2005-02-10-A Lesson on Doing

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Topic: A Lesson on Doing

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “In the spiritual sense doing is greatly different to being. So let us take the ‘doing of things’ under the looking glass and see how there can be an improvement.


A lot of doing happens unconsciously, by rote or habit, like getting out of bed each morning. This routine habit can come to a screeching halt through illness, or accident, and then, perchance, thankfulness dawns what blessing it was to simply be able to get out of bed without assistance. And so there are many great blessings in disguise, which are only recognized when they are no longer there. Recognition of your many blessings in your everyday doings can make your life more colorful, meaningful, and interesting.

“Other doings can be very haphazard due to unorganized thinking. To get the most out of life there needs to be more than a semblance of organization. This requires training of the mind, which in turn entails self-discipline as there is always some area in life which can stand improvement. It points again at living in a greater awareness and an understanding about where that improvement is needed. There is also the half-hearted doing when you really don’t want to do something, but through circumstances are forced to do it, whilst the heart is not totally involved. Therefore, some self-correction may have to be involved, for when the doing is wholeheartedly done, you will feel more like you are in the flow of things -- more in harmony with yourself.

“Being out of harmony and without balance brings a lot of unhappiness, which could be solved if people would identify more with the reasons of their being in that state. However, a lot of people are out of balance for so long, they no longer know what it feels like to be balanced. Often, they are chronically unhappy and chase after superficial and material happiness, not realizing that they have become the ‘sleepwalkers’ in life. It is in the inner life where true happiness starts, and it is not to be found anywhere else. This is the price of great value the Master spoke about and this can truly be found inside each human being It is a personal responsibility to begin doing something about this need, and start thinking about where the inner life can be in a greater balance. It is all in the decision making process as to how the ‘doing’ in life is going to be profitable -- when acted out wholeheartedly upon the decisions made. It is the right thinking process which helps this along and this right thinking always and in all ways, has the highest and the greatest good for everybody in mind.

“Right thinking automatically sets you on the road to right doing, and in this doing a greater harmony and balance will manifest itself in spirit, mind and body. The thoughts are beginning to be held under greater control by the super-conscious mind and are thereby influenced by the Infinite Spark of God, who is pure Spirit. This is best achieved by coming daily into the Silence and by being actively engaged in listening. This is doing at the highest level, because only your free will makes it so. No one will ever coerce you to be in communion with that Holiness within. Only you can take those steps and do the work. The more often you engage in this, the more reasons you have to be grateful for this Gift, and you start to realize that you are actually living in a state of grace. In this way your doing becomes more meaningful, whatever you undertake in this material life.