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Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin conversion-, conversio, from convertere


b : reduction of a mathematical expression by clearing of fractions
  • 4 : a successful attempt for a point or points especially after a touchdown or for a first down <a 2-point conversion> <a third-down conversion>
  • 5 : something converted from one use to another

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Religious conversion is the adoption of new religious beliefs that differ from the convert's previous beliefs. It involves a new religious identity, or a change from one religious identity to another. Conversion requires internalization of the new belief system. It implies a new reference point for one's self identity and is a matter of belief and social structure—of both faith and affiliation. This typically entails the sincere avowal of a new belief system, but may also present itself in other ways, such as adoption into an identity group or spiritual lineage.

There are different types of religion conversion which include, active conversion which is the free agency, volitional choice to acquire new beliefs and religious identity, marital conversion , Secondary conversion, Deathbed conversion, and Forced conversion.

Proselytism is the act of attempting to convert another individual from a specific religion or belief system.