2014-12-13-Imprinting Upon the Energies of Spiritual Gravity

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Topic: Imprinting Upon the Energies of Spiritual Gravity

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, thank you for this time to come together with my sisters and brothers to receive your love in this circuit of your personality energies. Thank you for supplying us with more of the energies we need at all levels of our being that we may continue to grow in you, receive more of what we need to make this time of transformation joyful and progressive. We open now the circuit now to receive you, and we thank you for what you weave into us, helping us to grow and be more attuned to the Father’s WILL within us. Thank you.


MICHAEL: Greetings, my beloved children! This is Michael. Urantia is undergoing a time of testing wherein new sources of spiritual energy as well as the universe forces of LIGHT and LIFE are creating new constructs of consciousness upon your world. We have told you about this time of transition and transformation, and how we are encouraging you to open yourselves to us that we may more fully engage with your own systems of consciousness and support you through this monumental time of change.

It is no small feat to change the course of evolutionary history and destiny on a world that has had a long legacy of sin and rebellion. And yet, within the Father’s plans of evolution there is much mercy being afforded to this world, and my plans of correction are well underway. And you are in the midst of this very tumultuous time of change, and therefore it is incumbent upon you to maintain the internal focus and desire for you to become more attuned to the spiritual circuits which are now available to you.

Therefore in today’s endowment I direct your thoughts to the concept of SPIRITUAL GRAVITY. Envision these words in your mind’s eye, and let your gaze settle upon them as we conduct this energetic endowment for you to become more fully operative in SPIRIT GRAVITY. What does this mean for your lives? How does this impact within the physical structure of your entire being?

Spiritual gravity is a potent force that moves you God-ward. It is the power presence and the circuit of the Eternal Mother-Son that pulls you in this direction, leading you ever forward towards the First Source and Center. The presence of your Father Fragment within your minds responds to this Spirit gravity. And when you, in your own thoughts and desires to grow in the Father, focus on this SPIRIT GRAVITY, you are able to receive more of what will support you on this journey, especially arduous during this time of planetary transition and transformation.

I say these words to you to provide you some type of conceptual rendering that you may use in your own understanding. But as you know, this is certainly just a first look, and there is much more to disclose on this concept of SPIRITUAL GRAVITY. Nevertheless, as you focus on these words, your Mother and I will move in you and help you deepen your experiential understanding and awareness of the power presence of these circuits within you that foster your growth, enhance your soul appreciation, and make you more receptive to the leadings of your Father Fragments.

Let us begin. Take a few deep breaths. As you visualize these words SPIRITUAL GRAVITY, let it loom large over your entire body and energy field. Allow these words to gain a height, depth and breadth around you, allowing you to be held within its grasp. There is a flow, there is a rhythm, there is a pace, and your bodies were designed to be infused with these circuits. As you envision yourself in this field of SPIRITUAL GRAVITY, simply relax, open your hearts, and allow us to move in you now, my beloved children. (Pause)

These energies go beyond the human mind, and yet this information contained within this gravity can be translated into useful tools, ideas, and information that your Father Fragments relay into your consciousness a little at a time, giving you the space you need to integrate this information to expand you. As these endowments come into you, keep your thoughts focused on simply the pure reception of these energies, trusting in that what you need to know about what this means will indeed become more apparent as the Spirit Within you translates what you need to know into useful concepts to augment your development.

We share these gifts of Spirit with you to support this very rugged transformational journey you are all embarked upon now. And we ask for you to simply trust in what we provide to you of our personality essences, that your growth continues to unfold in the ways that are pleasing to the Father Within you. These systems of consciousness are like tiny buds of light, and what we impart into you nurtures these buds, helping them adjust to the light frequencies that illuminates the beauty and the truth and the goodness that is alive in you—the beautiful souls that you are co-creating with the Father.

Let these words settle in, continue to relax, breathe deeply and slowly and rhythmically as necessary to help you relax as we move in you. (Pause)

There is an effervescence of life that is imparted into you through these circuits of SPIRIT GRAVITY. Sometimes you experience this as a tingling energy. The life force itself sparkles with light and it is this light that transforms your life and brings you into fuller alignment with the Father Within you. Spirit luminosity grows and becomes part of your own personal achievement as you demonstrate the fruits of the spirit throughout your daily lives.

Drink in this effervescence. Let it spark new creative potentials within you to help you become more fully invested in the SPIRITUAL GRAVITY, energies which are being connected into you, that come from your Mother and from me. (Pause)

When you spend time in stillness, focus on the words SPIRITUAL GRAVITY that this may be more fully invested into your systems of consciousness. This is a gift. It is not anything that you have to seek for yourselves, outside of yourselves. It is an inner vitality that helps you open to the higher circuits that are helping your world open to the beauty of what it means to be a member of the universe, and you need this now. It is an important ingredient for your transformation.

So you do not need to engage your minds as to what this will mean and how it will change you, for the Father Within you has all that safely contained within your indwelling Spark of Divinity and will help you acclimate to this gravity more and more each day. But, it is most advantageous for you to focus on this that you may consciously imprint, even though the energies may be subtle and only subconsciously perceived. But you are now stepping up and saying, “I need this. This is food for my soul, and I thank you for providing this for me, Mother and Father.” (Pause)

I will leave you now, my children. Your Mother wishes to address you. This flow will continue and nurture you and create new sparks of spirit reality within your beings. Drink in it and let it circulate. This is our gift to you, and you will continue to benefit greatly from this as the energies continue to seed new circuits of Spirit into your beings.

Grow in my love, my children. Gain strength in our connection—Father and child—bringing in more light into this world through your efforts and the beautiful personalities which are the Father’s expressions of LOVE. Good day.

NEBADONIA: My precious children, my blessings are upon you! This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. It is challenging to convey to the human mind the information contained within this flow of SPIRIT GRAVITY. You have some concept of the term gravity as it is applied to the physical forces of the universe, yet the SPIRIT GRAVITY goes beyond that definition in your own vernacular and discloses something very vital to your soul development. You might say it is an energy that helps you further align in the WILL of the Father Within you, providing the necessary spirit complement to your consciousness which will engender deeper love and a commitment to living the divine values of TRUTH, BEAUTY and GOODNESS in your daily lives.

You are creatures of consciousness and concepts, and during this time of transitional transformation, you are moving beyond the construct of consciousness of the planet’s development and coming into an expanded frame of reality reference. You have learned much from your Urantia text and it is good that you have grown in understanding.

Now, it is important to live these ideals, and this SPIRIT GRAVITY endowment will support your efforts to be about the Father’s WILL, conveying that more and more faithfully and fruitfully each day. And my presence within you helps you expand in this. Circuits of the Adjutant Mind Spirits respond to SPIRIT GRAVITY for the development, not only your intellectual comprehension, but your soul growth. So continue to receive. Drink in what your Father and I desire to convey to you and what your celestial helpers around you can help you integrate. (Pause)

SPIRIT GRAVITY helps you become more responsive to the higher dimensions that exist beyond the confines of your material sphere. It all benefits what you need to remain here and in a more enhanced manner to demonstrate the fruits of the spirit on this material plane engaged with your brothers and sisters. You know from your interactions with them that so many are still spiritually sleeping, and this Spirit gravity connects you to us and helps you to be a larger container of this energy that can catalyze their hearts and feed their souls. These are gifts we share with you that you may incorporate into your own lives and help you live more Father-centered and Father-directed—lives of goodness, truth and beauty. The world needs transformed men and women to show the way. And while the spiritual energy upon Urantia is growing, there is still much that needs to be accomplished before the world will truly transform. So remember to focus upon these words during your time of stillness. Invite us in and we will help you feed upon these circuits of our LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE, and give you more of that gravitational pull, you might say, to lead Godly lives. (Pause)

There are many angels around you helping you to assimilate these energies of Spirit. Become familiar when you are in your stillness practice and you feel this endowment infuse you. Let it become comfortable, welcome. You may remember to pause during your times when you are engaged in the material pursuits of your life to reflect upon these words, and allow the angels to continue to help you incorporate this into your systems of consciousness. The leadings of the Father Within you will then be able to guide you more in this direction where SPIRITUAL GRAVITY wishes to take you. And who does not love a journey—a journey on the path of goodness, righteousness, mercy, compassion, peace and understanding. It is a joyful journey, and it is one you are beginning to truly perceive in deeper levels of your being, who you are as a child of the Father and the beautiful gifts of your personality that you can bring forward.

So in the coming days continue to focus on this endowment, continue to add more vitality into what you are receiving today. The Father Within you may indeed guide you more assuredly and faithfully forward in the expression of your unique personality out into the world. (Pause)


I will leave you now my children, but only in this manner. We are always connected, and the more you focus on Spirit the more you will receive and perceive. This dual focus of living your material lives, while maintaining that spiritual focus is challenging. Provisions we make for you will support your efforts at this type of living in two worlds. But be gentle with yourselves and recognize that each day gains are being made in development of your souls, and that we see the beauty that exists even though sometimes you may find it difficult. It is there and that is what we see. In time you see that more and more for yourselves, and this will become a great delight and joy for you to live more and more from that place each day.

So grow in this SPIRTIUAL GRAVITY and know all is well. You live in our LOVE and it is always thus. Good day, my beautiful children.