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  • 1. a. That which is vain, futile, or worthless; that which is of no value or profit.
b. Vain and unprofitable conduct or employment of time.
c. in vanity, in vain. Obs.1
  • 2. a. The quality of being vain or worthless; the futility or worthlessness of something.
b. The quality of being foolish or of holding erroneous opinions. Obs.
  • 3. a. The quality of being personally vain; high opinion of oneself; self-conceit and desire for admiration.
b. With a and pl.: An instance of this; an occasion for being vain.
c. A thing of which one is vain; also slang, one's favourite liquor.
b. An idle tale or matter; an idea or statement of a worthless or unfounded nature. Obs.
  • 5. Emptiness, lightness; the state of being void or empty; inanity. Obs. rare.