2006-12-31-Internal & External Validation of This Process

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Topic: Internal & External Validation of This Process

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Monjoronson (Mark TR): This is Monjoronson.


On behalf of all those who hold on to that which you have grown to be exposed to, as the child becomes exposed to a great many things, they are unable to retain upon initial exposure all that they have been exposed to. In the process of growing up as a child it is necessary to be exposed and then re- exposed to that which you will one day have complete conviction of and total command of. Likewise is it true of your spiritual childhood. You are reaching out to your universal parents, and you are being exposed to a great many principles, truths, and realities that are currently just outside of your abilities to recognize and command them.

That is why we will repeat aspects of our lessons and re-expose you to principles and truths that are filtering in to your understanding and awareness. But there comes a time for the child and for the developing spiritual being that you grow to encompass the formerly new principles as new and adopted truths. There comes a time when the child does not question that two and two equals four. Likewise there comes a time in the development of the spiritual child where no longer is there doubt regarding the reality and validity of that which has been gleaned in the process.

You are constantly adding to your resource base. You have gone from basic addition to the more complex aspect of mathematics, and likewise you are going from the most simple and basic comprehension of your relationship to this process, to a deeper understanding of your role and association with all that you have been exposed to. Your mortal development has dictated to you that you are correct in your understanding when what you understand in the agreed upon norm, that is, you are correct in the mortal realm when your associates and peers all seem to concur that this is so.

That is how you have derived your sense of security of having gained your mortal wisdom, when you are acknowledged by your peers as being correct. But now we have entered a new arena, a new process, in which your spiritual gleanings are your own personal private possessions. They are not open to scrutiny or evaluation by any other mortal of the realm. Rather they are only identified by you as the true or untrue, as being valid or invalid, through your own internal evaluations of the process and your capacity of awareness. However this is a natural tendency of your order to seek others to support awareness levels, to bring you validity in your level of understanding, and so you enjoy the company of this group, of each other. You attempt to validate that you are not alone in this process of growth and awareness through interaction with others and the support of others when they concur with what you are attempting to validate through your expressions.

You are all indeed fortunate that you have each other in this process for if you were located in some cave remote from all associates you would in fact experience great difficulty determining where reality had its boundaries. But in a group of such love and support as you enjoy, as we enjoy in this moment, you are afforded all the comforts and security available through the human realm. As well, because you have chosen, you have access to the support and comfort from all of those on my side of the veil who bring this to the arena that we share. In this way you are indeed fortunate and among a decidedly few number of individuals who enjoy such an environment of support.

As it so happens in this process, there is contrast. There are individuals who will present challenges to that which you hold dear. There are individuals who do not validate that which you know about this process. There are even individuals you will encounter who will declare all that you know to be false, but I would point out that anything you have attained in your own citadel of spirit is unassailable. You are earning spiritual advancement step by step, and nothing, no advancements that you make in this process, are subject to any other individuals condemnation or judgments whatsoever. It is truly a challenge to hold dear and fast to that which you know.

You are creatures of a herd mentality. This is your heritage, and many times you look to the herd for your identification and validation of your place and position amongst the herd. When you assemble a herd such as you have in this moment, then you are creating the environment whereby you may flourish due to the supportive nature of your fellows. Take all the solace and comfort that is to be derived from your association and relationship in this such loving environment because the herd of humanity is diverse.

There is great uncertainty out there; there is even great fear and great doubt that will arise as a result of the contrast you provide with your very possessions of spiritual advancement. These possessions are yours. No one can take them from you unless you allow them the authority to strip you of that which you know, that which you have earned, that which is certain to you throughout. These things remain unassailable unless you allow ones from the outside to penetrate your citadel of self.

You are quite mature in the eyes of the Father and in our eyes, even though we understand fully and completely your limitations and imperfections. But you are as well children of God, the First Source and Center. You are in fact heirs to the throne of perfection. And so we will continue to support your program throughout regardless of any doubts or uncertainties or attacks that may arise from without.

These are of no concern to us, but I empathize with you, you herd creatures, that they may in fact be quite a challenge to rise above. But that is exactly what we will do throughout this process. We are rising above step by step. We are raising our vibration level; we are raising ourselves above the fray of human existence to become spiritualized creatures, no longer as subject to the winds of mortal change as we were before we became aware of our positions and relationship to the process.

Hold steady, my dear ones, to the ground that we have gained in rising above. Do not falter that others do not understand, do not comprehend, do not agree, do not provide you validation. I am here to provide the validation; we are at your service to provide you validation. The Father desires nothing more than to validate you, His children. There in fact is no more valid thing to be done than that which you are engaged in, even in this hour.

Therefore be of joy and lightheartedness as you hold on to your convictions, your understanding, your awareness. Do not let the paths of others determine what your path will be. Allow that all paths are in fact circling the same direction. While there is contrast there is also certainty and security in that which we have gained in this process. It is not required of you that you are perfect; it is not possible of you that you are perfect, but you are striving for perfection, and that is possible. You are reaching for perfection, that is fact. You are making certain progress, that is a visible phenomenon.

I hope I bring you my sense of conviction and whatever authority that you grant that I have in this process. I am most pleased to have such devoted partners in this process, fully realizing who I am working with, where you are in your spiritual childhood and as well, where we are going. Fear not, my dear ones, only have joy, only have love. Let these disruptions and disturbances pass as choppy waters.

You are becoming experienced enough to navigate through such waters with comfort and security. You are my partners in this process in whom I am so well pleased, so accept my contributions to balance the contributions of any other. Hold fast to that which you know, that which you are in this process. It is not changed by the judgments of another. Only view these contrasts to secure your footing, to prepare to hold the line fast should there be stumbles, should there be uncertainties.

The most enduring confirmation that I may offer you is my enduring commitment to be with you throughout this process, to work with you as you would allow, to complement you wherever possible. This I bring to you as an outside observer but as one who has your best interest at heart as well as the reflection of the desires of the Father above that you be raised up, that we go through this process together.

I would pause at this point and allow for any contributions or questions that may be on your minds as a means of developing even more intimacy between us.


Mary: Those who experience doubt or unbelief can also enjoy the support of a group of similar beliefs centered around doubt. That seems curious to me that in the end it is your own internal experience that you have to go to for what you really experience as truth. The support of others is not always useful, and the ultimate ground you stand on is your own internal reality.

Monjoronson: You have made a valid and proper observation that we all know there exists much doubt and uncertainty out there. Every individual must come to their own conviction in their own time, into their own process. It can never be charged to the child that they do not know that they do not know. Here is where compassion is instrumental in negotiating these contrasts. Just because you have risen to your level of awareness and gained your platform of understanding, you must never impose that level, your level, upon any other individual, any other brother or sister.

As in a large family it becomes quite evident that the older siblings are well advanced in their understanding and their command of their individual growth. When contrasted to the younger individuals, it may appear as though there is great lacking in their comparing the two different levels. But my dear ones, this is not a lacking; this is a process that the younger and more immature ones must be given free rein and latitude to come to their own understanding and awareness.

It is not appropriate to judge the two levels side by side. Even in your society you grant that there is a stage of development called youth wherein your youth are not deemed responsible for their awareness. But at a certain point you have granted that they become adults, and then are held accountable for what they should know by the time they reach that level.

Likewise with your spiritual childhood, you are granted complete and full leeway during the stages of immaturity, and this is not a mark against you in any fashion, rather this is a process at hand. Therefore when you judge your brothers and sisters within your family as being ahead of you or behind you in your spiritual maturity, you are casting a preconception and judgment upon the validity of where they are in their evolution.

The Father does not engage in such practices. It is understood on high that all the phases of relative maturity are valid, but there is nowhere you can be in this process that isn't valid, correct, and right at your particular stage of evolution. We must resist all temptations to quantify or qualify any other individual, period.

Regardless of where you think you might think you are in relationship to any other individual, you do not know. Regardless of what you think you know about where you are you do not know. Therefore the most appropriate course of action is to refrain from any form of judgment or even assessment based upon where you think they are in relationship to you. This task stands in contrast to all that you have grown up with as a material child of defining yourself in contrast or relationship to all who are in your herd, who are in your tribe. It is normal and natural to position yourself according to those around you, taller than some, shorter than others, smarter than some, less capable than others.

Your new spiritual eye will come to focus on you as an individual in all the universe, as a member in the family of God, as a valid participant in this process not subject to the determinations of another. This is the new arena of awareness that we will be entering in this process, the acceptance of all others without the need to be compared and contrasted to all the others, simply the acceptance. Thank you.

Mary: The ultimate lesson that we're here to learn is to be ourselves in relationship to others. We should stay in contrast, that is the reality we have been given. It's what we do with that relationship that causes us to fall away from our center of love and compassion and appreciation. When we experience these contrasts, these relativities, are we still loving, are we still accepting, are we still supportive? In that state of goodness and love no matter where we find ourselves relative to another to bless each other wherever we find each other.

Monjoronson: Well stated, my friend. As a tool to expand your awareness perhaps it would be useful for you to envision enlarging your tribe, enlarging your peer group beyond your conception of those involved in this group, in this hour, beyond the borders of those peripherals outside of what you call the Teaching Mission, beyond the boundaries of your brothers and sisters of our nation, beyond the borders of your nation to your family of brothers and sisters, making another circle around the sun beyond your comprehension of your earth family to even include us your celestial family and beyond even your Creator Michael to His Father and your universal family.

In this way by increasing your awareness levels exponentially you begin to afford yourselves the comparison with a much larger tribe, a much more broad exposure to who you are in relationship to this process. While to some, expanding to this degree creates a feeling of insignificance, to others it provides a context of belonging, and it is this belonging which provides for you the security and safety that you so desire in discovering your relationship to the whole. I sense that we have had a good communion, and I appreciate your devotion to this process wherein we may grow together in our relationship to each other. I hope that you have gained some sense of the support that those of us would bring you who are in your unseen circle of friends.

While you must exercise your faith to embrace this, your soul realizes the validity of this exchange as being more real than most of what you will come in contact with in your daily lives -- although at this point it may be difficult for you to embrace this as truth. Hold fast, my dear ones, to the ground we have gained. We are not near through such a journey as we have embarked upon. We have much ground yet to cover, but we will rest here for a while and gather our peace and our strength. We will comfort each other; we will validate each other to the degree that it is possible to do for another, and we will fellowship in joy and in love and in peace.


I depart from you now with full gratitude and love for all that we have shared. Farewell.