2018-10-07-A Lesson on Sincerity

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Topic: A Lesson on Sincerity

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Today, we will dwell for a brief moment on living life in sincerity. What exactly does sincerity entail? What is it and what is it not. Sincerity is honesty without a shadow of doubt. It is totally genuine without a shadow of any hidden agenda. The sincere personality does not entertain hidden agendas and sees everything as pristine, pure and holy. He/she always strives to see sincerity in others and refuses to believe differently until proven otherwise. This is innocence at its best, although it carries the label of ignorance. This is the reason why your text stresses to work on and practice sincerity, sincerity and more sincerity.

“The only mortal ever to reach the apex of sincerity was your Master Jesus. He refused to believe that even the worst person had no good in him or her. He believed that all people had good in them and wanted to do good, as the human personality is basically good. It goes awry with wrong teachings, erroneous belief systems and sometimes circumstances. Some belief systems tell people that they are basically corrupt, as they are conceived and born into sin and are therefore incapable of ever doing any good unless they believe that they are redeemed by ransom and the shedding of innocent blood.

“This is a seriously erroneous concept of wrong teaching that has taken hold in the churches which bear Christ's name. This could not be further from the truth as Jesus taught; that men and women are the children of God and that the kingdom of heaven is within if only they sincerely belief in their hearts that this is so. Jesus’ life bears testimony to this.

“It is a tragedy for the planet that so much of Jesus’ teachings got lost in this erroneous blood and sacrifice idea belief that this was to appease an angry God for the sins of mere mortals. It is time that the true teachings of Jesus get resurrected and come forth out of the burial tomb of these erroneous and superstitious belief-systems, so the souls of humankind may be free and rejoice in this saving message that they are indeed the evolving children of the Supreme God and that this Universal God holds the expectation of perfection for each mortal is It's Being, to be continued at the next level of eternal existence for those who choose to carry on into the hereafter. This goal is free for all those who believe Jesus’ words: ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within.’

“Each mortal seed-soul carries the blueprint of its own perfection and it is through the free-will decision making process that choices are made for better or worse; to grow in the right direction by its own choices and sincere decisions, or for stunted and under-nourished soul-growth. Nothing is ever coerced as humans have free will, but a lot of precious time is being squandered with materialistic pursuits, while the real reason for living this most important foundational life is almost totally ignored or at best misunderstood. Increasing sincerity and truthfulness need to rise up in each human heart, so faith and trust can truly begin to thrive and souls begin to blossom. This is the truth, beauty and goodness of living this earth-life.”