2002-05-01-The Collective Heart

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Topic: The Collective Heart

Group: At Large


Teacher: Mary

TR: Unknown



Please note that this message is not part of the "official" Team transmissions, and it is possible that some of the content may vary from, or contradict that in Urantia. fr. Padgett List


I am here with you, my dear sister, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, and your guardian and friend. I am most happy to be with you, surrounding you with my love and gratitude for this opportunity to write.

I am a true follower of my son, Jesus, and I pray for God's Divine Love. This love has elevated my soul condition to the extent that I have become transformed into a new being - a Celestial angel - who resides in those Heavens where God's Divine Love reigns as the one ruling energy of our soul, mind and will.

I wish to speak upon the subject of the collective heart that binds you who pray for, and receive, this Love that God offers to you, His beloved children, as the Gift of His Soul. I want to bring your attention to God's Love, and its effect upon you. When love touches your life in such a way that you consciously recognize its presence, it is an unmistakable feeling that does not leave you - at least not easily. I qualify this because you have seen brothers and sisters abandon their relationships that were formerly bound by this love, when circumstances interfere with their feelings of trust and commitment to their community. This is beyond anyone's control because the one who turns his attention and desire away from his former relationships does so because he chooses to find fulfillment through other means.

I want you to follow these brothers and sisters in your heart and mind to understand something that remains with them as the one factor that keeps you bound together: the need to give and receive love. This need exists within every human being, and so you will find that just because a person withdraws their love and affection and trust from you, for whatever reason, it does not mean that they do not transfer these emotional needs to another.

What always remains, as the common denominator of your relationship, is the love that existed between you; and when your love is blessed by the exercise of your higher will, that is the will to be loved by God, and to love God in turn, it becomes indelible. Love's presence remains, as it becomes a permanent part of what makes you a divine child of God.

So you ask if it is true that all the people who formerly prayed with you and believed as you do are bound to you by love, and the answer is "yes." It is true, even if they reject your love and affection; this rejection is a temporary condition that will not withstand the test of time and change. Inevitably, the Divine Love that exists within the soul works to attract more to itself until the whole of the person becomes transformed.

When you first prayed for this Love you began your journey to your Source - a Loving God who calls to you to come home to His arms of eternal comfort and peace. You will not resist that call when you heed it, even once. It is like music that penetrates your darkest thoughts and feelings to guide you back.

The collective heart of your spiritual family of brothers and sisters who pray for this Love is where you may find despite, to give and receive of this Love. I want you to feel the Love God has for you, and realize that to the extent that you experience the truth of Its Holy presence within you is the extent to which you can also feel the single heart that I speak of. It is important to nurture this knowledge with faith that you have become part of a larger body - you are no longer alone.

You need love, my children. I need love. Beginning with a Creator Who wants to love us for all eternity, we realize that we can provide this Love to one another. This is why you feel instant recognition when you meet someone who has also prayed for this Love, and when you read words that are born of Love, you understand them first with your heart. Because we love is why Celestial angels may speak to the hearts and minds of their mortal charges.

I wish to convey all my love for you at this time. I pray that you feel my love surrounding you, my beloved family, and realize also that all of my companions in the Celestial Heavens are doing as I do, loving you unconditionally, always, completely and without reserve. We see into your beautiful souls the love that is present there - we can see it not only as a light, but also as warmth that causes us to reach out to it, and be comforted by it.

You are our family forever, and you may find comfort in this as you begin to realize more and more that love transcends all differences, all untruth and error. Love becomes the victor in its possession of your soul and mind until you are at-one with the Soul of God and thereby at-one with the collective heart of all His children who obey One Will to Love, only Love. All law is obedient to this highest Love, and so you will become aware of one another as your fellows in Christ. All that is untrue will fall away, but until this happens, rest assured that you are always within the close watch of those who know of you. We reach for you every day, my beloved. Don't forget this Love that will never abandon you.


I am your sister in Christ, and your guardian and friend, Mary, the mother of Jesus, and a true follower of my son.