2014-11-18-Preparations for Coming Changes

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Topic: Preparations for Coming Changes

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Greetings, my dear brethren! This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I send you the greetings of your Father Michael as well, and am glad that you have opened yourselves to this circuit wherein we may impart vital information to you now. Much of this information comes in the way, of what you call, your “downloads.” Your higher minds are being prepared to receive a massive outpouring of spiritual information and energy to support your efforts during this time of the changing of the guard.

We understand that your anticipation for this event is keen, and yet we encourage you to remain patient and steadfast in faith for you will see events unfold but not necessarily in the timeframe that you may wish it to occur. Much of what you are experiencing is part of this massive unfolding of the truth that has been shielded from the majority of human eyes. That which is being afforded to you to come into view is carefully monitored by those of us this realm.

As you know, your Father Michael has given me jurisdiction over the Correcting Time upon Urantia, and we await certain conditions to be ripe wherein we may reveal ourselves more fully to the masses of human population. I am here to address your questions and to impart certain circuits of spirit that will support your continued transformation efforts. I encourage you to renew yourselves in your Father each day, and also to do the necessary things at a material level that you must do to ensure your well being. While I am not saying anything new to you, I encourage you to remain steadfast and committed to the paths upon which you have all embarked, and know that we are with you. We observe you, and we guide you even more than you may consciously perceive.

Let us begin with this spiritual transmission and after we have concluded I will be happy to address your questions. Center yourselves in Michael. Center yourselves in the desire to become more unified with your indwelling Father Fragments. Hold that desire in your hearts, and let us minister to you now. (Pause)

Your abilities to perceive your inner guidance will become keener as time progresses. We are affording these new circuits of spirit to you that you may be more effective in helping your brothers and sisters step out of the grid of planetary consciousness and into what is now being seeded into the planet. As you know, for some this may be a very difficult and even tumultuous transition, and you will need great amount of energy—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—to help these children become aware of their own internal access to Spirit and the help they need to secure their lives in a new truth. Much of what we are providing to you is in the arena of the superconscious mind, and you are beginning to gain greater access to that realm whereby your indwelling Father Fragments are more effective in communicating the information from the Paradise Father Himself to support your journeys and service ministries to others.

As more light pervades your planetary consciousness, your minds will become more attuned to the information that will be conveyed through the circuits of the celestial host and afford you the means by which you may maintain that point of stabilization for your brothers and sisters. So fear not these times of change. Know that we are with you, and you only have to turn within, call on us and we will provide that support and sustenance to make this time of transition a more grace-filled and delightful time for you. You will still have challenges. There will be certain circumstances and opportunities provided to you to test your faith, to grow your faith, to grow your love, to fuel your compassion for your brothers and sisters. But I tell you, my dear brethren, it is a joy to watch how you have grown and shared what you are and have to offer, and we will make every provision available to you the more you deepen your resolve to be living vessels and instruments of the Father’s WILL on this beloved world of Michael. So while we continue to minister to you in these circuits, please feel free to address me with your questions when you feel so inclined to speak.


Student: Will there be a memorable disclosure of information the US government about the (?) of people in power and our current government’s intentions to put our society back on a better path?

MM: Please explain what you refer to as memorable.

Student: A public disclosure that will be understood by practically every citizen that resides in our country that will be historically significant.

MM: Yes, this is part of the plan. The factor that is still unknown to us is how you will respond to this, so information is coming forward, you might say, in small amounts to help the peoples of this world acclimate to the fact of life beyond Urantia. It is unclear and unknown at this time how the masses will respond. So it is with great care and caution that we are implementing these changes slowly but surely. However, as you know there is this, what you call, 100th monkey effect that will enable more people to grasp the truth that will seem natural and organic, and this where we gently guide human consciousness. And there are many circuits now in place that will facilitate this when we deem the conditions are ripe. That time is unfortunately not able to be disclosed to you at this point. Does this answer your question, my brother?

Student: Yes it does. When such information comes, will there be concerted efforts of our government and any help they have from other humans or extra-terrestrials or celestials to ensure that those negative people in power are controlled in such a way that they cannot cause much destructive mayhem to our society and to the mental and emotional well-being of our citizens?

MM: They will have an effect, but it will be greatly marginalized. There will be those individuals who will want to believe their story, you might say, who would be unwilling to open to the truth. There are certain factions within that which you know this “cabal” who are in-fighting amongst themselves as to how to maintain control and power. Their influence will still be a factor for those individuals who, you might say, are operating at this lower frequency of consciousness. But we are doing our best at our levels to marginalize their effects so that instead having a massive tsunami of negative energy directed towards humanity it would only be a small storm and more localized instead of having a more global or wide-reaching effect. Does this answer your question?

Student: By localized to you mean in this country instead of the entirety of the planet?

MM: Not necessarily. This is a very large step for humanity as a whole to embrace. Remember there are certain cultures of this world that are still operating at very tribal levels. Can you imagine how challenging it will be for them to take this large step of awareness and that this may produce a high degree of fear within them—suspicion? So we are doing our best to, what you may say, contain these pockets and neutralize their energetic effects so that it does not become a pandemic of fear and suspicion. Does this help?

Student: Certainly! Further along this line, are there any topics of disclosure that you may be able to indicate to us that will be a signal, if you will, for us to indicate that much more of this is very soon to come? What are some of the first things that our leaders might want to indicate and show to the public that change significant change for the good is coming?

MM: Much of this you have already perceived, and while we understand your curiosity and questions about this, it is more significant for you to develop the internal awareness mechanism that indicates to you that change is imminent. You have already begun to pick up on this signal, hence, your interest in those individuals who are closer to the truth in the halls of governance. But I would encourage you to remain more open to your inner guidance as there will still be a certain degree of information which is deceptive, even though the overall thread contains much truth.

This a very challenging time of change for people who are so used to living in an environment of lies and deception, and the internal truth sensors have not been developed to the degree which would allow the humans to have this deeper intuitive awareness of what we wish to convey. Therefore, we are energetically upstepping you to help your minds become more superconsciously attuned so that you can present information that intuitively perceives as truthful for those people who will need more stabilization in the actual facts instead of what certain factions may wish to disclose. This is very tricky, you might say, so we encourage your desires and interests to maintain high in the direction of developing your internal truth sensors to perceive the truth of what is occurring. Do you understand my meaning, my brother?

Student: Yes, I do. Do you now have enough of the critical number of souls here on this planet to be very effective in helping this transition or is a period of time necessary to allow that to happen still to come?

MM: We are gaining what you call critical mass. However, keep in mind that this is not the only factor that plays in the disclosure of the information that will usher in the new era. There must be this willingness to open to the Father Himself. People want change, but kind of change do they seek? Is it spiritual? Is it material? There are many people earnestly searching in the realm of spirit, but there still needs to be a portion who are totally committed to doing the Father’s WILL, and here is where we encourage you to step in to be more vocal and supportive of your brothers’ and sisters’ efforts to go within to reach the Father, to tell them that the Father is alive in them. Now, you may need to use certain words that will help them understand the realm of spirit within them, but it really does come down to the matter of spiritual upliftment rather than change at the mere material level. We are gaining strength in this realm but we have not yet reached that point where you would consider it to be the catalyst. Do you understand?

Student: I believe so.

Student: Thank you, Machiventa, for your support and monitoring of this situation. It helps us to feel so much safer and secure in these times of uncertainty. My questions are of more personal nature. That one thing on my mind is, can we or do we need to in some way prepare the people around, first of all, our own children? They are adults but they have little clue of what is happening of the undercurrent of change. So if there is something in advance of the change coming that we can do to prepare them.

MM: One of the reasons we have come to you today is to heighten your circuits to your superconscious mind wherein you would be able to perceive the information you need to help your loved ones and colleagues and friends to support their efforts at opening to the this new information. Yes, there are things that you can say to them, but we encourage you to go within and maintain that internal focus that says, “I am not sure what to say to this person or that person, and I need to receive the appropriate words that will help them.”

The pivotal point to consider here is that you are speaking to their souls. You are addressing their higher natures. You are paving the way in their streams of consciousness for this information to be acknowledged, recognized and somewhat understood, that being of course they will need a greater amount of education in what you have already come to learn and know. The preparation underway for you as individuals is truly at the spiritual realm. The more you open and cooperate with us, the greater latitude we can have within your own system of consciousness to provide you with a—truly it is a endless flow of what it is you can do, say, think, feel during this time that will help others. And remember, we look to you to the anchors of stabilization.

So know that when the time is right you will perceive that internal nudge and when you address your friends and family, speak to their souls. Speak into their hearts. Make that heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connection and trust that Michael’s words will be available to you to convey what they need to hear at the level to which they are ready to understand. Does this help, my sister?

Student: Yes, it does and I am also kind of inferring from what you said that we can fertilize their mind fields ahead of even speaking to them, in some way remotely working on their minds, asking for their minds to open and their hearts to open to the presence of spirit and truth bells that they could best begin to open to the changes that are coming. Am I correct?

MM: That is one avenue open to you. There is another. Draw them out in conversation. Ask them how they are perceiving this time and the conditions of social change—how they are responding to these reports of war and disease and climate change. Do not try to convey your ideas so much as to let them speak and draw them out in conversation. Help them express what they feel is occurring around them in their environment, and then you may perceive an opening that will strike at the core of their need to bring an enhanced understanding to them.

You are being cultivated at catalyzers for change within them. And while much of this happens at what you call the energetic levels, you can draw them out in conversations. But be careful you do not impress upon them of your own understanding, but let them come to their own over time as you guide them through love, compassion, skillful questioning and that heart-centered bond that you have between each individuals with whom you contact. Does this help, my sister?

Student: Yes, that is very helpful. I think you may have already answered the question but I was planning to ask if we will have some forewarning fore-knowledge from spirit that things are about to happen; that we should prepare ourselves for when it comes when the time is imminent. But if we are working more with that superconscious level and being more attentive to our Thought Adjusters that we will in some way sense the time is right and to pay attention.

MM: Asked and answered, my dear.

Student: I know there are people who are storing up water and food. Would we be prudent at some point to be doing that ourselves for a temporary period we may need to provide for ourselves than we normally do?

MM: It is advisable to take precautions, but here again follow your inner guidance and do not this in a state of fear but in a state of hopefulness and with the spirit of sharing, for there may be those who are very ill-prepared, and yet you would be in a position to share your resources with them to help them move through any type of perceived shortage or fear-dominated ideologies that is coming forth from your news media.

It is very challenging to help the human mind become unburdened with this very ingrained fear mechanism. And so the more you outwork this in your own selves will provide you that protection against the fear that some people will be dominated by during this time. This is the greatest factor of imparting the change. We wish to maintain as much stability and peace for your world to change its power structure and that more of the power that comes from Michael’s authority would be able to take deeper root and stabilize all life here upon Urantia. Are there any more questions?

Student: Thank you for that last answer and I appreciate the idea of storing extra supplies with the spirit of anticipation of embracing the changes coming and to share with others. That would feel like a good motivation for preparing ourselves in that way in storing up some food and water.

MM: You have reiterated a very important point, my sister. It is truly your motivations that drive any action. You could hoard in fear or you could hoard with the attitude with sharing. Which feels better to you, which is supportive of the ways the universe? When you truly become freed of this fear, the ability to share and trust in the abundance liberates and takes you into the higher levels of living that which your Father Michael achieved as Jesus. As you know you are walking in His footsteps on this path. And we support your efforts, and you have grown and you have experienced the truth of living in faith as children growing during this very rugged time of change. And you will continue to grow, you will continue to learn and the lessons learned here on Urantia will have reverberations far into your ascension careers. You truly do not yet totally perceive the good that you do here and how it is serving your future career in service to the evolving Supreme Being.


I will leave you now. But know I am available to answer your questions at any given moment. The circuits of connection between you and the higher realms are in place and they are being secured more and more each day, especially when you turn your attention to them and ask for the Father’s WILL to become more dominant in every thought word deed. Michael’s LOVE overshadows this world, and not one soul who chooses the Father will be lost. Live your lives joyfully and faithfully each day and help this world regain its divine inheritance as you have regained yours. Good day.