2016-12-27-New Era Transition 9

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Topic: Global Marketing, Leadership, Future Changes

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

TR: Daniel Raphael


  • Team Members present: Roxanne Andrews, Liz Cratty, Michael McCray


  • Invocation


  • Global perspective

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince. This first very brief preface is for the NET team, the Northern Colorado Group. You are beginning to see how our work is unfolding at the global level. And yes, This One did provide you with some information about that, and this is an example of the work that we do through individuals. There is no mystery or specialness about This One doing this work for us, as anyone and everyone is capable of doing it. We want you to know that this is the work of Spirit on the ground—boots on the ground, so to speak as you would say—and that we are here and we have our forces of light assisting us in all of these endeavors. Now, when you begin to think of this material… (excuse me, you may or may not wish to include this preface as it will flow into the session,) you are beginning to see how this work involves the whole planet; it does not just involve Colorado or California or Oregon or Michigan, or any other state, but all states and all nations of your whole planet.

  • The” push and pull” of marketing this material

When we do this work, as you see that we are working through individuals to produce actual documents and movements through individuals in a conscious and intentional way to be disseminated worldwide. Now, this is the “push,” and then you must also have a “pull,” and that is Nebadonia’s Angelic Corps have been very busy preparing the audience to receive this message. If an audience is blinded by their own superstitions or prejudices and biases, or are not open to new material, then these messages of hope and actual means of improving your social existence on this planet would come to a dismal end. We are doing what good marketers do, that when a product or service becomes available we have already prepared the service audience to receive the message.

  • The selfish mindedness of the world

You also are aware of the circumstances of politics in Europe and the United States and Asia, and that many billions of people are readily receptive to these messages. Our work does work with the selfish mindedness of your world where many people are not open to our work. We watch the ebb and flow of human events and then begin unfolding our work long before the events become aware in your world. For instance, many of you have been elated, and some have been disappointed concerning the President Elect of the United States. Who is elected is really none of our business as we are not individually concerned about that situation. What this does, however, is present a large group of individuals who were disappointed in the election to become a ready audience to receive the messages of hope, of reorganizing their societies, their politics and government and their economies. Thus you see that we are opportunists taking advantage of those groups of people who may not even care that we exist, or are unaffiliated with any religious or spiritual beliefs at all.

  • The interface between mortals and the celestial realm

Does this make sense to you so far? (Group: Yes.) It is important that you understand that the Correcting Time is an actual material/temporal interface between mortals and the Celestial Realm. We are doing that very powerfully through individuals who are sensitive to our presence. There are many people who are not clairaudient channels as This One is who are nonetheless sensitive to the signs, symbols and omens of our presence around them as developments unfold. It can be large things and small things that guide you into this awareness. We are taking every advantage at this time, around the world to infuse people with an openness to accept new ideas that are basic and fundamental to all humans. You enjoy this unfolding of events as you watch them on your news and become aware of them in your world. When you begin to interpret these events in terms of our strategies, you will have a grin on your face and have an assurance that we are present there with you and working co-creatively with you in the development of these events and the unfoldment and maturation of your societies.

  • Hope

You are already aware that our work operates on many levels: One is the social level of all human beings; the other is the physical, material, geographical elements that include tectonics, volcanism, and so on—and weather. We are appreciating all of these things at this time and striving to present these materials and open up the audience to receive them. When people have no hope then life becomes very tight and very mean and very ugly, but when there is hope, there is energy, there is imagination, there is the thrill of working together in groups on a project, and this is what we are envisioning for you and working co-creatively with you to unfold.


Roxie: Thank you, Machiventa. Does anyone have any questions for him at this time?

  • The current work of Jeff and Liz

Liz: Good morning, Machiventa. This is Liz Cratty. It is an honor to be speaking with you today. From our discussion last time on a service based economy, versus a profit based economy, my friend and partner in our endeavor, Jeff Cutler, has submitted this question: He has been reading the economic theories of Michael Hudson, an American Economist, and Steve Keen, an Australian Economist. I am not familiar with either one of these men, but that is kind of Jeff’s area of expertise. He’s asking: “Are the economic theories of Michael Hudson closely aligned enough with the 6 core values that we should ask him to assist us with the economic sustainability syllabus, as we press forward with Arizona State University? I should say that we are making slow but steady progress toward presenting to Arizona State University a degree program in/on social sustainability.


MACHIVENTA: Yes, you must begin with an introduction to Michael Hudson. You must begin by acknowledging his work and your acquaintanceship with it, and then lead into the similarities to these values and principles. We will have This One send you his proposal submission to a magazine for one of the articles that we have written with him, and you are welcome to use this if you find it useful to your work. We are excited for what you are doing as we do see that eventually a college or university will have a degree program in social sustainability. It will also have some interests in economics and in politics and government, policy development and work in democratic process as well. The sociology of this work is very broad, and there are many interests that will eventually erupt once this takes hold at the academic level. Having said that and knowing what you know already about our academic work, we feel that you will grasp the broader parameters of our work with you with colleges and universities. We will work closely with you and ask you to invite those of our teams to assist you, and also insure that you ask to have the recipients of this work, both Mr. Hudson and the universities, and anyone else affiliated with that to become aware, open, and receptive to these ideas.

The work of social sustainability is far broader than most people realize that it will become a cultural phenomenon to change the culture that has been so traditional to all Western and Eastern civilizations. The breadth of it is far greater than even This One has envisioned, even though he has worked with it for over 8 years. You are advised to move ahead confidently, knowing that we will be there to assist the reception of your work.

Liz: Thank you very much for that! We are at the point now where we are getting very specific with the syllabus that we intend to propose to Arizona State University. The initial series of classes we have proposed are: Theories of Life, Theories of Equality and Theories of Growth. If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk for a moment about this course, Theories of Life. This is a secular course, or course, and my vision is that the students would prepare a paper and a presentation with regard to social sustainability that is of interest to them. I assume that they will pick up on topics such as contraception, abortion and death with dignity, which will morph into the healthcare realm, maybe vegetarianism, which may also morph into the healthcare system or even animal rights when we talk about theories of life. But as I am working on this syllabus I have determined that I’m going to need some assistance in how to approach the instructors and how to help them teach these theories of life concepts in a secular manner to the students. Do you have any advice for me with this?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you have not become aware of the full spectrum of thought that we have developed, and we will make this available to you to consider. Let me speak about your project: What you are really speaking about is the morality of social sustainability and the morality of a culture in society that is moving towards stability and peace. We advise you to be careful not to pose your work in political terms that become adversarial. That will become evident in the groups, at the academic level when they begin studying this and it is discussed among themselves. Your work is to present this in the highest form for the eventual development of a stable society and planet. Your introduction to this is very important. If someone would pose this in a political, adversarial manner, then we ask you to recede from that discussion, but present this forthrightly as the way to peace, inclusiveness, and allow varying opinions to be accepted. This is not a process of selling or convincing people about social sustainability, but presenting them with a simple logic of what it involves so that they become aware that there is a necessity in adapting and adopting these practices. Does this help or have I missed your question?

Liz: No, this is helpful! I’m kind of stuck on the secular concept of life as a value, and how to present this to the instructors so that they can work with the students about it.

MACHIVENTA: In the materials that we have prepared, life is an obvious value for everyone. Once you have life then what? If you are dead then it doesn’t matter. So, when you are alive, you accept that you have life and it is of value. What matters then is the quality of life that is given to individuals or their ability to achieve an ever improving quality of life equally as anyone else would and they must do that through growth. This is one of the facets of going to college that many people miss, that it allows an individual to hopefully improve their quality of life by growing into their potential to become a wage earner at a higher level of income. The materials that This One will be sending to you will assist you greatly in your discussion.

Liz: Thank you so much!

Roxie: Machiventa, I would like to ask you a few questions in regard to the 25 page report of the “Jurisdictional Plan of the Revelatory Commission” that is circulating among readers of the Urantia Book community. First of all, can you verify that this report is really from “on high” and not just some imaginative creation by mortals?

MACHIVENTA: We validate this.

  • Correcting the disunity within Urantia based groups

Roxie: I wonder why the Correcting Time Plan is not mentioned. It would be wonderful if the Urantia Foundation, The Urantia Book Fellowship and the Urantia Association International were made aware that the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Missions were informed of our legitimacy and included in solving the disunity that exists between us and the other three Urantia Book groups. Your comments, please?

MACHIVENTA: This is much like settling the strife, turmoil, war, and sectarian differences in the Middle East. It takes a long, long process for people of reasoned thinking to even come to the position of acknowledging that the opposition may have a legitimate point of view. In this case, the paper was wise in not mentioning the Correcting Time. For the paper to be accepted by those who are in positions of authority of the three Urantia Book organizations, the mention of the Correcting Time, Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission and what they call, “nefarious channeling” had to be left out of the paper. Those in those positions of authority do not accept that subsequent revelations in the context of the Correcting Time are as legitimate as the revelation of the Urantia Book. Even the mention of those revelations in the Correcting Time would in their mind stigmatize the revelation of the Urantia Book as also being a channeled work, which it is of course. It was wise to have left that out of the paper. It is important that one step be taken at a time. We have initiated this work as an effort to bring this to their attention. It is in the best interests of all three of those parties to be united. The principles of union, of integration, are far more powerful to achieve the ends of Christ Michael and the Fifth Revelation than they are in separation. In separation they lack legitimacy in the world as being viable and capable. In separation, they are simply seen as so many sects of the same belief system that squabble among themselves. With the situation of separation it is difficult to convince other individuals who even appreciate esoteric materials to come to their side.

We appreciate your question and the insight that we can give to you about that. Thank you.

Roxie: Are there any mandates for the Correcting Time in general, or our group specifically that we are not fulfilling?

MACHIVENTA: You are doing quite well, simply stay the course.

Roxie: Thank you, Machiventa. I’ll go on to some questions that I had left over from last time.

  • Political and economic collapses

You mentioned that in the coming Administration in the United States that the influences of corporations and their hold on Congressional and Legislative processes will continue. Isn’t this something that will continue to collapse our current political and economic systems?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, of course. You have seen the logic of that. In terms of economics there are trillions of dollars around the world that are invested in financial instruments that are not being used to assist individuals in the processes of production. They simply have not found a way to make a profit on their money and investments that they think will fail. It is important that the eventuality is that through the economic collapse, that will occur in the future, that these vast trillions of dollars will be released to the good of your whole world. It is most unfortunate that it will not be used in the manner that is best for everyone concerned to improve a higher quality of life for everyone and that empowers their growth to unlock their potential as individuals and as societies and communities and families. It is important that this sense of equality be applied to the mechanisms of a global economy. Failing to do that, your world will continue to be selfishly dominated by individuals who may not be greedy, but who simply see the ends as being their own, rather than that of billions of individuals, which is perhaps the most egregious example of greed, though we see it as another mechanism as well.

  • Need for leadership

Roxie: You did seem hopeful that there will be individuals and groups that will “come forward to assist our democracy,” and that “someone will come forward who can make sense of all of this and apply it to the larger realm of democratic governance and citizen participation.” Do you have that “someone” already in mind so that we can give him/her our support?

MACHIVENTA: Let us put it this way, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of individuals who qualify and for whom you should be praying for their openness to receive new ideas, which will be forthcoming and are even now coming about in your world.

  • The world is involved in its own destruction at this time

Roxie: With the Conservatives holding all the main offices in our government, it seems to me that the antiquarian aspects of our democracy that you mentioned will be adhered to even more vigorously for the coming 4-8 years. You seem to be more hopeful that the necessary changes will come about than some of us mired in the current situation. Even you mentioned that there has been little interest in social sustainability, and that the whole world is involved in its own destruction at this time. What do you know that would be helpful to us in these beginning stages that you haven’t already shared?

MACHIVENTA: Patience! Great patience! Look at the macro perspective. What you are asking us to do is micromanage your world where people have not been responsible to participate in the responsible and rational development of their societies, governments and economies. Yes, we do work with individuals and yes, we do work with large organizations and groups. However, we do not like to give advice on the micro-perspective that your questions address.

Roxie: That’s all the questions I have right now. Anyone else? (Pause.) I guess not.


  • The faith of little children

MACHIVENTA: We will close then. When Christ Michael was here as Jesus he spoke of the “little ones,” of children, and we ask you to have the “faith of children” knowing that your parents are in charge and doing the best they can with what they know at the time being. This is our situation with you that we cannot answer all of your questions because many of the answers would cause you greater confusion than you have now. You would not be able to understand the dynamics generally called “providence” in your world; you would not understand how Thought Adjusters around the planet work together; you would not understand how the courses of Corporations and governments and organizations change through the influence that we provide. There is much mystery that goes on in the world and you must know, and have hope that your Father in Heaven, Christ Michael and Nebadonia and the First Source and Center have your welfare well in hand and in regard, and that we are in the present stages of guiding your future into a stable and peaceful future.

  • Changes to come in the future

Many things that you see around you that do not work in your governments, your societies and your economies will eventually come to an end, but because of the stubbornness and mindedness of individuals of self-willed leadership the means and methods by which these amend their ways of doing business will most likely go through much traumatic destruction to change the course of their organizations. This would not have to be. The openness and generosity that is provided by the Father and the benevolence and abundance of your world is all around you. It is only through the selfish meanness of individuals that material goods and the benefit of a “participating economy” are available to everyone.

You ask us questions of great minutiae and you will see these eventually resolved if you were to be here with us in the next 20-30 years. Your world is in the process of undergoing immense change, and as your futurists and demographers have predicted, the populations of your world [will] change immensely between now and 2050. You can predict very well then that there will be incredible and difficult and traumatic disruptions for major portions of populations between now and then. We do not present this again and again to you to present you with a horrific future, as it is a personal preference to make decisions about how to live in grace and peace by yourselves. This is possible and many have done it already and are doing so. It is important that you have peace of mind and be in touch and contact with your celestial realm and with your Thought Adjuster, for the sureness of the universe exists within you. Thank you and good day.