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  • I. 1. a. A day. Obs.
b. Law. journeys accounts (med.L. ditæ computtæ ‘days counted’), the number of days (usually fifteen) after the abatement of a writ within which a new writ might be obtained. Obs.
c. An appointed day; in phr. to give (assign) journey of battle, treaty, to agree to or fix on a day for battle or negotiation. (Cf. OF. mettre journée.) (This has associations with senses 7 and 8.) Obs.

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  • II. 2. A day's travel; the distance travelled in a day or a specified number of days. a. simply. An ordinary day's travel, the distance usually travelled in a day. As a measure of distance, varying with the mode of travel, etc.; usually estimated in the Middle Ages at 20 miles.
b. With qualification: a (or one) day's journey = a.; two, three (etc.) days' journey, the distance travelled in the number of days specified.
c. The portion of a march or expedition actually done in one day, or accomplished each day; a stage of a journey. Obs. or merged in 3.
d. The daily course of the sun through the heavens. (Now taken as fig. from 3.)
3. a. A ‘spell’ or continued course of going or travelling, having its beginning and end in place or time, and thus viewed as a distinct whole; a march, ride, drive, or combination of these or other modes of progression to a certain more or less distant place, or extending over a certain distance or space of time; an excursion or expedition to some distance; a round of travel. Usually applied to land-travel, or travel mainly by land, in contradistinction to a voyage by sea. The normal word for this in English, often qualified by an adj., or phrase, as a long, short, quick, slow, good, bad, cold, dangerous, difficult, easy, interesting, pleasant, prosperous, successful, tedious, uncomfortable journey; a j. by railway, railway j., j. on foot; j. to London, to the continent, into the country, etc. Phrases: to make or undertake a j.; to take one's j., to set out and proceed on one's way.
b. fig., esp. the ‘pilgrimage’ or passage through life.
c. transf. Any course taken or direction followed; spec. (in making a mine), the line along which the gallery is carried. Obs.
d. dial. The load or amount carried at one journey: cf. GANG n.1 7.
e. The travelling of a vehicle along a certain route between two fixed points and at a stated time.
4. A military expedition, a campaign, etc. Sometimes, Any military enterprise, as a siege. Obs.
5. A day's labour; hence, a certain fixed amount of daily labour; a daily spell or turn of work (see quots.). Obs. exc. dial. in journey, at work as a day-labourer (obs.).
6. A day's doings or business. Hence, generally, Business, affair. to wish one a good journey, to wish one well through a business. Obs.
7. esp. A day's performance in fighting; a battle, a fight; = DAY 10. to keep the journey, to keep the field, to continue the fight. Obs.


Our Father is not in hiding; he is not in arbitrary seclusion. He has mobilized the resources of divine wisdom in a never-ending effort to reveal himself to the children of his universal domains. There is an infinite grandeur and an inexpressible generosity connected with the majesty of his love which causes him to yearn for the association of every created being who can comprehend, love, or approach him; and it is, therefore, the limitations inherent in you, inseparable from your finite personality and material existence, that determine the time and place and circumstances in which you may achieve the goal of the journey of mortal ascension and stand in the presence of the Father at the center of all things.