2007-02-26-Abraham & Mary

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Topic: Adversity

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Mary

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a wonderful atmosphere we have here this evening. I am enjoying the variety of conversation. Your open minds and hearts bring spiritual values into useable actions we can take on a daily basis. I love the fact that you all make such effort every day to grow and find meaning. It is becoming apparent that you are finding the technique of detachment to be more useful in everyday living. Our hearts say we want to save the world. Our egos can become somewhat frustrated that we can’t. Our minds say we do what we can and trust Father to oversee. After all, it is His plan and we are blessed to carry out His divine purpose. As we mature in spirit we realize the world does not need saving and all is as it should be at this time. We are always moving forward. Have not worry.

I do remember my time in the flesh that I was always a man of action. I was not one to lay down before my burdens and be defeated. However, I handled my issues by instilling fear into others. I used anger to push my agenda. I was a master at using spiritual poisons to appear as spiritual fruit. I see now that I felt like a small boy trying to wear men’s shoes. I was fearful and always worried about my reputation. It was a heavy burden to always put on that mask of false strength. What a wonderful relief to have been tutored by someone who has shown me genuine strength. Machiventa helped me to see that should I close my eyes and take a deep breath that my world would not crumble beneath me, should I pause to be still and listen for Father’s voice, certainly would I receive much more everlasting meaning and a solid foundation to build upon. It was difficult for me to slow down and listen and take in that divine wisdom and now from another perspective on this topic, I shall allow Mary to speak.


Greetings again, my friends. I am MARY and I am finding this evening to be quite pleasant and educational. I do believe that I was one to lay down before my difficulties and be succumbed by emotion and depression. I found myself believing that life was quite unfair and not all individuals had the same opportunity for growth. Of course, this belief became a reality in my everyday living. Growing up I was actually quite bitter and always ready for a fight. I do understand how mortals seek escape in their difficulties. It is hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel when wearing the mortal body. Of course, I would turn to God in my struggles and beg Him to do something to set me free and when I felt not this answer to my prayers, I would, of course, blame Him for my misery. What a cycle. I can see Father throughout my mortal life trying to help.

I knew a shop owner who used to sneak me bits of food. She would tell me stories that were somewhat hints to making my own life better. She was gentle and kind. Her smile filled my heart with light. I didn’t know if it was her and her kindness that drew me to her or simply the promise of food. This woman was extremely busy with her shop and her four children. Her husband had other employment and much of the time worked away from home. Why would this busy woman make time for such a ragged child such as myself? She made time for the small things and all else was taken care of. Her children were wonderful people and I enjoyed spending time with them. Their generosity taught me generosity. Their love taught me to love. Their example of belief in a higher power spoke to me. This family was one of many channels who tried to steer me throughout my childhood and well into my adult years. I have always been inspired by those who are brave enough to act upon what they believe in, be it right or wrong. Their courage to live their beliefs was always strengthening me to look deep within at my own core beliefs and strive to live thereby.

In this life we can be overwhelmed, be engulfed in self-pity and allow our troubles to overtake us or we can look for that lesson that propels us to advance spiritually. Father listens to your actions. Intentions are many times a wonderful energy, but your actions are what speaks your beliefs. Think about those individuals you know who are weakened by their difficulties, seemingly stuck in a cycle of hopelessness. They make not effort to take one step toward solution. Father is there waiting for them. He needs to view your willingness so He can begin to help you.


This week let us bring inspiration to those individuals who sit in fear and cannot envision the simple steps they must take toward solution. Let us turn the light upon ourselves and see how we at times desire escape, when taking a few steps toward a solution would bring such relief and joy. How can we find rest to re-energize without seeking escape from our difficulties? How can we be of inspiration to others who are buried in life’s turmoil? This is all for this evening, my dear ones. Continue discussing your adventures in the spirit. I so enjoy them. Know that we make effort to assist you in your decisions throughout the week. Love to you each from Abraham and myself. We bid you shalom.