2014-08-30-Effective Ways To Pray For Help

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Topic: What Does TR Really Mean

Group: N. Colorado Mission


Teacher: Erion

TR: Tetrapod



Good Evening, Tetrapod. This is Erion. I do have a lesson for you tonight.


Whenever a struggling soul attempts to reconnect with the divine, it causes a message to be relayed through the circuits and it is routed to the being or beings who can best help with the situation. As you know, there is a vast array of personalized and pre-personal beings involved in the communication process within Nebadon. Communication, in the post material realms is not affected with technology, but rather via living beings whose function -- whose purpose, is to provide this living, intelligent communication network.

This allows a network where the routing is controlled with full awareness of the context and content of the message, as well as the nature of the beings participating in the network and most importantly the will of the supervising entities. Thus, a prayer or request issued in the name of any entity may be processed and answered by others in the network. Since alignment of will is nearly complete within the beings forming and supervising the network, there is no distinction between the will of the Deity summoned and that of the being who services the request. It is hard for mortals to understand that level of will alignment, but that is the expected standard within the higher morontial and spiritual realms. It is not uncommon for hundreds or thousands of beings to participate in the handling and resolution of a particular request. There is so much more to the universe, the cosmic mind, and the supervision of reality than you can perceive.


[T: Are there more effective ways to pray or ask for help?]

Any request that is addressed to a higher source is handled roughly the same. It does not matter the name you use, or which Deity you address. The intention is what matters, and if the intention was to request help from higher up, that help will come.

[T: What is the best way to request healing for yourself or another individual?]

Once again, the method is not what counts. It is the intention that matters. The results are neither determined by how intensely the request is made. It does no good to grit your teeth, or scream at the top of your lungs. A simple request rooted in love and respect will suffice. The results are all in accordance with divine will. If it is the Father’s will that the healing occur, then it shall be so.

[T: How can we as mortals perceive the Father’s will? TUB (The Urantia Book) indicates that conscience is not necessarily a reflection of divine will, but more of social considerations?]

Divine will is perceived through a different mechanism than conscience. It is however closely linked in your mind, and takes some practice and study to differentiate the two. Divine will is perceived as an alignment of purpose and destiny, and appears as an opening -- an opportunity into which you are free to enter. There is no guilt in the not choosing of divine will such as you might experience with conscience.

An opportunity presents itself, and if not chosen, it simply vanishes. A similar opportunity may then arise in the next moment. With practice one can learn to choose each opportunity presented without the need for analysis or consideration. This is the secret to living in the flow of the present. Divine will never asks for what cannot or should not be done. Therefore, as you learn to trust and move into each opportunity immediately, you enter a moment by moment flow of consciously choosing the will of the Father. This allows you to live effortlessly – that is, without resistance to the flow of living water, and makes you in each moment a vehicle of divine love.

Divine will should not be thought of as a series of tasks to be done, but as a stream of motion that you enter and exist within in each subsequent moment. This act of living each moment according to the Father’s will is one of the most sublime and meaningful experiences a human can have. What keeps us away from that?

Our habits of selfish thought that ask: Is this the best thing for me? Is that something I can do? Is that something I want to undertake right now? Remember that divine will is not about doing, doing, doing. It is about being, being, being. It is very difficult to grasp the concept intellectually, but practice will allow you to experience this state of flow more and more often.


Blessings to you, Tetrapod. I bid you goodnight.