2020-12-11-Opportunities of Crumbling Foundations

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Topic: Opportunities of Crumbling Foundations

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, we are so blessed. We have only a vague idea of how blessed we are throughout this process because it has been our experience, our normal. We have thrived on your grace, we have lived off your life force but it is good to make attempt to express in human thought patterns, the orientation of our gratitude for all that you have provided for us and continue to provide for us and as we will witness, you have provided all that we ever have had need of. We now come to you as the little ones looking up and reaching up for your embrace. We crave returning again and again to this place, to this well, to this gift of grace that we enjoy and we come to you again to commune in whatever fashion at this time, thank you.


Machiventa: I would avail myself of this opportunity, I am Machiventa, and as my energy signature has been referred to, the door has been opened and I have taken a seat at your table. I feel as though there is some great sense of familiarity between us by this point in our relationship. You are faithful students who return to class over and over again and are prepared to invest the energy necessary to follow the lessons, to apply them to your lives and to experience the results of your efforts. And so we meet again in class and I am most pleased to have such a dedicated group to work with.

While we are in position to affect great change as the normal conditions have been unsettled, we meet in this classroom to discuss methods to employ as the opportunities arise to encounter the shifting sands beneith the feet of all your brethren at this time, the feeling of doubt and uncertainty as if the very foundation that you are standing on is crumbling, perhaps even washing away. There is a great uncertainty as to where this will leave you, how these changes will affect you and you who have been made aware, that your earthly life experience is but a tiny fraction of your eternal career that is before you. And having been given this perspective, you now may share this profound shift in awareness as you demonstrate the attitude and mannerisms of one who knows of this truth, who has faced the uncertainty and the reality of the eternal quest before you. This may represent your greatest achievement in this one life, to simply be able to look beyond this one short career, to put in context this experience alongside what lies before you as near as you are able to comprehend it. Perspective is everything. Your views are determined by your level of awareness and your level of awareness is conditioned by your receptivity to the inherent values and truths and beauty in divine principles, in spirit context.

I applaud your efforts to be flexible and adaptable, as the times change, so must your approach. As conditions change, so arise the opportunities as yet unforeseen. Your efforts at examining your connection to your Inner Guides is to be commended, in fact, this is one of your life goals of this earthly career, to be able to discover this aspect of yourself and move to form an active relationship with your onboard partner as a natural response to the desire of the mortal to find the divine and the desire of the divine to experience the mortal experience. This great combination is accomplished in you, each one has this magnificent gift of grace awaiting you. And while it is good that we meet and share fellowship and instruction, it is of greater spirit significance for you to move in the direction of greater communication with your Indwelling Guide.

I take my leave and allow this opportunity to present itself, even now. Good day to you all, until we meet again, be of good cheer.

Inner Voice: I am this ones Inner Voice, this ones onboard partner, this ones eternal companion in destiny but I am, as you have discussed before, also connected to the circuitry of all Divine Fragments and therefore there is a great connection of unity. There is a collective voice, there is a collective experience, there is shared experience, there are donations made to this collective consciousness and there are withdrawals taken by those who are seeking what others have found. These exchanges are quite common. There are flashes of inspiration which go between individuals in the circuit. There are opportunities where one may go to bed seeking an answer and arise with the solution. There are petitions made which are routinely answered and so often when this occurs it is not attributed to the act of the request or the petition that had been made, it simply happens as needed.

By virtue of the fact that you are all learning to work more closely with your inner associates, you are able to work together and access greater resources. I invite you to practice, to position yourself to give your voice to your commitment to work with your partner, to operate together and that would be your desire, your request, your prayer. The prayers of your heart will be received on High. And if this is so, it is incumbent upon you to then follow through, to then allow for the answers to your prayer, the response to your petition and move forward in complete faith and conviction that this circuit is being completed and that you are a part of it and that it is normal and natural and it is your birthright. Simply act as you believe, act as your faith would request of you.

Practice makes more perfect. Practice in this regard will bring you closer and closer and closer to your Indwelling Guide, your fragment of the whole . You are as well, each, a fragment of the whole. You are essential to establishing the Supreme. You are a piece of the whole and within you lies another Divine Fragment of the whole. Both are destined to return to their origin and you are becoming aware that this is so and that you have such great influence over the process as it unfolds. You are encountering more opportunities that ask you to state who you are, state what your faith is, what your beliefs are, what your purpose is. By making these statements you are manifesting your being, you are identifying yourself as the individual you are.


So as the voice of your Inner Guide and the collective voice, I invite you to practice our joint participation. Our simply being in awareness that we are together on this journey provides enrichment of our experience. Let it be so as we move forward in greater and greater awareness because we will come and practice, we will condition our minds and thoughts to be receptive and open and by working out in this way, we develop greater and greater connection, a stronger, more secure avenue of approach between us and this causes us to rejoice. That we are even discussing these things at this time in your mortal career, it gives us great confidence that the whole plan is working beautifully, the opportunities have been created, the circumstances have been provided, the choices have been granted and your choices have brought you here.

It’s glorious to have a greater embrace between us, and more conviction of this truth. I take my leave now but I always remind you, I do not go anywhere away, I merely recede to the back seat and await your command, your choice to elicit my connection or to feel it when it happens. These choices are yours to make. It’s always delightful that you focus your attention in such pursuit. I bid you all happy practicing and perhaps when we meet again, there may be some experiences to share as you may attempt to share things through this circuitry referred to between each other, between friends. Good evening to you all, be at peace. You are making great progress in this latest pursuit and we look forward to working with you more closely, farewell.