2014-11-20-Uniqueness of Each Personality

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Topic: Uniqueness of Each Personality

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael




Dear Michael and Mother Spirit, we come to your presence both within us and surrounding us, tonight on an early evening in winter. Here in California we are starting to get our heavy rains, while all across the north and eastern parts of the country folks are getting buried in feet of snow. So it is with a snug inner warmth in ourselves, and in our sweet homes, that we come to you. We do so because we treasure what you have for us. It’s partly our assurance of your spiritual being, and then too, your being our dearly beloved parents.

You are the origin our physical bodies and our minds that house a presence of God--our Thought Adjusters, the Mystery Monitors right within us. As we listen to you, we keep in mind that we have three great spiritual influences right within us--the two of you and our mutual Father. For these we are most appreciative and thankful. Amen.


Michael: Good evening. This is Michael, and yes, Mother Spirit and I do appreciate the way you come together and open yourselves to us, heart and mind and spirit, for we too have our own heart, mind, and spirit equivalent to what you enjoy as our children. We too share a mutual Father, the origin of everything. We too delight that he is a personal being, even though God is neither he nor she but the origin of both. We just generally refer to him as he as a convention.

  • The uniqueness of each personality—inside and out

He, as a personal being, is the origin of our personalities, and we share with him a uniqueness of being. This is how we are most like him, hardly a quantitative thing but the very essence of quality and what it is to be personal. This is what it is to be unique among, actually, trillions of trillions of personal beings, every one with their own distinct inner reality they share with God. And since each personality is creative, co-creating their own world for themselves, every one also experiences a slightly distinct “outside” world as well. We can revere our mutual Father as the single being who encompasses all our experiences.

It is through his universal encompassing, within and without, that we share not only uniqueness of being, but universal uniqueness, a similarity with each other. Just being his sons and daughters, and having him as a mutual Father, a universal Father who sees us each as an individual, results--in a kind of ironic, almost paradoxical sense—that a unique identity is what we each have in common. It’s a quality of his reality beyond any kind of measure. It is in this, as one of his children, that he asks us, if you will--because it is not demanded--asks us to feel each other as well as ourselves this way, as one of his unique children. This is his essential nature, one of sharing--sharing his absolute being with all us sub-absolute beings, else there would be no creation at all.

If God did not give of himself and endow each of us with creativity, and thus a relative autonomy, even to be free from him and his absolute power, there would be no individual free will. There would be no real meaning to the universe, as it exists. There would be some other kind of clockwork-pure mechanism of a single perfection, purely a function of his will alone. Rather, it is his will to share this quality of autonomy, an independence stemming from our very unique creativity.

This is the true explanation and understanding of creation as it is. As we think about our relationships and our meaning to each other, this is the most profound aspect of them and us. Each of us is a unique being endowed with creative spirit. It is through this primary function of personality that we are able to unite all within and without us. We have that aspect of God’s creative spirit. We too are literally co-creating our experience of ourselves, the world around us, and the people in it.

  • The ideal way of relating to others

From this stems an ideal way of relationship, a way of relating to each other. First of all we can perceive, and then respect, this relative autonomy within each other. For this is the way our Father relates with each of us, and we would be more like him. Not only is this his way, but it is the most generous, you might even say flowering kind of way, just as all his creation, moment-by-moment, is constantly created anew. There is something happening here that never happened before. Everyone we meet is slightly different, and has grown in soul from who we knew yesterday or the day before. Hopefully, ideally, we can feel this in ourselves and see this in each other. We don’t become stuck to where our own creative abilities are all too simply given over to keeping every thing and everyone the same--totally the same--day by day.

That is what you rightfully call being re-actionary. Instead of positively acting to embrace his newness each new day, you simply react in denial that anything is changing, even yourself. And so you wonder, as your human self--which I shared with you once upon a time--what is the ideal way of relating? What is the way you can let each person bring out their uniqueness, their God-given personality? What is it that stifles your awareness and appreciation of each other’s essence, given by God

  • Violence

This leads us to that most terrible of human realities called violence. What is it? Even thinking about it, and the effects of it, is almost a terrible thing itself, because it takes a clear, courageous eye to look right at it. Its most common aspects cover not only the physical, but also the mental and spiritual lives of folks. You are so aware of the physical part of it, that permanent harm to poor peoples’ bodies in warfare and crime. This is most appalling because it is just that—irrevocable--either death or severe maiming. But it also has its mental and its spiritual side too, of intimidation and threatening, more or less, the infliction of pain, even to the point of death.

This has been with you ever since the very beginning of humanity. There has always been this violence between people, sometimes right in an individual family. Think of that classical example of two people on a desert island forming their own, two-person society: there can still be violence there. It’s somebody imposing their will, their own freedom of choice upon another. It limits what freedom of choice there is between two folks, rather than their having friendly, happy, joyous kinds of sharing their will power. Someone who threatens physical violence claims it all.

Across human history, from the tribe to the small state, to the large nation-states that you know today, there’s been incessant warfare for everything that exists: not only for mates, or territory, or possessions, but just for personal power--one person over another. When it is a few over many, these are those inter-relationships and associations of people you call politics. More or less, who has the power to set the laws that determine the behavior of everyone?

  • The evolution of political power

Think of all the ways this power has been configured throughout history, from the tribal elders to the beginning of the large nation-states. Because of families, the first political powers were held by hereditary monarchies right down to very recent times. Then only in the blink of an eye--compared to all of human history—there’s been the notion of democracy, where the majority has their power through elections. They choose their leaders, and this has evolved into political parties representing different facets of a society.

So there is an evolution here, my children, that Mother Spirit and I can only reassure you: this is a general democratic movement in all planetary evolution, political evolution, and social evolution. It all comes along this same path, and evolves towards what is, ideally, as one of your famous men put it--government of the people.

In other words, politicians are elected from their own communities of the people. Equally, it’s by the people through elections; and then for the people, not for some special, limited ruling class, either hereditary or a dictatorship maintained through raw, naked power. This democratic ideal is what the world is working towards. Yet today, as you know, there still is enormous political violence to determine who controls certain territories, certain whole groups of people.

  • The spiritual quality of transparency—personal and social

One aspect we have talked on is the need--to have a truly democratic political system–the need for transparency. One of your more cynical political leaders once stated: It isn’t who casts the votes; it’s who counts the votes!--so pointing out this need for transparency. On your evening news there are people who are avoiding the most basic kind of transparency--their own human individual faces. Here is a promulgation of irresponsible power that comes to individuals trying to be anonymous, behind wearing masks, even common ski masks that hide everything but their eyes. There are folks who actually promulgate this in their own videos, so their own propaganda encourages this. They are offering individuals the abdicating of their own personal unique responsibility for what they are doing.

This hiding, alone, is the inability or unwillingness to be who they are, as you say: right up front. It’s giving up who they uniquely are as a personal being, to be a kind of thing--another masked man perpetrating the most obscene horrors on other people. This masking is where so much political power comes from. Even in your democracies, there are layers and layers of abstraction to deliberately mislead and lie to the people about true purposes and effects.

So this is something Mother Spirit and I encourage you to do: evaluate your political representatives, and your mass media--all your radio and television stations, and movies--in terms of this spiritual quality of transparency.

For this, my dear ones, this is what you will be most amazed and delighted to encounter in the Morontia realms, that all of a sudden everybody is that much more greatly soulfully-naked to each other. Here each soul’s experience--that even now you can see in each other’s faces--is written larger. It is a more soulful realm, a realm of even greater individuality and distinction. It is so wonderful because of that.

True spirit is not only free, it is freeing. It enables each unique individual to be in touch with their own deeper self, their own soul of experience, so they do not need to force themselves upon others in a way that hurts them and limits their freedom. Self-secure in spirit, they actually enjoy and thrive upon the personal uniqueness in everyone. They are not just what you call Johnny One-Note, singing only themselves, and demanding everyone else sing their song. They delight that everyone has their own separate tune, and they encourage others to find a harmony, for each adds to and blends into a complexity not to be feared, but to be enjoyed. It means that each is so strong in him- or herself that they cannot only let each other be, but encourage them to be who, in a qualitative spiritual sense, who and what they are.

  • The delightful complexity of true progress

This delightful complexity is the trend of true progress and true growth in individuals, and groups, and whole societies, and eventually whole worlds: this sharing and letting each other be. It is the very essence of the Light and Life stage on the whole planet. It is that spirit of never--even in the slightest--imposing your will upon another, but restricting yourself to suggesting, or maybe a little playful teasing, as we do, of what might be.

So, my children, as you go forth in your political lives, we encourage you to do your own best to be open-minded, open to all points of view from all those different political viewpoints out there. They are based upon all the different constituencies, separated by so many things: different parts of the country, different ways of life from the city to the country, different levels of wealth or media power; and so forth. Glory in this diversity. Be unafraid to embrace it and add it to your soul.

And so we thank our Father for creating each of us like him--singular and unique. It is our essence that we then get to share with each other: our contribution. Now if you have any questions or comments, these are Mother Spirit’s and my delight.


Student #1: Good Evening, Father, and Mother Spirit. This is _ in South East Idaho--120 miles south of West Yellowstone, but feeling very safe and secure. I am always amazed by your lessons, the reinforcement of our co-creativity and the blessings of being free-willed creatures. Yes, with everything that is going on in the world, it is scary. That is when I step back and take in less information. But then I get to rejuvenate with Lightline, and I am really grateful for Lightline, and for the transmitters and the ones who transcribe.

  • You are all the same: no two alike

Michael: Thank you, my daughter. Tonight I wished to address the very basis of this scary conflict. One way is the fact that you are made so different, unique. It takes real spiritual awakening in each one, to realize how--in their very uniqueness--they are identical. I’d say: you are all the same – no two alike. Find a way to not be afraid of this, but to enjoy it. Evolve your own personal, then social, and then even up to planetary ways of handling the diversity.

Hopefully you can see this evolution, a spiritual evolution that Mother Spirit and I do point out. From our point of view, the conflict, even the deliberate pain being caused, is such a tiny tiny bit of the love, and caring, and support that makes life for almost everyone so worthwhile. So thank you for your blessing, my dear; and you have ours.

Student #2: Yes, Michael, this is __. I have an off-hand question tonight. I had a friend, talking to about the Morontia Worlds, and he asked me, can he select his new body when he gets up there? He is of short stature and he wants to be 6-foot-2.

  • How you will be in the next life

Michael: Well, yes, my son. The Urantia Book does detail the Mansion World life to an extraordinary degree, so I’ll put in a little tease here, to look up those parts and read the chapter. Your Guardian Angel, who oversees your life, keeps a moment-to-moment epiphany of what your life has been. When you regain consciousness over there, you are reconstituted along these lines. As the Urantia Book puts it, this is why Guardian Angels are so critical to human re-birth.

Your Thought Adjuster, the presence of God within you, the co-creator of your soul, immediately as you re-gain consciousness, gives you the sense of who you have been, even greater than what you have now. True, there will be a great surprise as you look around a transformed reality, and feel yourself in this new body. But you will know who you are in this much more soulful kind of a reality, for this is also expressed by your Guardian Angel.

So tell your friend that, just as he lives now, day-to-day, and as he wakes up each morning, there will be the continuity with all he has been before. Yet as he goes through the Morontia realm from one world to the next, becoming ever more soulful and spiritual, and gaining ever greater power over who and what he is in terms of a co-creative personal being, his total self will become more and more a matter of his free will.

  • You will be co-creating your own reality, now and forever

Throughout all eternity there will be this co-creation of yours that, in a sense, you are given even as a physical being. None of you chose your mother or father, or even your sex, but life is what you can make of yourself. The greatest thing here is that, even on your first re-birth in a more soulful reality, just the purely physical aspect of your being takes on less importance in your own eyes and in the eyes of others. Rather, you will have a neigh transcendent, inexplicable quality of recognition. Perhaps if he was suddenly 6-foot-2 it would be that much more difficult for all his friends who have gone on before, or with him.

Student #2: They wouldn’t recognize him?

Michael: But as time goes on, he will have an ever greater determination of who and how he appears to be.

Student #2: So we have to keep building here, what we eventually will be when we transition, I guess.

  • The endless changes to come

Michael: That part of the Urantia Book is, as we say, another proof of its validity. It’s how, as you go through the Morontia realms, there are over five hundred of these changes to your total self. Also, as you get ever deeper and broader spiritual perception, you can see not only the lowest forms of Cherubim and Seraphim, but even higher beings can make themselves fully perceptible to you. Still, you will be able to see and recognize each other as you go through these changes. This is the truly transcendent aspect of personality of who and what you are, and have been.

Student #2: I can’t wait for that, myself. It will beat being down here, Michael, that is for sure.

Michael: Right. Yet in a very profound way, it is so much like this; and so much that we teach. One of our major lessons is how it is so much like this. Every morning when you get up you are kind-of re-born with all your past, and yet continue to grow more soulful in this ever-present now, this now that has never been before. You have this opportunity to be something else, hopefully more progressive.

Student #2: Yes, hopefully keep going.

Michael: Keep adding to all that is and has been, still, with greater free will and being responsible--being able to respond to what is coming at you.

Student #2: Thank you, Father. I appreciate it.

Michael: Thank you; and tell your friend to have no fear.

Student #2: I will let him know.

Michael: He too will be delighted beyond himself.

Student #2: Thanks again, Father.

Michael: Be in my peace. Well, my dear ones, let me repeat again something to think about, something to tease you with--in the sense of dangling something in front of you that is so delightful--and that is this spiritual quality of transparency.

  • Ever greater honesty, within and without

Indeed, your gross social and political realms are, moment to moment, a reflection of the transparency of their constituents. There cannot be a greater political transparency until the people themselves--the government of the people--can be more transparent with a greater honesty between their private and their social lives. This is their being more honest about who they are across all the social divisions of status, or wealth, or their ways of living. Only as these become more transparent, widely understood, and shared, can your politics reflect this, simply by the demand of the people.

So treasure this quality of transparency, as in all the realms to come you will be more and more transparent to each other. As of right now, this relies upon your inner transparency to yourself. There can be no part of you, or your past, that is denied in any way. Your self-consciousness needs to expand to be the same as your soul, which is co-authored by God, to whom all things are transparent.


  • Bring Michael and Mother Spirit into your consciousness

Mother Spirit and I thank you so much for tuning into us, especially in those moments when you do--right from your heart--say hello. Take five minutes out of your busy days just to be still and say hello and, hopefully, feel our presence within you. Until that moment, maybe even five or ten minutes from now, this is Michael, wishing you to be in my peace. Let it transform your life. Good evening.