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The Urantia '[[Text]]' is comprised of what is more commonly known as [[The Urantia Book]], but since the announcement of the [[Second Revelatory Commission]], is understood in this context to include any such writing as may ensue from this more recent initiative as well. Nevertheless,  ''The Urantia Book'', first published by [[Urantia Foundation]] in 1955, claims to have been presented by celestial beings as the most recent of five [[epochal]] [[revelation]]s to this planet known as [[Urantia]] in the Universal Archives.
It outlines the [[genesis]], [[history]], and [[destiny]] of [[humanity]] and its relationship with [[God]] while presenting a unique portrait of the life and teachings of [[Jesus]]. Additionally, [[The Urantia Book]] offers an [[integral]] view of the functions of [[science]], [[philosophy]], and [[religion]].
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