2018-04-29-Leading You Unerringly Forward

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Topic: Leading You Unerringly Forward

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “In time to come, your gratitude for and your recognition of my still Voice within you shall turn into a deeply felt joy and a jubilant trust that all is well.

“Know that you are secure and living in a most benevolent universe which is looked after by a Creator Master Son and His Consort, the Divine Mother Spirit, whose evolving offspring all you earthlings are.

“You are created from a speck of ‘dust’ of this earth, evolving up the ladder of evolution to become will creatures with the power to choose eternal life.

“This earth-life was created for all humans, as a gift from the Universal Creator of all the countless universes in which His free-will creatures can choose to make their long trek back to Paradise to, as perfected beings, stand before this self-same Almighty God.

“Towards this goal, your earth-life is the foundation. It is intended that you develop and train yourself, through self-discipline as a dependable stalwart character, with a heart-filled sincerity, love and mercy towards all others, including every living thing on this earth.

“The original plan for your being here on planet earth, known on High as Urantia, was for you to be caretakers. However, this plan has gone terribly awry because of a long ago Lucifer rebellion, of which the insidious results are still widely encountered.

Some humans think that they own the planet — although some do more so than do others — so they treat her according to their whims and greed for profit.

This falls immensely short of the ideal mark. This ideal plan is still in force and will be manifested in future ages.

“You now know that the early stages of the Time of Correction have been inaugurated by Michael, also known as Jesus, your Creator Son, under the auspices of the Ancients on High, your super universe Rulers.


“He invites each mortal to participate by their free-will choice, according to their gifts and capabilities, given to them by the Creator, for them to take part in this grandiose plan of rehabilitation.

“I invite you to use Me, your still Voice within, as your Guide to lead you unerringly forward.”