2005-01-23-A Lesson on Expectation

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Topic: A Lesson on Expectation

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “This lesson on expectation is in a somewhat different vein to the usual. You will have no idea about where this lesson will lead, because you ask each day for your personal thoughts to be held at bay, so My words can flow unhindered. You must allow this to happen without any expectation on your part, and do not even anticipate where this lesson is going to go. Let Me assure you that all will always be well. It is the intent in the human heart, which is always known and always honored. We know all the expectations and hopes of the human heart, as nothing is hidden from the All Seer and the All Knower -- your very Creator.

You all are like little seeds planted here on this earth, so you may develop according your free-will decisions and choices. God knows what He can expect of you, but He cannot begin to assist you in working out your problems until you start cooperating with Him. This is the meaning of the prayer, ‘Thy Will be done.’ This is often merely a rote prayer, with very little thought given to the meaning behind the words, and therewith do you close yourself off from a more abundant living than you could have had. For those who discover the real meaning behind God’s will, their lives literally explode into a greater vibrational song and color. They will have found the way to cooperate, and learn their lessons well. This helps them to grow their soul-seed, even if this is not as yet apparent during mortal life. However, by their fruits they shall surely be known.

It is a most wonderful sight when even though these souls may lead the most difficult lives in the material temple, the gains made in the flesh will be expounded on in the life hereafter, because of their attained level of self-mastery. Here on earth is where a soul makes the greatest gains as it is being forged between hammer and anvil to become a most precious and useful instrument in the hands of the Master-Smith. Such a one lives always with expectation and hope, because of the connection established in faith and trust in the unseen Creator, Who really knows best what is good for him or her, even if at times they seemingly don’t agree because of impatience, and an old animal urge of wanting instant gratification.

In time and eternity you will learn that all good things come to those who wait, so practice more waiting because eternity is forever, and time is only a drop in the bucket of eternity.

It is good to anticipate a wonderful next life, but I need to tell you that the lessons go on unabated. Oh, you will have plenty of opportunity to fraternize with others of like mind, so you can relate stories to each other, and learn from each other. In such exercises insight and understanding are also to be gained, yet the greatest strides are made in the flesh body, during which you learn to control your negative animal impulses of your addictions. The cleaner the mind, the clearer you think. It is in mindful living in present centered awareness, starting each day with a clean slate on which to write up your life, that you will live with the least amount of regrets, which can burden you, and weigh you down. Consider all these things, so you can live with joy in your heart, and a spring in your step.