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F. union (12-13th c., = Sp. union, Pg. união, It. unione), ad. L. union-em, unio the number one, unity, uniting, etc., f. unus one.]


  • 1. The action of joining or uniting one thing to another or others, or two or more things together, so as to form one whole or complete body; the state or condition of being so joined or united; combination, conjunction: a. In non-physical sense or of abstract things.
  • 2. a. The uniting together of the different sections, parties, or individuals of a nation, people, or other body so as to produce general agreement or concord; the condition resulting from this; absence of dissension, discord, or difference in opinion or doctrine; unity.
  • 3. The action of uniting, or the state or fact of being united, into one political body; esp. formation or incorporation into a single state, kingdom, or political entity, usually with one central legislature. a. In general use.
  • 4. The joining of one person to another in matrimony; an instance or occasion of this, a marriage.
  • 5. a. The quality of being one in number; oneness; the fact or condition of consisting of, involving, or being restricted to, one person or thing only.
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