2014-08-13-Ways the Deities and Humans Interact

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Topic: Ways Deities and Humans Interact

Group: N. Colorado Mission


Teacher: Erion

TR: Tetrapod



This is Erion. I would like to talk about some ideas regarding the way humans and Deities interact.

A primary difference between Deity and Human consciousness is that while humans consciousness is limited to a small number of simultaneous threads (one conscious thread for Urantia humans), Deity may possess the ability to run millions or billions of 'threads' simultaneously.

These 'threads' are then integrated by a powerful mind circuit that summates the simultaneous threads into a directed awareness of totality. Each of the individual threads provide full access to the knowledge and will of the Deity, without limitation. The summation is to provide the Deity with a concept of identity, personality and selfhood. Thus when you pray, or otherwise communicate with a Deity, you have his / her full attention, as if you are the only one in the universe at that time.

Furthermore, Deities are in constant connection to their creators, and direct staff. It is easy to see how addressing a question to the Father of All, can yield responses from any Deity in the path to the Father, or any other being within their domain.

That is how I am assigned to speak with you when appropriate, regardless of whether you direct the query to me, to Michael, or to the Father of All. Though I am not a Deity, I am in the circuit of Michael as well as Monjoronson. I merely receive the intuition that you have a query, and I take the time to respond. When I am not needed, I return to my work, which involves research, lesson planning, and the ongoing joys of life with my loved ones.

I have only a few students, and I do not know on exactly what basis they are assigned. I suspect it has to do with common interests and mind patterns. Many of us here have these teaching assignments as well as our other work. As I mentioned previously, it is a pleasant interruption from my normal activities, and one that we all tend to enjoy greatly. I was once a mortal and I can identify with your struggle to understand the inexplicable while under sever mental and sensory limitations. Believe me when I tell you that it is much clearer, easier to reason, and with far more input available where I sit now.

Remember that the victory is in the struggle. Each attempt to clarify, understand, and participate in your mortal life translates to enhanced mota and experiential reality in the afterlife. The mechanism of that is difficult to envision, but I will attempt to describe it to you.

As you know, your soul is in the process of being brought to life. Think of it as a machine that has yet to be brought into production. It is being configured and programmed by your own actions to encode and reproduce your personality into morontia reality. Does that seem backward? -- Carrying from the less real physical realm into the denser reality of the morontial realm?

At first blush, it may seem that way, but you must understand that your personality is a gift of the Father of All. It is only through action and effort on your part that that gift becomes uncovered, or realized by you – available to you. The soul retains the record of the progress that you've won in realizing the true character of your personality. This can only be won through experience – participation in the reality that you have been presented with. Think of this participation in terms of engagement.

The level of engagement you achieve, both mental and physical, with the environment that Michael has placed you in, develops your realization of the true gift of personality. This progress is recorded in your soul and represents the traces of Character as they are developed. Your personality itself, originating as it does in spirit, does not actually need translation to the morontial world. It is only your actions (choices, and effort or commitment) that must be transported and applied to your god-given personality.


I hope this aids you in better understanding the nature of the afterlife, and the specific effects of your actions and intent.

Thanks for listening. I hope to talk again soon.