At Large

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ISBN 1571743200


  • 1. On the loose; roaming freely; not confined.
  • 2. For a nervous twenty-four hours, three wanted criminals were at large in the city.
  • 3. Representing the whole, rather than a section.
  • 4. The editor-at-large is now able to write about any topic he pleased, no longer confined to just sports news.
  • 5. The ambassador at-large was designated to the Middle East as a region, rather than to a specific country.
  • 6. In general; as a whole.
  • 7. Some people support the measure, but the community at large will probably be against it.

At Large contributions to The Teaching Mission: Dialogues can be found by following this link.


An Editor-at-Large is a journalist who contributes content to a publication.

Unlike an editor who works on a publication from day-to-day and are hands on, an editor-at-large will contribute content on a regular or semi-regular basis and will have less of a say on a specific field such as layout,pictures or the publication’s direction.

However, unlike a writer they are allowed their own preferences in the content they have to generate and don’t have to justify their ideas to the main editor. They also frequently come up with ideas for other writers to research and write.