1976-01-24-Las Vegas


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Topic: Las Vegas

Group: At Large


Teacher: 0802-AB Jack

Contact Personality: Alan



Hello folks. How are you today on this windy plateau in Las Vegas?

Q: We're finishing up our sojourn here and about to hit the road again and we've checked in today to seek input.

A: Why is it we only talk before each new move or endeavor your make? With your knowledge of the workings of your seraphic friends, you should have a pretty good idea of how you got here and the steps it takes to accomplish these things.

Q: We did all we could here, as "professional gamblers."

A: Personally, I wish you could have made a little on the side, but I know it was not a firm part of the plan.

Let's get down to a few specifics, if we may, okay? Any questions first?

Q: [Question regarding "Gramps" who caravans with us.]

A: He doesn't understand and has only those habits of old to fall back on. That is something you can help with and which should evolve as your "trip" does.

  • You will run into some little misunderstanding with the Foundation, but when they analyze you and your work, all will be well and they will even throw their support your way. Count on this. Yes!
  • It is a provocative thing you do (caravan in RVs to "spread the gospel.") But perhaps it can be said you are among the first "missionaries" of the U.B. Try to set up some enclaves -- even one soul in each locality before moving on. The passing friends on the road should be taught to do the same when they get home, if you will have ample time with them.
  • Tell the folks you are "missionaries." Tell them you work when the need arises. This will, of course, bring up the matter of funds. When they offer, have Gramps deal with them. Perhaps he will see a need to give them a receipt. Talk this over with him and establish a plan. Don't openly solicit. People will offer if you have approached them properly. Also, feel free to discuss your writing with them. Bone up on your lessons.

Q: [Re: Dad/receipts/Foundation]

A: Donations must be made to you personally. This is why you cannot openly solicit. You are going as independent missionaries.

When you must take jobs, take them with this full knowledge and understanding.

As long as you insist on going to bars (and indeed it is a way to meet folks), watch your intake and don't allow repeats of such as last night. If Gramps becomes a drunkard again, you will have a lot of "broken fences."

Q: [Re political debate]

A: Regarding your total efforts, you mortals still need miracles to convince you of plans that work.

Have a good long family conference before you pull out and work these things out. You must believe me that people will offer you funds and goods. Know how to deal with such. Do not openly solicit. Do not tell Gramps of me and these writings. Tell no one. Be open and on the alert. You can answer that most basic need in all your fellows if you will but put yourselves in the path of their searching. You will find this quite different than your experiences in San Diego. Questions?

Q: [What to do re Holy Bible]

A: You are bringing a new revelation to them. Study the papers on revealed and evolutionary religion.

Q: Should we paraphrase or read direct from the UB?

A: Both. But you are trying to spread the U.B. Unless you have more questions, I must go for now.