, these children are our children, and I thank you for shining your GLORY upon them. You have glorified me. Thank you for glorifying them, and help them expand in the beauty of who they are as children of creation. Let your LOVE shine upon their hearts, circuits of spirit embrace them more fully, helping them release all that no longer serves them. Your currents of LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE sustain them, and I will uphold them and help them grow, each and every one, into their unique divine beauty. (Pause)

May the Father’s GLORY shine upon your hearts, reflecting into your souls the beauty of who you are, stimulating your potential, activating your desire to be of service, catalyzing the seeds of greatness within your hearts that you bring forth through your daily efforts and actions of love. I am with you. You only need to call upon me to fortify you with what you need to continue to grow and make the changes inside of you to support the efforts of planetary transformation. Be in my peace, my children, and enjoy your lives. Good day.