2014-08-21-Urantians Get a Harsh Education

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Topic: Urantians Get a Harsh Education

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Little Sis

TR: Michael



(Transmitter: It is with a heart full of love that I sit in stillness today. Love for our wonderful father Michael. What an experience to be a human being during this time. We are blessed by the knowledge and information that we all carry with us due to this wonderful revelation. I place my hand on my heart and I thank you father for all that you've done for us. For all that you continue to do and for the fact that you chose our tiny blue planet. Thank you. Happy Birthday. I love you.

I ask for a teacher to come forward at this time to assist me in my growth and development. A lesson would be nice to have this moment. Thank you.)

Michael Speaks: "Here you are a citizen of Urantia, this lovely, beautiful planet that has been so war-torn with it's many scars. As you know this is a place where everyone gets such a harsh education. Life is not easy here. We are well aware of your struggles. We are grateful that you take time to to sit with us in stillness. We gather around and create this connection."

"This is Michael, it is hard for me to sit here and look down on this lovely blue planet. There are times my heart is very heavy to observe what my sons and daughters have done to one another here. I gather those around me in preparation for the day that I will again step foot on this planet. We are very strategic in how we are moving forward with our plans. Not a lot will be left as being arbitrary. We are hopeful that all will be in place soon for the magisterial mission to unfold in a more dramatic way. Things are moving forward although slowly and sometimes it's hard to be patient when you want things to improve. We understand"

"I celebrate this day as well as you do. Although it was the day I was born on this lovely blue planet. It was also the day of my reckoning. The day that I stepped forward and gained this planet as my own. This is all part of my growth and my opportunities as well. I wish to remind you that none of this occurs without you. The only way there is forward momentum is when we are all joined together with the same goal. Let us all abide for a moment together with that thought. We are solid as a group of one, a combination of each one as we travel this journey together. Our growth, you and I and all of us here depends on each other. We need each other more now than ever before.

So as you celebrate my birth on this planet realize that I to celebrate my opportunity to share my life with you now, not just in the past but now. As you know a part of myself lives within each one of you. I wait for your call. Each of your thought adjusters are connected, a part of me. Your experiences are shared through that process with me. With that, I am able to grow as are you. So, again I say, be aware of the nudges, the higher thoughts that bring you closer to me, they are vital in your growth. They are important for you as a citizen of this planet. The right mindedness and the correct way of thinking about the things that are going on around you, going on with you, and going on through you, are all a part of the process that I wish to share. These experiences, each one are special to me and special to you. You are loved beyond measure. Please, please hear my words when I say this.

Feel my love when I say this. I am here, I am connected, I am a part of who you are every moment of every day. Ask and it shall be. Believe it and it will be true. I love you, each one more than you know. On this birthday I thank you for thinking of me, for loving me, for treasuring your opportunity and experience of life on Urantia. Good day."