1999-12-20-Scribbles 152

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Topic: Emotional Blockages

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Prayer: Dear Michael, thank you for the reminder of today how fear and depression hack at the cords of your love that bind us together, because of unbelief and lack of faith and trust. I will now in greater conscious awareness fight my depression in your Name.

Dear child, you notice how insights come! Life can be so wonderful when lived in a greater awareness of your personal relationship with the All That Is.

It is changing the mental faculties, physical abilities improve, and soul growth is on an upward curve, so the whole body benefits in greater health to enable the mortal to fulfill his or her divine purpose on earth.

Allow this remembrance to sink into the farthest reaches of your being-ness, for it allows the greatest growth to continue in the way.

The lesson I would have you learn is this: That anything can be overcome in My Name. Center yourself in the will of God. Know that nothing, no-thing, can separate you from the love, goodness, and abundance of the Infinite Creator.

Feel the energy coursing through you. No energy, no life. Blocked energy causes pain and suffering. Blockages occur in the mental-emotional realm tied with negative and wrong thoughts, which then materialize in the physical body and outer life.

Pray for your blockages to surface, so you can deal with them in the Eternal One's Name -- which ever name you are comfortable with. To God, it does not matter, by what name He is called, for this matters only to the caller who prays.

Continually ask for greater awareness, as to how you think. Put Spirit in charge of your thoughts to spiritize your thought pattern, and so greater vistas can open up, and revelatory insights can come to you.

Ponder this now.