2014-12-27-A Personal Discovery

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Topic: A Personal Discovery

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teachers: Thought Adjuster

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “For those humans who have noticed that this almost past year has been one of learning, especially by those inclined to deeper thought. Hopefully and gradually this will be realized by many more humans that there are indeed changes afoot, more specifically in the spiritual ways of thinking as this planet is on the verge of important spiritual changes as the result of the Correcting Time instituted from on High and spiritual pressure which will gradually be increasing.

However, this will most definitely depend on the cooperation of those who are inclined to think outside the box, and perchance are able to wake up some dyed in the wool fundamentalists, who will slowly allow more progressive insights to be born in them. It will be like a wake-up call, when everything unexpectedly and in a moment’s time is able to turn everything inside out and upside down, so a new perspective of the present world situation can truly be born in hearts and mind everywhere.

And the question will be asked by the humans: “Why am I alive? And, what is the purpose of my life?” The short but searching answer will be: ‘to promote in your daily lives from moment to moment your soul’s growth’.

This has always been the purpose, but this inner work with outside results has never been seriously undertaken, except by a few thoughtful and dedicated souls, who early in their life started to honor the Creator of all. When looking up into the starry heavens of a clear evening sky, the question would form in the young mind: “Where do the stars come from and who made them?”

Such are the important questions that has send many a thinking human on a search to try and find and an answer to these so very important questions. Eventually after much searching and finding answers which did not totally satisfy their quest, they would turn within and find unexpected answers there. It was as if a new pathway of thought was being opened up and they did discover that the answers were waiting deep within and a personal connection to the Creator is made. (For each who seeks, shall find)

By adopting the habit of regularly going into the Stillness to confer with their ‘God-Spark’ within, those humans eventually do realize that they have found the ‘pearl of great value’, gaining an inexplicable soul-peace which is beyond understanding: to be able to converse with a personal Gift from God living within each thinking human, is the greatest discovery any one can make.

To have an actual Guide and personal Confidant and Pilot to help one through this earth-life, with the promise to in due time fuse with this Gift from God, to enable mortals to become perfect and immortal like God, by becoming one with this pre-personal Entity, who shares Its all with the human host. This is the choice God gives to all, who strive to become perfect like God is perfect.

Think about what this means for each individual mortal!

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