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Topic: Evolution of Receptivity

Group: At Large


Teacher: Michael

TR: Unknown



It has been difficult to make free will choices without understanding a few things. Any choice would "result" in perfection of course because ALL choices lead to gained experience. However, I have long been aware of my soul level commitments and have known that I indeed have a mission.

I sought understanding because it is my desire that I not unknowingly interfere, block, or undermined, my soul's choices and desires by inadvertently making human level choices. I asked a friend to please transmit. It was Michael, our Creator Father, who responded.

My question was in regards to our future (humanity)


Michael: There are even now vibrations of thought patterns interfering on a level just below the soul's level. These disharmonics cause the fabric of time to waver, wobble, get off center, get off to the far left of the perfect point, and yet simultaneously are there vibrations, frequencies, being generated into the Father's Light causing another vibration within His heart. The end or "result" of this vibration is not known by any of the Father's beloved children. It is only known within the Father's mind and heart.

Perhaps an easier way to explain this is to say in the past, recent past, the outcome of the game board was seen, in other words visualized, within the minds of many, hence it was given life. It was believed by most that what had been put into motion could not be deterred, however, due to the increasing mindset of those of my beloved children standing within the Light, their vibration, because it was united within the circuits of My Heart, shown brighter, hence did in fact, cancel out much of what had been put into motion.

Michael elaborated personally, saying: The short of it is that while, with the Father's help, I could discern your future pattern, I chose not to interfere, Beloved daughter, with what you desire. Your will is to take the higher priority on this game board you call life. Know Beloved daughter that I am with you. Do not fear for you shall be held within my embrace. Keep the faith. Have courage, Child, even though at times it may appear that I have forsaken you. Do you understand? (I think so.) Then repeat to me what you understand me to be saying to you Child. (You wish for me to take the higher priority.) No, Daughter.

Then he told me to stop typing and had a most personal conversation. (Now I cannot recall his words.)