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To create in conjunction. Hence co-creator, co-creatorship.

Chronologic Sample

  • 1697 G. KEITH 2nd Narr. Proc. Turner's Hall 27 Coexistent and Coefficient, which is as much as Cocreans, i.e. Cocreating. Ibid., Being Cocreator with the Father.
  • 1884 CHEYNE Isa. I. 248 The Iranian myth of a Co-creatorship of Ormuzd and the Amshaspands.

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from Concreate - F. has concréer ‘to engender’. trans. To create together.

Chronologic Sample

  • 1625 A. GILL Sacr. Philos. I. 96 When water, the first matier of all things, was created..with that water..was concreated all manner of formes.
  • 1682 H. MORE Annot. Glanvill's Lux O. 20 To create a Soul, is to concreate the qualities or properties of it.
  • 1748 Phil. Trans. XLV. 629 That the vital essential Stamina of every Plant and Animal were really concreated with the Universe.
  • 1858 BUSHNELL Nat. & Supernat. iv. (1864) 112 We get all the furniture of our what we have as it were concreated in us.

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