1993-09-12-Changing Religious Views

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Topic: Changing Religious Views

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer

Daniel:(tr #1) "Greetings my friends, I am Daniel. I am your guide. I am your teacher. On a night such as this I have much respect for you and the road you have traveled. And I am so very pleased to see how you have taken the concepts that have been brought forth in the lessons that I present and the lessons presented by other teachers and celestials.



It is good to see your discussions, to hear the words you speak. For you see in this respect you are growing. You are beginning to see beyond the primer, so to speak. You are advancing into a more secondary aspect of knowledge, that of not just knowing, but that of actually bringing forth the lessons into your life. Indeed, as you turn over yourself to the Father, as you so desire to let your will be directed by Him, you will find that not only does the life you live have more meaning, but any adversity becomes an opportunity, seen by you to progress.

And as you are able to give your will to the Father the true desires on the richness of your potential are met. You will find increasing joy, peace, and love. You will know greater understanding and feel greater tolerance. You will begin to forgive and allow others to be who they are. It all happens very slowly, but as you are beginning to see, there is transformation, there is the progression that is beginning to show forth in your life. The many, many years you will spend in traversing the pathway to the Father will bring you many experiences that will help to bring the Father's domain into greater understanding. What you now understand will continue to get more breadth and depth. That is a choice you make. As you seek to know the Father, so shall the Father become known to you.

The times we have spent together are bringing forth fruit. And through the fruit that is ripening, more seeds will be dispersed. Fear not if you are not readily bringing more into the Urantia movement. This is not necessary. What is necessary is the love that you give to one another. What is necessary is the understanding you give to others about the mercy and love of the First Source and Center. It does not matter that truth can be found in many areas. What does matter is that when truth is revealed, it is known within the person in their inner being. And so as you begin to understand the truth, as it has meaning for you, then your life will reflect it. And this can produce much. This does bring you into the realm of being a harvester of souls for many. And so my friends, continue your steadfastness. Rely on that inner leading. For those who choose to live in the Spirit, so shall they be guided and so shall life be directed in this regard. This is a revelation that must come to each and every individual on their own accord. If there is, in fact, the concept of being `born again' it is this fact; that as a son and daughter of the First Source and Center you make those choices that will lead you in the ways of the Spirit. Once this has meaning for you, your life will change. You will follow a different drum beat than others.

This evening I will not discourse on a long lesson. The transmitter/receiver is very tired, is having much difficulty concentrating. There are too many other thoughts abounding in her head, much excitement of the coming week. I thank D3 for struggling so this evening to discipline herself to hear my words. Let it be known that even those of you who do not hear a teacher during quiet time are not to feel you are less. Instead, rely on that quiet time to firm and build that foundation of the Father's relationship with yourself. It is most important that you strive to know the First Source and Center, the Indwelling Spirit. If the time and circumstances are correct, than shall you hear from a teacher. Do not judge yourself in this regard, rather let yourself be bathed in the love of the First Source and Center, that in your willingness to find the Father you will be serving the greatest purpose of your earthly life.

If there are no pressing questions I will take my leave, unless one of the other TRs wish to attempt to transmit this evening."



Daniel:(tr #2) "You may ask your questions."

V1: "Daniel, I have a question. I can't help but think of the fact that I have come full circle in my theological belief and understanding. It has dawned on me this week again that I was back to that dreadful label, as some people called it, of being a universalist, of being able to believe that God accepts everyone where they are. Of course I read it in the Urantia Book again that a sincere heart is what God wants. So that's where I am right now and I guess I just wanted to ask you to comment on those things."

Daniel: "Yes, V1."(tr #2 loses contact)

Tr #2: "I'm sorry. I am not going to be able to."

Daniel:(tr #3) "N1, my dear, do not concern yourself with the frustrations of tonight for your progress continues. Know that,(and I do think you know) that you are making excellent strides. And as with all human endeavors we take steps forward and then we take steps back. So do not let the frustrations of the evening be more than temporary.

Now with your question, V1. I would say to you that with patience all things come to those who wait. For it is in the waiting that we grow strong and we grow wise and we grow ever closer to the path which Christ Michael has set before each of us. So with the events of one's life, take them as they come and deal with them as best you can. And let the faith and hope which are gifts of the Father guide you in all that you do. For you know that God is ever present in you life. And if we but open ourselves to that guidance, good will come about. Does this answer your question, V1?"

V1: "Well, Daniel, I was thinking of the position of myself many, many years ago when I was a universalist in that I believed that God loved everyone. And then, of course, strayed and got into some crazy dogma. And I'm back where I guess I began, in that I believe all God asks is a sincere heart to love Him and our brothers and sisters. I guess I was just asking you to comment on the renewed fact in my life."

Daniel: "I couldn't have said it more beautifully myself! You are on the right track my dear. Welcome back."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

N1: "Daniel, I just wanted to thank you for your words a few minutes ago to me and also earlier. I guess I have more of a comment than anything. I just really had that experience of what you described this past weekend of turning my will over to God's will and using the situations that arose as an opportunity to try and do that rather than have things work out the way I had wanted them to. I was so pleased that it does lead to greater joy and greater love and trust. I guess I am really starting to experience God as good, and that doing God's will will bring great joy. And I thought of Christ Michael and His life of being that of doing God's will. I have always had a really hard time understanding why He didn't stop the crucifixion and the other things He could have done, rather than live it clear out in accordance with God's will. And I got a tiny bit of an insight into that this weekend, and it was really neat. Thank you."

Daniel: "Yes, it is most difficult for mortals to completely give their will over to the Father, but as with other things, as you practice, as you try it, you will get better. Even those of us who are much above you are still practicing that in our lives. So do not expect too much of yourself. Be patient with yourself. If you can do that you will be much happier."

B1: "Hello, Daniel. This is B1."

Daniel: "Hi, B1."


B1: "You said that the waiting for something is where you gain the most benefit. I would like you to elaborate on that, if you would, please."

Daniel: "Yes, B3 had a question about that too. It deals with experience. As I have spoken many times to you, the greatest thing you can derive from your human existence are experiences. And if you can look at those negative factors in your lives as just experiences with which you are asked to deal, it not only makes them easier to deal with, it makes them more a part of your human existence, and makes them a bigger part of your growing, your maturing, your learning to deal with the issues of life in such a way that they become rather than negative, more positive. Several of you are starting to realize and see that as you commented earlier. For as we learn to put life in perspective, we learn to deal with the vicissitudes of life in much more positive ways. And many of you are doing just that. I thought your comments earlier were directly to that point, which is the reason why I chose not to speak of them in my lesson this evening. Anything else, B1?"

B1: "Well, I realize that it's through experience that we learn, however, and I guess it is a growing experience, because just to re-experience the same frustrations and old patterns has no great value, correct? You need to change something. You need to learn something new. Would you agree with that?"

Daniel: "Let me say that even though you may be feeling that you are experiencing the same frustrations, as you call them, over again, they really are not exactly the same. For I think if you analyze them you will find your way and manner of dealing with them has grown. And even though you have not one hundred percent overcome those frustrations of mortal existence, I think you would have to say you are dealing with them more effectively today than you did yesterday, and more effectively yesterday than the day before. That is why I encourage you to look analytically at your situation now and then and see how much you have grown. For I think analysis will show you that, although, yes, you have not completely overcome those weaknesses of mortal existence, you are in almost every sense doing a better job at dealing with them today than you did yesterday. Would you agree with that, B1?"

B1: "Yes, I would have to agree in an overall pattern. Can I ask a different question?"

Daniel: "Of course."

Tolerance, Patience

B1: "You weren't tired out, it was D3 who was tired out so we will keep on going here. Have you any new things to say relative to how to react to these friends of ours that, (I grieve over them), that they lump us all into the category of..you know, you heard the discussion..They really think we are kind of far out and goofy because we have accepted the reality of the Teaching Mission. We have talked about this before. Have you as teachers discussed this issue any more? Is there anything new you want to say about it? I know what you have said in the past, tolerance, and etc. Is there anything new you want to add to that?"

Daniel: "Let me say that anytime when people you know, respect, and love do things you do not agree with that is always cause for frustration. Let me say that the key to that may be not just patience but allowing others to live their lives in the manner in which they choose, as you would expect them to allow you to live yours. And as you get opportunities to plant seeds, plant them. But do not be frustrated that the plant does not bloom tomorrow. For as you saw in the surplus of spring flowers and summer flowers, those seeds have lain dormant for many, many years! And it wasn't until the moisture came this spring that they were brought to fruition. So plant the seeds and let the Father do His work. That is His role in this. Your job is to seize opportunities as they provide themselves and let the Father take it from there."

B1: "Just as the sunlight turned on here, so did your words bring light to my mind. I appreciate your answer. And it is not that it is a brand new idea but, boy, I need reminding at times! Thank you very much, Daniel."

Daniel: "B3 is shaking his head also. B3 had a question earlier in the discussions about patience. Let me make a comment about that.

Patience is indeed a difficult issue for most mortals. I recall my own experiences which were as equally frustrating as yours. And now that I am older I still have problems with patience. It is a most difficult issue to deal with. Let me say that I think all of you are dealing with that major problem of human existence with increased insight. And although patience continues to be incomplete, you are all dealing with it on a much higher level than just a few days and weeks ago. So do not be too hard on yourselves. Reckon back to the `good old days', so called. I am sure you would all say that you did not deal with patience nearly as well then as you are dealing with it now. So give yourselves a pat on the back, but also recognize that it is not expected that you would be immediately in control of one hundred percent of the problems of human existence. Expect there to be times when you will not deal with those situations, which you feel you should, quite as well as you would like, and put them into perspective. Patience is a good one to look at in this regard, for none of us is as patient as we would like to be. I think if you would ask your personal teachers they would all..and they are all nodding at this moment! Yes, that is a difficult one for all of us! So accept your humanness. Learn from your mistakes. Seek to better tomorrow than you did today. And as you bring God into your lives you will get better."

D2: "Thank you Daniel. Your words were beautiful. We all need that patience. I want to thank you for being such a good example of that, of being so patient with us, week after week. And I personally would like to thank you for the patience you have with me. I know you try to get me to listen to you more often than I do, but thank you.


I have a question regarding what is going to happen this next week. Do you have any words that you can give me regarding the transmitting in front of the Welmek group? And this is such a personal question it probably doesn't need to be in the transcribed. (note: because of Daniel's answer I have elected to leave it.) If there is anything you can give me in that regard I would appreciate it...and also with my cousin."

Daniel: "You know that I will be with you. And together there is nothing we cannot handle. So be open in your preparation and relax. Know what God has ordained will come to pass. And as you can be a factor in that, I will be there to assist you. Does this help?"

D2: "Do you know Daniel, it does. Because those are the very same words you said to me yesterday, almost verbatim."

Daniel: "I am repeating myself."

D2: "Patience on your side, thank you."

Daniel: "B3[the TR] is relieved."(laughter from group)


C2: "Daniel, this is C2. I would like to thank you and the other teachers who guide me and, I guess, really speak to and through me in ways that are really making a difference in the lives of the people of our church. We are small, but we are a group of people who really do want to learn what it means to `let go and let God' and let God be God. I am appreciative of the new insights and ways of looking at the first level, as you referred to earlier, of the lessons that are so familiar and that people have been hearing and learning for a long time. I am appreciative of the wisdom that has been shared with me that puts those in a different light and challenges and pushes us to look at the really radical way in which God loves us and calls us to listen in radical ways to those words that certainly aren't the Urantia Book but are words of the First Source and Center through Christ Michael in another form. Thank you."

Daniel: "You're welcome. And the interesting thing about it is that the more one can open his or her life to God, the more God can come in. So to all of you, let me say that through diligence, through practice, through your continued efforts in opening yourselves up to what Christ Michael has set before all of us, as we all open ourselves to that great plan, so is God, through Christ Michael, able to come into our lives and help us bring that plan about.

I would have a word with S2 tonight, if I may. I want to tell you, S2, how thankful I am for your willingness to accept D3 and myself as I speak through her, and the way I have come into your lives. It is not always such, as you can see, even among members of this group, that this is able to be brought about. So I wanted to say that tonight, since I am transmitting through another voice, how pleased and thankful I am for your willingness to open yourself up to this `craziness' that has become such an important part of your life and D3's. Just a word of encouragement to you this evening, and a word of thanks."

S2: "Thank you. It is greatly appreciated."

B1: "Daniel, I have been thinking about the fact that Midwayers are assigned to the Reserve Corps of Destiny. It seems to me that it is growing somewhat. The thought has occurred to me that they may be getting hard pressed to be with all of us who are involved in this Corps of Destiny. Have you anything you can tell me about that? Or are they managing quite well. I have been thinking, you know, that they have limited numbers. It is a silly, not terribly important thought. I just wondered if you could share that. I am curious."

Daniel: "Yes, the numbers are finite but they are large. So we are managing quite nicely. And you need not concern yourself with this. Things seem to be happening quite well even though they are progressing much more rapidly than we had anticipated on our side. But it is interesting to see that as needs arise even at our level they seem to be met, much the same as you see them happening at your level. Thank you for asking that and know that the numbers are being dealt with quite expeditiously."

B1: "Thank you."

C2: "Daniel. I am going to Portland next week and I am wondering if you can provide any instruction, direction, information about the group that is meeting in Portland. I've not made contact with their leaders, but I'm wondering if you can give me any information?"

Daniel: "Members of your group can do that as well as I. I would continue to urge you to be open to all situations and as you feel the nudging of the Spirit, follow those urges, those nudges. And if you will do that I feel you will be quite on top of things and pleasantly surprised with what can happen."

C2: "Thank you."

Daniel: "You are welcome."


Daniel: "K3. How about a questions from you tonight!"

K3: "Good evening Daniel.(laughter)

Daniel: "Good evening K3."

K3: "My two words to you. Thank you."

Daniel: "And thank you."

K3: "I had a question but I can't think of it. I appreciate your talk on patience. As I previously mentioned to B1, there is more than just myself in that rowboat. And sometimes it takes water. But we are working on it. And with your kind patience and the direction of Michael, we will make it. We will bail the water out and continue on."

Daniel: "That boat is a large ship!"

K3: "Are you saying I am not the only one in there?"(laughter)

Daniel: "It is very full."

K3: "Well, I am in good company. I don't have a specific question. Thank you for asking, though, Daniel."

Daniel: "Yes. I would say this to you K3: How much I have enjoyed working with you. And I pray that we will continue our relationship. For it is fast becoming one which I treasure greatly."

K3: "You, indeed, have been in my mind. And you and Michael and all have been in my thoughts and my prayers. And thank you for your concern. My love to you." Daniel: "And our love to you."


D2: "Daniel, I have a question. I'm not even quite sure how to phrase it. In regard to our personality and soul growth, it is my understanding that our personalities really never change, that they are already fixed. But it is the relationship we have with the Indwelling Spirit within us that is in constant change. That is what our purpose is, to work through these experiences that bring about this change that helps to make our personality real. Am I correct in that regard?"

Daniel: "I like the word maturity better, rather than change. For it is as one grows that one begins to more clearly understand who they are and where they are headed. So it isn't so much a question of change as it is a question of growing. And I think you all can see that you are not the individual today you were a year ago, that all of you have grown and matured in understanding who you are in relationship to Christ Michael and the Father; and have grown more comfortable with that relationship as you understand it; and that will continue. So let me just say to you to keep on keeping on for tomorrow will, as today when compared to yesterday, be filled with joy and challenges, frustrations and problems. But that is life and one I would urge you all to try to enjoy as best you can and not let the frustrations get you down. For as you become better able to deal with them, then you will be better able to see where your personality is going. It is true that is somewhat set by genetics. But you do have some impact on it. And so while it is in one regard fixed, in another regard it is somewhat open. So that is the beauty of life. You can have in some ways a major impact upon the person you are going to be. So do not let the difficulties of that question overwhelm you but enjoy it as it unfolds. You life is like a flower in the spring. So enjoy it as it unfolds. For as you can enjoy that, you can enjoy life even more. Does this help?"

D2: "Well, I think I am going to have to think about it because I may be not sure what personality is then. To me what you were describing was more our character as humans and I was thinking of personality more as maybe the soul or the growth of the soul. The way that personality is explained in the Urantia Book is quite deep and I think I am still working through some of that. That is what spurred that question. Another question I have in regard to that.. is the change that is occurring, the maturing, as you said, is it always conscious or is it sometimes unconscious? I am sure it is probably both. And if it is conscious is there anything we can do daily to help to bring about more change, other than to have patience?"

Daniel: "This, as do most factors of life, progress at their own speed. You may assist the progression by your daily quiet time. For as you spend time with the Father, does it become more clear to you what the path you are stepping out upon is. So D3 and to all of you I would say, continue your prayer times, your quiet times. Those are most important. As we need to bring the Father into our lives, the best way to do that is in spending time daily or even more often as you have the time. Bringing the Father into our lives is what opens life in its broadest extent. Does this help, D3?"

D3: "Yes, thank you. That seems to be the bottom line always to be that open channel. So thanks again for the constant reminder of it."

Daniel: "Yes, you are quite welcome. And B3 is nodding that he needs that too."

C2: "Daniel does that..I am thinking of the word transformation; how does that relate to maturation? And I understand change as being sort of an evolving kind of thing, but as you were speaking I am aware of the difference between change and maturation. But the word transformation came to me. And I don't quite know how that all fits."

Daniel; "The word, `transformation', is a good one, and can be brought into the discussion. Transforming oneself into the individual you seek, the life which God has set before you, is one which is possible. I believe Christ Michael used that word when He was on Urantia. So it is one which I would encourage you to use, to think about. Anything else I can help you with, C2?"

C2: "No, I will just have to let it soak a little while. Thank you."

Daniel: "Yes, you are welcome."

Thought Adjusters

N1: "The question I have may be a longer one that you won't want to answer tonight, but I thought I would put it out there and then my mind will be working on it. I am having difficulties understanding the concept of the Thought Adjuster and the duality or paradox. I know the Thought Adjuster is from the First Source and Center. And yet the Thought Adjuster seems to be separate. I was reading about the Ascending Sons and one of the Ascending Sons is the Personalized Thought Adjuster. And I just find it a really odd concept to think of prepersonal fragments that are the First Source and Center and then being bestowed with personality, and trying to understand my relationship then to my thought adjuster. I guess when I relate to my Thought Adjuster that isn't really relating to the First Source and Center, but it is! And I am really struggling with that and perhaps I always will. It is a concept that those of us limited by time and space especially at this beginning level just will always struggle with. So if you could help me with that I would appreciate that. If not I will pray in quiet time and see what comes about."

Daniel: "Yes, those are all good ideas. But let me say this. The gift of the Indwelling Spirit is clearly one of the most wonderful gifts to humankind! But it is an extremely difficult one to comprehend. And while I, myself, have had difficulty dealing with that earlier in my mortal life, I am now only just beginning to comprehend the full significance of this truly marvelous and wonderful gift! I would encourage you all to, as N1 has said, to consider this most wonderful gift in your life in your prayer and quiet time, for it is truly one of the most marvelous and awe inspiring gifts in the universe. And I would encourage you all to read those sections of the Urantia Book regarding the nature and function of the Thought Adjusters, for they are a most interesting section of papers. Does that assist you for this evening, N1?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel, it does. I will go back and look at those papers again as well."

Daniel: "I sense there are no more questions. Have I missed one of you?"

C2: "When N1 was speaking about the Fragment of the First Source and Center taking on personality I'm wondering if that has a direct relationship to what is academically called `process theology', the notion of God becoming and that whole wondrous broadening of God, the First Source and Center and the limitlessness of our Creator?"

Daniel: "The term `process theology' is not a term I am particularly familiar with. I would, however, say this from what I have gleaned from your question. If I could direct you to the section of the book having to do with God the Supreme, I think you would find those passages quite interesting as I believe they pertain directly to your concern in your question this evening."

C2: "OK. Thank you."

Daniel: "You're welcome."

B1: "Daniel, this is B1, again. In bringing up the Supreme and my request of a few weeks ago, obviously I don't want you to attempt it tonight, but have you given any more thought to whether you want to do a lesson on God the Supreme in relation to God the First Source and Center?"

Daniel: "Yes, I want to do that.(chuckling) The question is when?(laughter from the group and a comment about patience) Perhaps I will speed up the process of speaking to you in the sequence I had in mind. It is a most interesting subject and I perceive many of you are interested in that. So let me say that I will prepare something for that in the very near future. Thank you for bringing that to my attention this evening."

B1: "Thank you, Daniel. I am not trying to tell you how to do your job, it is something I think we all are interested in. Good, we will look forward to hearing from you."

C2: "Daniel, I don't want to tell you how to do your job either but don't do it on the 10th of October. (group laughter) I can't be here. But I can read the transcript. But I don't get to dialogue with you, which I appreciate."

Daniel: "I will try to reserve that for a time when you are present."

C2: "Thank you."(group laughter)


Daniel: "And now friends, I think I will take my leave for this evening, thanking you for your attendance tonight, your questions, and all of your thoughtful, prayerful time you have not only given to me, but your personal teachers and to the Teaching Mission. I leave you tonight looking forward to our next meeting in two weeks. I would encourage all of you to take this extra time to spend a little time, perhaps a little extra time in analyzing your own situation. For as I mentioned earlier, I think you will be quite pleased with your progress when you take a look at it over where you were not too many weeks ago. I look forward to my trip with D3 and S2 and look forward to our return in this forum in two weeks. For tonight, good night."