1996-04-01-Honest Love

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Topic: Honest Love

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. I am very much enjoying your discussion, observing you demonstrating those spiritual tools which have been shown to you. It is a wonderful sight to behold, and yet, fairly uncomplicated for you.



I wish to thank my friend, my mentor, Machiventa, for his lesson this past week. I can say without a doubt that his guidance and love has helped me to be what I am at this present time. My friend Machiventa appeared to be a complex personality to me when I first met him. I assumed he was beyond my level of understanding, and therefore, such friendship was not possible. As I grew in understanding of him I realized the most important part of my understanding of his being was the open honest love he put forth, not his intellectual knowledge, his spiritual status, his understanding of the concept of the one God. What connected us as friends was our mutual love for one another, honest, honest love.

My co-workers, my fellow teachers, also revealed to me this truthful love. When we gather to discuss plans, teaching methods, we are all connected beyond the obvious purpose in which we gather. Our truthful love of one another enables us to accept our diversity. We may not always agree. We are always standing on the foundation of our truthful love of one another. God is love, the source of all love. And I say it is this love that binds us as a family, the Kingdom of Heaven. You are aware of these moments of pure and honest love. They may appear to be few, but I say, as you grow in your spiritual understanding you are indeed more aware of these moments of truthful love.

Teacher Contact, Communication

In my work I attempt to communicate with individuals in the hope that this world may be more God-conscious. To communicate with mortal individuals there are many items to consider:

1) Is the individual ready and open to these communications.

2) How might I help this person understand my message through their own life experience.

3) Timing, an appropriate time must be chosen. I cannot reach one who is in anger or fear.

4) Position of individual faith. It is the individuals desire and belief that helps me to be heard more clearly.

5) My message, what message am I to impart to this individual to be of benefit towards moving the whole.

There are many factors I must decide upon. I cannot rush forth in anxious anticipation towards an individual. There is planning and always consideration of Father's will. There is at times needed authority clearance before I can proceed. Many small monotonous details must be accomplished before I can proceed with my actual message. It is much like the way in which you communicate with your fellows. You at times must ponder over small details before you can put forth your actual message. Details such as, who is this person I am about to speak to? What is their life experience and how can I best help them to understand me and my message? Are they open to honest statements that may come from you?

There are many levels of communication that you are required to learn. But I say to stand upon the foundation of truthful love indeed opens the door to whatever may occur during communication. This foundation is indeed a wonderful place in which to build your scaffolding of ideas and insights. Machiventa said, "truthful communication leads to multi-Adjuster assistance." This group is a wonderful place to learn and teach with or without myself or teacher assistance. There is a well of information within these groups. This well is abundant with infinite ideas and insights, for this well is indeed the multi-Adjuster communication, which is indeed our Father. Yes, the foundation of truthful love is a sturdy place in which to build your spiritual understanding. I say let not those who are downcast ruffle you. The foundation of truthful love enables all to build upon the scaffolding of spiritual understanding. There is always the foundation, no matter what might be built upon it. Have you question?


RACHEL: I have a comment Father Abraham. Speaking of love, when Father Ham was here teaching us I grew to love Father Ham very deeply, even to the extent that when he left and wasn't going to teach us on a weekly basis anymore I really felt brokenhearted. Then we went for so long without a teacher and what a wonderful experience it is to have you start teaching us on a weekly basis. Now my love for you has grown very very deep. It is growing by leaps and bounds and I thank you for being with us.

ABRAHAM: You are certainly welcome. My love is also with you. Ham indeed built a foundation of truthful love and those that were involved with him will always be a part of this foundation. I now build my level of scaffolding upon his. And I say I also am connected to this foundation of truthful love and I am also connected in this multi-Adjuster communication. We are many times connected with the universe, and I say, this indeed affects the Supreme Being or the movement of the whole. I thank you for your invitation for me to teach and doubt not that Ham often abides here with me as an assistant. Thank you. Another question?

Thought Adjusters

ROLAND: Abraham, you spoke of understanding what the background and the culture of the person who is receiving the lessons has in order to coordinate what you say to them that is specifically designed to touch their frame of reference or culture. I am wondering how that relates to in this Adjuster to Adjuster communication, and to put it into context of reality, yesterday I was sitting with a woman, Japanese origin, at a restaurant. She had some questions and I sensed that what was coming out of my mouth was not anything to do with me forming the ideas or the content to meet her needs and yet they were being met specifically and exactly. I had no control over it what that was. So I didn't prepare myself. I didn't know her culture. I only spoke the words that were given to me. How then does that relate to this idea of preparing yourself to the cultural frame of reference of the person that you are teaching? Could you comment on that?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. As it applies to a group setting and attempting to understand individuals and their level of tolerance, their openness for your message, it takes some thought. I at times desire to tell you what I would have you know and yet I am refrained by my teaching experience. It would be of no use for me to communicate to you what you would not be open to. I know you. I have some knowledge of your experience. I am able to speak with you in a particular way that is most progressive. Group understanding, learning to communicate within a family unit is at times more difficult than speaking with strangers. You are fairly knowledgeable about your family. You know what would be hurtful or helpful. Individual communications to one person is more intimate and easier at times to surpass ego desires and put forth pure Adjuster communication. You are learning that this Adjuster communication is at hand, is available upon demand. This occurrence is very natural and a wonderful way to benefit both parties, the giver and the receiver. I tonight speak mostly about group dynamics and the foundation of truthful love in which you can assist one another in building the scaffolding to spiritual understanding and the Adjuster connection therein. Is this answering?

ROLAND: Yes it does, clarifies. I am particularly fond of what you said about that it teaches not only the person who is listening, but also the person who is speaking the words of the Adjuster, because it is a teaching. As the words proceed you are listening to what you are saying and Adjuster communications because it is Spirit speaking to Spirit. What a notion that is to be learning from what you are saying. Did I understand that part right? (Yes, absolutely.) Well I felt your presence with our merry band at the canyon gathering of all those beautiful souls. It seemed like it was a very beautiful spiritual experience. I am wondering if you were there?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I am present at times with you each. At moments of spiritual receptivity I take this opportunity to greet you and inquire as to how you may need assistance. Another question?

RACHEL: Father Abraham, with the multiple Adjuster communication is there any way that as a group that we could practice to enhance this communication among our group as far as the Adjuster's are concerned? Do you have some suggestions there or are we not far enough along even to get into any of that?

ABRAHAM: Yes, I said at the beginning your communication was quite wonderful and uncomplicated. Your communication is what ignites the spark of Adjuster to Adjuster communication. Very simple. Your wonderful truthful conversing with each other is how Father may reach you all collectively. Yes, communication is a required course in your spiritual education. It is that simple, to stand upon the foundation of truthful love and each adding to the scaffolding of spiritual understanding. You see, you are all assisting one another to climb higher in your understanding with the comfort of knowing that if one should fall the foundation of truthful love makes for a soft landing. Good question. Another question.

Reserve Corps

JAMES: I have one Abraham. It occurred to me recently that I had an experience in about 1978 that was I think sort of a crisis in my moral development when I was faced with temptation. I recall, I must have been reading about you in the Bible at that time, when I was seeking for strength you were in my mind and I may have even asked for your strength at this time rather than asking God for strength or Jesus. As I reflect on it it seems kind of odd that that happened. And then there was a song that I used to listen to also at around those same years that mentioned your name. I had a very strong attraction to that song all these years. Of course it leads me to wonder if you were having an influence in my life back then or if this was just a coincidence of me having been reading the old testament at that time. Would you care to comment on that?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I have known you all for many years. I did indeed assist you in your urge to look for answers, but you are correct when you say you received the Father's strength. I indeed have inspired a few with the version of my life in the old testament records and this perhaps played a small part, but I do say with confidence that I have known you and assisted you frequently and especially upon your request. I must comment, to ask me for strength was not wrong for you at that time for that was your understanding. I can guarantee your petition did fall upon the correct ear. I can say I have involvement with many in the Corps of Destiny. I have trained for this particular assignment and I indeed have known you and other Corps members for a number of years. It is not strange to trust your intuition about such matters. Yes, you are correct. Another question?

Urantia Book, Truth

JAMES: I'll ask a follow up question if no one else is wanting. For about 25 years, maybe a little less, the Urantia Book has been the most solid, dependable, reliable anchor in my life. A few months ago by virtue of reading a book criticizing, questioning the Urantia Book at length, that solid foundation in my life began to crumble. I have been working through the last few months just being with that experience, looking for truth in other places. It has been difficult, but it is just now beginning to be enlightening to me, cause it seems that the Urantia Book is more of a compendium of truths that have existed all throughout history, rather than a revelation of new truth, although there certainly is a lot of new stuff in it. Anyway I am sort of rambling. I guess what I am getting at is I could use any help or insight that you could give me now or later as I am going through my daily activities? I could use some assistance in this. It has been a real trial.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Throughout history man has searched for truth. He has attempted to contain and preserve this truth. Without being able to see this contained truth what has man got? What is left when all records, all books, are no more? What has mankind got to rely upon for spiritual nutrition. I can say with authority that spiritual growth and understanding does indeed surpass any words recorded within material books. Man has really only himself to rely upon for spiritual nutrition. Man has to turn inward, must turn inward and seek that which is the source of all spiritual knowledge.

All the recorded material on this world could never replace your source of truth. It was time for you, my son, to indeed turn inward and rely upon the source within. You could easily read any recorded material and either believe or disbelieve. It is your inner source that reveals to you that what you read is either truth or not. The Urantia Book is indeed a well filled with knowledge and truthful meanings and values, but this tool is to be used in conjunction with your inner Father Fragment. The Urantia Book is not to take the place of that which holds you dear and precious in His sight. The Urantia Book can teach about love, but it cannot love. It can speak about truth, but it is your own soul and Adjuster communication that can reveal to you the actual truth contained within this book. You are growing, as painful as that may be. You are beginning to trust in your own Adjuster guidance and use the Urantia Book as a tool and not a map to Father. I can say without a doubt that all is indeed well and on course.


With that I shall give you each my love and promise that I will be with you as Father deems it necessary. I thank you and will be with you in this week to come. Shalom.