2002-05-30-Celestial Names

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Topic: Celestial Names

Group: At Large


Teacher: Ahmoran

TR: Jim Hawkins



Oliver: Dear Ahmoran: What a day this was so far. I had this soothing love connection with our Father this morning, and joy has accompanied me all day. I am blessed-or I blessed myself by seeking this superb contact.

Thank you for your teaching about "loneliness". Well, I can not remember feeling really lonely-except when my estimable woman love seemed to disappeared from my life. I started soon to seek vigorously for our Spirit Parents, as if driven by an inner program. So I can verify what you were saying.

AHMORAN: I was addressing actually Jim's loneliness, Oliver, his past loneliness to make the point that it is a spiritual loneliness that draws God's children back to him. In fact, that's a function of the Adjuster not to cause loneliness, as it were, but to draw on that loneliness and give positive direction for that seeking.

But, yes, you too, by your own admission, have had lonely times. Most people have. And look at what the most recent lonely time has done for you! It has brought you even closer to Father, hasn't it? He loves to turn negative situations into positive ones, you see. You are the better for it, much better than you ever thought at the time it happened to you that it could ever be. There were times you were outside of the circle, so to speak, all humans were, as a matter of fact, but the Lord's tactics adopted them.

Oliver: I am open for teacher contact and I am learning each day from our celestial and distinguished brothers and sisters.

The name issue with "a moron" started when a friend made light of your name, which was first understood as "Ah Moron". I imagined that, when this truth-seeking friend found your name curious, those others, who are still doubters, would have your name as a barrier to what you have to communicate in the future. I first kidded you about it, but last time I explained my motivation more exactly. From my public-relations perspective, your name is a disaster. However, having said that, I admit readily that I am confused. On the one hand teachers have played down the importance of names to us. We were basically told that since we relate to names and need them for building relationships, the celestial teachers and guides graciously give us names that we can relate to. And when we receive them incorrectly, they do not readily correct them and let us just use the name as is.

AHMORAN: This is true, Oliver, and contrary to what you may believe or understand, when we give you the names to use, we give them to you as close as possible to the way they would sound or vibrate to you. Remember, though that these are spiritual vibrations and not linguistic sounds as you understand them. You can only get a partial understanding or sense of what they are, do or mean.

Oliver: Now I hear you say that your name might be from a celestial language and/or have high spiritual meaning. If this is so, why would you not want to give us the sound equivalent in the tongue of our realm?

AHMORAN: We have, and we do.

Oliver: I remember Jim struggling with getting your precise name. I believe he went through different spellings? Then he requested a verification from another T/R. And what I also remember, he never received the all-okay from any teacher.

AHMORAN: Let the record be set straight: he did get the verification he needed. Remember, I'm the one that made him make the effort to search and find my name. That took faith, and it was used to build his faith, much the same way the Adjuster sent him on a hunt to understand [another celestial name], and to concentrate on the message, not the messenger. I would say that the same lesson would be good for you to learn, too, my friend. Marshall McLuhan was not entirely correct. The medium is not always the message. The truth remains true, no matter how you have acquired it.

Oliver: I believe that we have some leeway here-that it is early enough to change your name, before you have your own Internet pages and your first books published, Ahmoron.

AHMORAN: Oliver, you tempt me to give you a witty answer, but you ask seriously and I will answer you in an erudite way.

Look at Ahbaron's name for a moment, then look at mine. [Ahbaron is Oliver's personal teacher.] Do you see the similarity of sonorous structure? Both start with the sound 'Ah'. It is a common element among many of us [Melchizedeks]. Just as in the German 'von something or another' or 'van who knows what' may be used. English commonly links 'son' to the name to denote parentage most commonly Johnson or Jackson. The personal teacher of the T/R who supplied confirmation of my name is named AhmaNiden. This is not a pattern for all of us, mind you, but the names we do give you have great significance.

I mentioned "sonorous", and that's a little harder to explain, as far as linguistic structure is concerned. The transcription of names, as you have them, are as close as you can come to the way they would actually sound-or really, I suppose, "spiritually vibrate" is a better term. You might not quite understand all the myriad implications of that. The closest meaning I can give for 'Ah' is that of a "completed entity in God". The rest of the sound cluster used identifies the specific characteristics of the being whose name is borne. Most names of celestials are constructed that way, no matter what audio combinations are employed.

As far as mispronouncing our names, remember, we don't speak your language anyway, as Alana has told you before; she-we all-speak the language of love. You are the ones doing the translating, which means you know the language of love also, even though you are still not quite as fluent as you will be later.

Every single name, every single identification vibration has a meaning. I think I said before that every name identifies very closely with the personality that uses it. Tell me, Oliver, what do you associate with your own name? What does your name say about you? What would you like it to say about you? My name ably expresses in one series of sounds everything I am and stand for, my abilities and the love of the Father that drives me and keeps me going. That is what my name really means.

Oliver: Is your name a sound-alike and are you satisfied with how it sounds when we say "Ahmorón"? What does your name really mean in the language of the Melchizedeks? Is Ahbaron a good transcription of sound. And what does that name mean? Was Andrea's name given to us because it is easy to remember, because midwayers have often numbers as names? Is my universe name, Acronan, correct? [Oliver's universe name.]

I am not even at all certain about Ahbaron and Acronan. Andrea, I think it was, suggested for me to go to Legion and ask him again. He then spelled the name, but when I compared it with the other versions after the transmission, there was still one letter different. So, why did I not ask again?

AHMORAN: You were afraid of being wrong. Don't be. There is still just a little uncertainty in you. How will you ever know if you don't keep on asking, Oliver? Look here, Jim did screw up enough courage to contact another T/R who gave him my name. He is greatly relieved to know that she is enthusiastic and lovingly supportive of my name being used. And now you want me to change it, right? Will "Black Bart" do? If your friends snicker, remember Jim did too, at first. If pronouncing is what bothers you, try and see how it sounds with the accent elsewhere. Or use an 'a' in place of the second 'o' when you pronounce it or the first one, or both! Or be creative and devise something else to help you. Remember, we give the names for you to use. Jim stresses the first syllable, but I noticed the Spanish accent on the last part when you typed my name. Will that work for you?

Mr. Practice, it is not the way it sounds, it is what it means. If you know who you're talking to and they know you're talking to them, then what is the problem here? Communication occurs. Does the Father give up in sheer frustration or disgust when his children try to pray and communicate with him and don't do it perfectly? You are loved abundantly wherever and whatever you are. Everything begins from that point.

Oliver: I would like to make a deal-if that is possible to do with a Melchizedek teacher. If you clear up these name questions for me, I will get off that topic, otherwise I probably will search further because I am really curious about this.

AHMORAN: Don't stop searching, Oliver. I didn't, and because of that I am now able to share with others. By the way, legally binding deals are technically valid only between parties of the same species. Human and celestial? That would be like you making a deal with an aardvark.

I will, however, live up to the spirit of what you suggest. You may take that as both a pun and a promise. I will also add that accepting there is meaning behind my name is a faith issue. Speaking of faith issues, answering your letter through Jim has been a real test of faith for him, as well as a tiring one. I think you'll understand when I sign off for him. He'll eMail this to you as soon as possible tomorrow. Peace to you, Oliver.

[Note: Just to get a perspective on the analogy: an aardvark is a nocturnal mammal of southern Africa, with a tubular snout and a long extendible tongue, that feeds on termites. Later, the T/R explained that his family likes to watch the cartoon character Arthur, who is an aardvark going to primary school.]

AHMORAN continued the next day addressing Jim, the T/R: I know you will want to share this with "Oliver-in-a-Martini" this afternoon before too many distractions pop up.

Everything you do, everything you are, exists not just materially and spiritually but vibrationally as well. I'm getting into what I was saying to Oliver in my reply to his letter. That was for him. He's welcome to read this and use it, of course, but the primary recipient is you.

You joke and tease about meditation using sounds. The "OM" sound, for example. Oliver is very familiar with this because he has been involved in Eastern religions practices where it is still quite common.

Last night I spoke of a part of the name we gave you, meaning "an entity that is complete in God". Most indigenous peoples, native Americans, for example, see themselves from several levels, both as individuals and as corporate societies. The similar tribal names "Dakota" and "Lakota", which the Sioux group of plains tribes use, simply are different dialects for the expression "the people". These are not the only groups that do this either it's a pretty common practice. They see themselves as being complete in the Great Spirit, too. Other celestial groupings use different vibrations that mean essentially the same thing as "Ah".

As far as a "Melchizedekian language", I think Oliver now understands what I meant by that. Just as long as we are connected in communication, though, why should I be greatly offended or disturbed if you should mispronounce my name? It's the communication that counts, that matters. You simply cannot get a truly accurate rendering of it in any human language, because it isn't a human language. Just keep learning the language of love.

Hmm, I almost started to get on my soapbox. You need a break and I need to rummage around in your mind while you plod upstairs [break] to Oliver of the analytical mind I say, remember my dealings with Jim are largely with his intellect too. I have nothing against you using reason, but remember that reason comes after faith, especially in the dictionary! Perhaps we ought to emphasize that in night class tonight-learn the alphabet of the language of love. To you both we send our affectionate greetings, faithful watchcare and we lift in prayer with you to the Father's throne of grace all whose hearts you touch and care about.



[Note by Oliver: My T/R friend, Jim, was so kind and helpful as to communicate my letter to his personal teacher, Ahmoran. I was astounded by his answer as it gave me increased understanding of the value and meaning of celestial names, which we know, are often difficult to grasp and receive. It might be helpful to remember, I wrote a letter and Ahmoran answered my letter, thus I am not responding to Ahmoran's answers.]