1992-03-01-On Love Again

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Topic: On Love Again

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. As always I am moved by your presence and your willingness and openness to all the changes. I am pleased that you will be doing meditation together. My sole purpose is to aid you in your spiritual upliftment. When you seek silence you will grow spiritually. The Master Himself chose this form when He walked the earth so that He too knew the Father's will. Through your quiet time laden with prayer, you will find the answers and the truth. So it brightens my day when I see your commitment and desire for growth.



Today's lesson will be on love, again. Last week this issue was addressed and it is one of those areas that cannot be fully discussed in one session. Last week I asked you to get in touch with yourselves so that there could be self love. As with all things you need to fully understand yourself in order to reach out to another. So by loving yourself you are then opened up and capable of love for another.

Love has many areas, many levels. This world is full of many diverse types of people. In order to love others you must have an understanding of them. So by understanding another, his motive or the reason he does things, this will help you better in your relationship with him, in the amount of love you can extend to him. If you cut off your understanding you automatically cut off this love. This you have understanding of already, just become more aware. It becomes your responsibility if you choose to progress up a higher path. You need to shoulder more responsibility such as learning about your fellow brothers and sisters. So there is love at this level. It is the start, reaching out to another, loving them, loving others for who they are, not because of or despite their motives, their belief systems, their cultural backgrounds or whatever, just loving them for who they are.

Christ Michael was a true example for us in this regard. As he walked this planet He held out His hand to those who others rejected; the tax collectors, the prostitutes, the lepers. So study His example and share the love that the Father sends to you to another. Love given thus, freely, is genuine.

Love can be measured on many scales. Besides the unconditional love that you have for another, know that his in turn is seen in service to your fellow brothers and sisters. How can you love one another without serving one another? What begins to occur when you give love..(phone rings)...because of the interruption D3 has been disturbed...one moment...Love implies service. Service can be given by a mere smile to someone who is down. This is on a very simple end, or love can require much self sacrifice on your end.

The issue I wish to address is knowing that which is love, and protecting yourself. Being a pawn of someone else does not necessarily mean you are being loving. Often times parents must have love for their children which is considered 'tough love'. Children see 'tough love' as parents not loving them. They feel that asking the child to be his own person and to be responsible is not loving them. Untrue! This is the greatest love you can give to another human, helping them to reach their own height, their own goals. So my warning here is to be loving and knowing what that love involves.

As I have been with you this week in your many daily activities I have witnessed love reaching out, service. You have become more aware of your actions, and even though you may fall in some instances, you are becoming conscious of this and are trying. This is what the Father asks. I have been pleased with the love you have formed in this group. For through love the world will change. You see when your actions come from love they can only be good. And so the good actions you do affect everyone around you, affect the decisions you make. As these decisions are made on high levels, such as in a business, or in some fashion that includes many, many people and their welfare, decisions based on love will merit good, will merit change.

My dear pupils, this week reach out to your brothers and sisters. Become aware of your actions. Work on self love. It is the core, the foundation from which your grow. I send you my love. I will be available. Know that in giving love you are doing the Father's will. The Father is all love and you are a part of that. I dwell on this because some of you, if not all of you at times, forget to love yourselves. The Indwelling Spirit is in you, is a part of you. When you fail to love yourself, you cut yourself off from this source. You reject this indwelling love. So in those times when it is hardest to love yourself, you must be more open to it. As you learn to daily seek the stillness, these things will be easier. You will be able to come back into the love more readily. The message again this week is love yourself, love one another. Are there any questions?"


V1: "Daniel, following up on last week's meeting which was on self love and loving others, the same as tonight, first of all a comment. As we were listening to Ham's tape on our way back from Salt Lake and something that really struck home to me was that he said that greatest self worth enhancer is to realize that God loves us. And of course this was the thing we dwelt on last week. And in last week's transcript as we were looking back at it, again you said to get in touch with our own reality so that we can love ourselves and therefore love other people. And I was thinking in terms of mortal reality, my mortal self, and when B1 typed it or computed it he put a capital R for reality. I'm curious to know if you meant the reality of God indwelling in us or if you were speaking in terms of our mortal reality."

Daniel: "You see, these teachings are on many levels. And they touch you where you are at the moment and what you need to hear for your growth at any particular time. So it can be both, it is both. Truth is relative for the person. You see truths as you need to have them given to you. Yes, the reality of God's love is what you will work on throughout all eternity, knowing it and really understanding it. You are fortunate for you are beginning to grasp this. Many have no idea of the true, genuine, all encompassing, never ending, always was, always will be, love of the Father for you, for each of His children. So it is wonderful that even here in this group you can see and grasp this on different levels. Does this help?"

V1: "Yes, thank you."

B1 "Daniel, this is B1, You referred to not being the pawn of other people. Let's see. Let me start this again. You used the term pawn, I think, but the impression that I had was that it is not necessarily a loving thing to do what other people want so that you are a pawn of their desires, that is, that being manipulated is not evidence that you love another person because you do what they want, necessarily. So the comment that Jesus made, at least once, that's recorded in the Bible and the Urantia book about not throwing pearls before swine...I don't know if those two concepts are related or not. I'm not sure I'm being very clear in what I am trying to say. Do I understand correctly that the love you are describing here has nothing whatsoever to do with any manipulation? I think I'm clear about that. Would you comment on what Jesus really was trying to say, what He meant when He said don't throw your pearls before the swine. Does that relate to love as you were trying to teach it this evening?"

Daniel: "Yes, it can. You are perceiving correctly. I heard mention several times this week that it is hard to know when you are being tolerant of others and in being tolerant you are extending love, or if tolerance has been exceeded and you become a doormat. This is the kind of love you need to be leery of. For when you allow others to manipulate you, you are not giving them real love. It is often a fine line in understanding, in tolerance and in loving. All parents understand this very well. This is another lesson on freedom, liberty, which will be addressed another time.

Your question about swine before pearls can be used in this regard as well. When the prodigal son left home, his father grieved. The other son felt unloved, felt that the father did not love him because he grieved for the wayward son. And it only verified his feelings when the wayward son returned and the father brought out the finest robe and prepared a feast. And the son who had always been there, who had always worked, who always tried to do what the father wanted spoke to his father, not understanding how this brother of his could be so deserving when he had been there, had been of service. And the father replied, 'Do you not know that everything I have is yours already?' So you see, love is always there. Do you grasp the understanding that everything in the Father's Kingdom is yours already? When you understand this, you understand love. Swine before pearls, the pearls are already there. So when you are in a relationship with another know that in the name of love you are often holding another back if you do for that person what he is capable of doing for himself. Often these people learn to become manipulators. You become their doormat, their pawn. Love, understand, and serve, but know when love is no longer love.

When the prodigal son left home the rather did not keep him from going. Rather, he gave him his share and when it was gone the son learned what reality is: when he was hungry; when he had to sleep with the animals; when he had to work. Yet this son knew his father loved him and he returned, not as the same wayward, irresponsible boy who had left. He came back as a man, humbled. And so when his father welcomed him with open arms, he again knew love. But it was different for him. It was genuine. When you allow others to work through their own problems you are often giving love. This does not mean that you forget them, that you are not understanding of them for in allowing others this freedom, you often feel pain. But when they come back humbled and growing, you also feel their joy. The bottom line is knowing that which is love, that which is understanding. You all have had this experience and you know the hardship, the pain that you feel when you see another stumbling. They must know that you love them despite their misgivings. And while you may not tolerate what they do, they are still part of your love. Does this help?"

B1" "Yes, thank you, Daniel." C2: "Daniel, this is C2. I have been thinking about the relationship between forgiveness and self love and it seems to me that there would be a great more ease in the act of forgiving others proportional to the amount of self love we have. Is that according to this whole notion of.. for instance in the prodigal son, certainly the father had a great deal of self love, also, and therefor was not only able to forgive the prodigal son but also the son who felt badly toward him."

Daniel: "Yes, very perceptive and yes it is in proportion. You see, knowing yourself is the foundation from which all else can build. As you know yourself you love yourself and you can forgive yourself. For you raise yourself to higher levels. You see things on a different plane. You see the value of these teachings is to help you grow past the very basic bottom plane in understanding. The teachings ask you to not see life as a spreadsheet of dos and don'ts, right and wrong. The teachings ask you to grow beyond that to the point where you're not concerned with right or wrong, only concerned with personal liberation in fulfilling the Father's will. For to be truly liberated and free means that you automatically follow and do His will. And so yes, it is all proportional to the level that you are able to grasp it and to keep moving forward."

C2: "The other part of this thing that just really flashed into my mind..I understand that the degree to which we ask forgiveness is the degree to which we know we are loved..is it also possible that the freedom which enables us to ask for forgiveness is also based in a certain degree of self love, and if so that certainly adds an interesting dimension to the prodigal son's returning with regard to his change of self concept from when he left home and when he returned."

Daniel: "One moment. Because of interruptions the circuits were weakened. I perceive your question as saying that because things are proportional to what you feel about yourself, the love you have for yourself, is in proportion to what you can forgive others, correct."

C2: "Yes, and then I was flipping it around."

Daniel: " And to the extent that you can forgive others is how you can love yourself?"

C2: "No, the extent to which you love yourself grants you the freedom to ask for forgiveness."

Daniel: "Yes, this is so. And in relation to the prodigal son, this wayward boy did grow in his perception of himself and by thus doing he realized that his father's love was all prevailing and that he would be welcomed. In this acceptance he likewise was able to find acceptance in his own being. He could begin to love himself where he had felt failure before."

C2: "And is it possible then that the traditional notion of that story that the son comes back almost like crawling on hands and knees in somewhat of weakness, really does come back out of his strength?"

Daniel: "Yes."

C2: "And shifts the whole perspective of thanksgiving, even greater thanksgiving."

Daniel: "Yes C2, you perceive this very well. All stories, parables that the Master taught can be taken on various levels and as you grow more spiritual you see more depth, more insight. The truth brings more insight."

C2: "Thank you, Daniel."


John: "Hello Daniel. I'd like to change the topic just a little bit. I'm a little confused about circuits. Are circuits a form of communication, and if so who will be the people communicated with and the third piece of that question...what will be their role in the next ten years or so?"

Daniel: "I did not hear the last part of the question. This circuit has to do with the channel or line of communication. When I speak of circuits with D3 it implies that her mind and mine are merged together. Circuits become like waves, short waves, radio waves or it could in a real literal sense mean like plugging a cord into electricity. So, in a sense, I am plugging my mind-thought wave patterns into D3's. It is important that she hear the question as well, for when she hears it her mind is opened up and I am able to use her thought-word pattern processing to answer the questions. Does that help?"

John: "A little bit. Since you are talking just about encircuiting with D3, yet Ham has talked a number of times about the opening of the circuits on Urantia. How is that going to affect our actions and the people of Urantia's actions in the upcoming decades?"

Daniel: "Yes, good question. With the circuits being open, it means that communication between this planet and the Paradise Isle and other Superuniverses, but mainly in this Superuniverse, have been reconnected. This means that communication from outer points can be relayed quickly to this planet, and what happens on this planet can be relayed to others. As you progress through the morontia worlds you will be in touch with things that are happening in other places through this circuitry. Because of the rebellion, these circuits were cut off. Therefor communication was very slow or not forth coming at all. With the circuits being open, then more spiritual enlightenment can take place among individuals. So it will affect each of you personally as well. Because the circuits are open we are able to make contact such as what is happening between myself and D3. It also means then that there will be more spiritual upliftment on the planet as a whole. This means that there will be many more opportunities for spiritual truth to be presented to people. This in turn brings the individual up to higher spiritual consciousness which in turn makes it possible for you to become more in tune with your Indwelling Spirit. And as you seek silence daily this opens you up to more understanding and understanding brings about more desired action, more God-minded actions. So the circuits then will provide more opportunities for communication from the Paradise Isle. If these circuits had not been open then these kinds of teachings would not have been possible at this time. The circuits affect you because it brings about change,..not correct..brings about a more conscious awareness. It allows for spiritual upliftment. That is all."


B1 "Daniel, this is B1 again. We seem to be a rather reticent group tonight so I'll go ahead and ask a question. I see B6 is raising his hand so I'll pass it on to him. We talk, and you probably hear us talk, with each other about our sense that you are...and you stated this...that you are with us in different times during the week observing us. Ham talks about observing people reading the Urantia book and etc. We have talked about the fact that you seem to be able to read our minds at these meetings and you know what questions we have so that some of us don't talk out loud because you answer our questions. Have we got this right? Is this what is going on? This sort of sounds like this thing about the circuits. I don't want you to elaborate at great length on this but is it true that when we sense that you and maybe other spiritual beings besides our guardian angels are observing us off and on? You have sort of said this, correct?"

Daniel: "This is true. You will become more aware of this as you reach circle attainment, as you become more in tune with your Indwelling Spirit, as you become more aware of doing the Father's Will, as you seek quiet time. And, yes, I do make my rounds. I am with D3 a lot, but you also are a part of my week, very much so. Part of the lessons that I am currently presenting are connected with your daily life. I am here to bring guidance in those areas where you are struggling, searching, seeking higher truth. And so know that I am lovingly among you throughout the week."

B1: "Thank you."


B6: "Daniel, this is B6. This question doesn't have anything to do with our spiritual enlightenment, but the talk about communicating on all the circuits got me curious. What is your present location?"

Daniel: "I am beside D3 to her left. This enables me to transmit freely to her language center. This is where she is most comfortable as for me as well.. Often, B6, when I am with you, you are...I am above you. The circuits being open has nothing to do with spiritual beings being around you, for your angels and others are always around. The circuitry opening up has to do with communication."

T2: "Daniel, this is T2. Does it have to do with communication with these other beings also?"

Daniel: "Most assuredly, yes. With the circuits opening they have much faster communication and this has helped them in bringing more truth, enlightenment, and upliftment. It is a nice past time in morontia worlds to watch the progress or what is happening on ascending worlds. If you think about your television and how you watch nightly news, this will give you a sense of what the circuits provide in that we can tune in, so to speak, to what is happening on the many thousands of ascending worlds. This being a decimal planet causes you to be unique and you are well thought about and watched with interest and with loving hope for you. We watch your progress and we are able to do so much more easily now."

V1: "Daniel, this is V1. Listening to that information, I'm just wondering if Urantia mortals that died and are now..did I say..yeh, Urantia mortals who have died and have gone on to the morontia spheres...are they watching what is going on down here?"

B1: "Because the circuits are open?" V1: "Well, because the circuits are open or because it's on the nightly news or whatever." (protracted laughter)

Daniel: This is especially true as you reach the more advanced morontia worlds. In the first few morontia worlds there is not as much interest, because these individuals are working for more spiritual attainment and growth themselves. There are those, on the first level worlds, who do wish to know and try to follow, especially their loved ones.

Andon and Fonta

B1 "This is B1 again. Are Andon and Fonta still on Mansonia Number One greeting mortals as it is described in the Urantia Book or has the adjudication of the rebellion released them to travel on with their spiritual ascension careers? Or is that not an appropriate question? If so, I will understand."

Daniel: "They are still enjoying receiving Urantia souls and beings. One moment. I...D3 has just communicated that her sisters are here. I am aware of them and I welcome you K7 and Shannon to these meetings."


B2: "Daniel, this is B2. You mentioned that you stand to D2's left. A couple of weeks ago I was preoccupied in thought and looked away. When I looked back I had the sense that somebody was there before I looked back that was gone now and I missed their presence. Was there a chance that I could have noticed you in some way?"

Daniel: "By feeling only, or perhaps thought wave transmission. However, your visual acuity at this time is not within limits to see. Often you will feel presences. Visual, no."

B2: "Thank you."

Teaching Mission

K4: " Daniel, this is K3. Can we get an up date on the status of new teachers being assigned? You mentioned a while back that ten or some number was being prepared. Have any new groups or new teachers been assigned recently?"

Daniel: "Yes. There are two, one in California and one in Oregon."

K3: "May I ask where in Oregon?"

Daniel: "This is not...this has not quite happened yet and so it will be real soon. That is all I can say. The teacher has been named."

K3: "Thank you."

B1: "Going back to your teaching for a minute. Daniel, this is B1 again. I was thinking...last week father Abraham in particular emphasized that we need to look at when we love other people, whether we are loving conditionally or unconditionally and you further elaborated that you can tell if it is unconditional because it feels that way, it feels good. And so, this love for ourself, I would presume then, has to be of the same nature. And the problem that I have had all my life in loving myself is that I was brought up to determine my worth based on my actions.. by my parents. There are lots of things I have done in my life that I am not proud of so that when I think about those actions, then my sense of self love drops.. But I am assuming that this teaching is that we are to love ourselves unconditionally, not conditionally based on our actions, meaning that we love ourselves as the Father loves us. I think I understand this to be correct. Am I thinking about this in a way that makes sense?"

Daniel: "True, yes. As you love others and do not look at their actions, so must you look at yourself. Love you for who you are, the son or daughter of the Father, the carrier of a Mystery Monitor within your own being. Love this person. The actions and deeds you may certainly despise. And in despising them you are stirred to action to rectify those things which do not provide you with spiritual growth."

B1 "Thank you."


Daniel: "It appears that we have reached the end of questions. I give you my love tonight. I sense we have a visitor (the cat.) Know that love of oneself is a key factor. So, my children, love yourselves for who you are and this will always be your home base. You may always find comfort and security in this area, so that when you fail to meet your expectations, or the expectations of others, you will not be harmed, you will not backslide because you will have this solid base, this solid foundation. If you are knowledgeable of your own being and the Indwelling Spirit with you, then you will be able to weather all of life's trials. So if you have not had the chance to seek out your own love, please do so. For your reward will be multiplied, enhanced, enriched, and you will see with new eyes, new enlightenment, new higher level truth. My love to you this evening and throughout the week. Good night."

Group: "Good night Daniel."