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Verb - meaning[1]

  • 1. Present participle of mean.

Noun - meaning

  • 1. a. The symbolic value of something. b. The significance of a thing, as "the meaning of life"
  • 2. The definition or connotation of a word

Meaning can be:[2]

  • Meaning (linguistic), meaning which is communicated through the use of language.
  • Meaning (non-linguistic), extra-linguistic meaning (intentional communication without the use of language), and natural meaning, where no intentions are involved at all.
  • Meaning as definition, interpretation, or semantics.
  • Meaning (semiotics) has to do with the distribution of signs in sign relations.
  • Meaning as a relationship between ontology and truth
  • Meaning as a reference or equivalence
  • Meaning as values, a value system or as derived from value theory

There are just three elements in universal reality: fact, idea, and relation. The religious consciousness identifies these realities as science, philosophy, and truth. Philosophy would be inclined to view these activities as reason, wisdom, and faith--physical reality, intellectual reality, and spiritual reality. We are in the habit of designating these realities as thing, meaning, and value. (196:3.2)

Cosmic force responds to mind even as cosmic mind responds to spirit. Spirit is divine purpose, and spirit mind is divine purpose in action. Energy is thing, mind is meaning, spirit is value. Even in time and space, mind establishes those relative relationships between energy and spirit which are suggestive of mutual kinship in eternity. (9:4.5)

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