1996-11-04-Reach For Father's Hand

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Topic: Reach For Father's Hand

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you, my friends. It is always good to meet with you. I do assist you throughout the week on the lessons that we are focused on, but my ministry is limited to just that. Your spiritual growth is directed by your inner Father Fragment. My part is to provide certain educational topics, and it is your decision to heed to your inner Father's instructions and take what light you are able to. I receive no obvious credits or rewards for my mission here on Urantia. No, I do not receive any specific recognition either, nor do I feel the need for it. I work not to receive spiritual promotions. I endeavor not to impose my own specific views on universal meanings and values. Do you see? I must remain open to the Father's will. I am trusting in His power and greatness to serve through me. I have naught to gain from this, nor do I crave any such recognition any longer. I feel completely a part of the Kingdom of God. I rest in comfort knowing Father is in His watchtower. His view is broader than my own and I am able to wait for His signals and directions. It takes naught from me to set aside my personal desires to allow Father His expression.


Growth, Service

I am happy to assist you in understanding your connection with the Kingdom and knowledge that there all creatures are equally welcome. Jesus said, "there is no place of preferment at my table." Do you see? There is nothing to gain. There is nothing to lose. There is nothing to fear or be anxiety ridden over. If all peoples are in understanding of this concept it makes our Mission sail more smoothly and at a faster pace. I am understanding that your concept of your connection within the kingdom is coming along quite acceptably. Do you see? To choose Father's will you are choosing to be led by His Spirit and produce the fruits therefrom. To understanding there is nothing to gain or lose relieves you of any competitive pressure. To know that all are loved and equal within the family of God is to be empowered to set aside selfish wish-fulfillment to allow Father to lead. One who is trusting in their Father is at ease to reach for His hand. It is easy for a child to be led by a knowing parent, providing the trust is present. It is easy for a frightened child to reach up for Father's hand. It is a little different when a child insists on going about in playful unconcern to look for Fathers hand for guidance. I say it is always acceptable to reach for your Father. This does not take from you, from your personality, from your identity, no. This widens your pathway to your eternal Paradise destination.

We have spoke of stepping aside, allowing Father His expression, trusting your equality within God's kingdom, trusting in Father's all-knowingness, allowing yourself to be led and producing the fruits thereof. In the lessons on service it is always studied in depth the fruits of the spirit. With each experience being led by the spirit becomes more natural, taking less conscious thought of your cosmic responsibilities. Your natural benefits from being led become more apparent. With service you will learn more about the fruits of the spirit than perhaps within any other subject. To be led by the spirit and produce the spirit fruits is indeed a step in the direction of the brotherhood of man. Service leads us to strengthen the bond between all humankind. Father's goodness leads us to serve. Service strengthens our bond within the brotherhood of man.

"What about the sisterhood," says Ellanor. You know very well my meaning. Understood. Have you questions?



RACHEL: Father Abraham, I think everyone here would agree with me that those of us that have been receiving your lessons and feel like we know you, do bestow upon you all of our love, our gratitude, our affection and thankfulness. We do thank Father for you.

ABRAHAM: This is known and very much appreciated. I also return my gratitude for your love felt towards me and your dedication to your position within this family. Another question?

CALVIN: Teacher Abraham, I am trying to assimilate what you have just taught us. I think it is kind of mellow out and follow the 'will' of the Father and not worry if I am doing this or that. Just relax and that 'will' may take you here or it may take you there. We really don't know where our Father's will is taking us other than just grow and be peaceful inside or do we have Father Adjuster communication that prepares us to begins us to go here or go there, do this or do that?

ABRAHAM: Yes, absolutely is there Father's communication. There is always a sense of mistrust when your origin comes from a planet that has somewhat stumbled through evolution. There is somewhat a tendency to assume control over human duties. There is a natural thought pattern within your humankind that effort it takes to maintain faith and trust. Your world is beginning to overcome this thought pattern that has plagued your isolated world and mortals once again will begin to naturally feel their cosmic connection, begin to know more than what their intellect tells them. Vision through the eyes of the Spirit will become more dominant and hesitation between your duties as a mortal will begin to cease. Is this helping? (Yes. It will help more when I read it back.)


RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, it seems to me that in our daily lives one thing that most all mortals are looking for is recognition, rather it is in the work force and trying to receive promotions or whether it is in religion and trying to receive also promotions within religion. It sounds to me like from what you have said that you in your progression, that you have overcome all this as far as Father is concerned.

ABRAHAM: You are correct, but I must say I did not arrive at this without much effort and education. It was a long journey from seeking self-recognition to giving due recognition to our Father. You are correct in your perception that many seek worldly recognition from their peers when all the while oblivious the one whose recognition stands above all else. Those who recognize the Father within daily living are given in return Father's recognition and many find this fulfilling and need not look elsewhere. Those who can allow Father His expression are learning to realize where all goodness stems and this feeling is truly felt beyond mindal. It is known within the soul. It will be apparent one day that Father's recognition is like giving an ocean to a man who only desired a cupful of water. The scramble for self-recognition will lessen and Father expression will begin to create great changes. Does this help?

RACHEL: It certainly does. It was beautiful and I will tell you right now, you have my recognition.

ABRAHAM: It is within you each to feel the Father's love and recognition within your very souls. Yes, a good question. Is there another question?

CALVIN: What advice would you have for me for Randy at work? He is asking me to see what you have for him. I guess he is receiving information quite often. It is beautiful to see him perk up over this. Is this kind of what you meant when you said people of the world would be able to see? The vision through the eyes of the Spirit would become more dominant? The Randy's of the world not even expecting anything, just being a good person, would see more of the Spirit doing of things. Do you have any advice of how I should work with Randy?

ABRAHAM: That is one way to look at it. There will be many who receive from various teachers, Thought Adjuster contact, but if there are not serious roots deep within the soil of faith and fruits produced therefrom, these are just words. If there is significant change and growth towards the positive then I would encourage Randy to proceed. It is wise to dispel his mystical thinking. This is not a new phenomenon. This method of communication has been around for quite some time, although I must say, it has been improved. I find that Randy is a seeker of truth, and in his way that best suits a somewhat rebellious attitude, he is acquiring accurate information. Rebellious meaning to go against the grain, to march to the beat of a different drum. It is a wonderful friendship you have and you are yourself at this method of communication quite able to assist Randy and counsel him.


With that I shall take my leave suggesting that you continue your study on the fruits of the spirit and answer this question: What is your position within the Kingdom? What have you to gain or lose by your dedication to a life in the spirit? Until next week, shalom.