2002-09-23-Exercise Michael's Presence

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Topic: Exercise Michael's Presence

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



SEPTEMBER 23, 2002

Transmitter: We call upon you, Michael, asking for your presence, to fill this room, to fill our being, to envelope us with your truth and light, so that we may experience you, your goodness, your love, your tenderness. Anchor your presence in each of our heart centers. We call upon your healing power to enter us, into all of those places that require your ministration. (pause)

Michael: My children, how I treasure these moments spent with you, when my words can co-mingle with my presence within you, and reaffirm within your hearts and minds the depth of affection I have for you. Allow me to open new pathways to sense my presence deep within your being. You will find great joy and peace therein.

Give me access to yourself, and know that you are safe in my hands. As I enter each one of you now, lay open the secrets of your heart. I know you may have fear at this juncture. Tenderly invite me into that place of fear or doubt within you, and allow me to resonate there for a time. (pause)

Speak to me of your desires for your life, and I will counsel and guide you into the ways of truth and righteousness. Learn how to accompany me on your daily walk of living. This was the great challenge of my human life, to be conscious of the Father in Paradise at all times, and yet be attentive to those trivialities and necessities of daily living. And you have just as much potential as me to achieve this degree of Father awareness. The question to ask yourself is, how much do I want this? And to spend time with me each day, aligning yourself in me, anchoring your being in me, so that I may teach you my ways. This is precisely what you are doing now; and I call upon you and the desires of your heart to maximize your curiosity, interest, and participation in being centered in my presence. (long pause)


Transmitter: What He is instructing us to do is go around the room and we are going to focus on one person. We are going to start with R. And you can stay in your meditative space, and just send your energy and focus on R. Then Michael is going to come through and do something with him. I don't know what. When it is each one of your turns, what he is wanting each person to do is some sort of alignment. Okay, I think what is coming through is that R., for you when he comes through, in your own mind just affirm in your mind "your will be done". Is that okay with you? (Okay)

Let's start with R. right now. There isn't going to be any talking. This is just going to be Him working within your mind. We are just going to focus on you, then we are going to go on to the next person. I don't know how long it is going to take. This is a new exercise, a new experience. (pause)

Note by transmitter: We went around the room and focused on each person, while Michael was working within the person's mindal circuits and aligning each individual for greater conscious awareness with Him.

Michael: My children, I thank you for your participation in this exercise to assist your brothers and sisters tonight. Your mental efforts, when they are aligned with the spiritual current you have access to, amplify the effects in the person to whom the spiritual thought energy is directed. You are, in many ways, conducting effective prayer for that individual.

Before we move into your prayers for other people not present this evening, I wish you to bring you to bring your questions and concerns to me, so that I can help you better assimilate that which you are experiencing tonight. (long pause)


Student: Master, I would like to talk to you about, if I may, about my desires to learn to heal, to work with you, through you, through the midwayers, to heal my family, my friends, and others. I wish to discuss this with you this evening, if I may, how I can move toward this, prepare myself for this path.

Michael: My son, the way of healing is open to each and every one of you. In expressing your heart's desire to me this evening, R., you have made public your intention to fulfill (side one of tape ends) . Know that the most effective manner in which you can be a conduit of my healing is through your active prayer life. Your spiritually directed thoughts can penetrate into the spiritual lives of individuals where words cannot produce good fruit.

When you pray for another individual, call Me into the spirit being of that individual, and ask for My will for that individual to become more activated in that person's life. You are inserting a thought pattern into that person who cannot ask this of himself or herself because of their inability to articulate this level of spiritual focus.

This is not an invasion of their freewill. This is merely an admixture of my presence within theirs, so that spiritual current can be added to their thought forms and patterns. It is advisable to spend a concerted length of time in focusing on one individual, rather than moving from one person to person quickly, so that the full resonance of My being can take effect within that person. In this way, you are being used as an instrument of healing. And as you gain more practice with this, it will give you a great sense of achievement. Do this with me, my son, and we will heal together. Go in peace. (Thank you).

Student: I have a question. I need help in how to connect with your guidance. I've been feeling lost and without any sense of direction. So I need to know how I can, what I need to do to connect with you.

Michael: My daughter, your whole creative energies are admixing mine, even as we speak. There are many remnants of former ideas and thought forms that still harbor resistance to the greater participation you wish to share with me. Be assured that things are happening in your being. Progress is underway. A patient and trusting heart is what is being asked of you now, so that I may more fully co-mingle my presence within those areas where the resistance is still functioning and impeding your capacity to sense my connection with you.

Be assured that you are a daughter of great light. And as that light still continues to penetrate the darkness within you, know that in time this connection will become more brilliant and clarified within your being. Spend time each day focusing on the light of truth to enter into your being: my truth, my light. And let this shine on all of the areas where you still feel confused or lost in the dark - and I will absorb that which is not yours, and give you my truth. I ask you now to be patient and persistent, and you will surely receive that which you seek. My blessing is upon you, and my peace shines within you.

Student: My father, I love you so, and I am so excited, so honored to be on this service path. And I would ask your advice, your comments as to anything I could do to hasten this process - anything that I am personally overlooking or that I need to work on, so that I can receive you better and be of better service.

Michael: Daughter, your desires are well noted. Hastening your process will not serve you well at this time. However desirous you are to be of more service pales in comparison to your ability to stay focused on me. And this is what I ask of you now: to share more of your day in conversation and communion with me, and I will activate all of those potentials for service that are welling so strongly within your heart.

You are my daughter, and I make good use of my children's qualities when they are ready and strong. You have great strength and courage of heart. Now I ask you to come to a greater appreciation of how I work within your life, so that I may work through your life as you serve others. Be in my peace.

Student: Thank you very much.

Student: Yes, Jesus, my brother and father, I was thinking during the week how we exalt you at the expense of ourselves: how we fail to see ourselves as you see us, as magnificent expressions of the Father; how we seem to have this inferiority complex about exalting ourselves in oneness with God - that you even said we can do your work and even greater.

I wish to proclaim here and now that each and every one of us is one with the Father, and has the same abilities and capacities to do the works that you have done. And I wish for myself to break through an inferiority complex that keeps me from expressing my true self.

Michael: My son, the desires of your heart are well noted. There are certain ideas that still linger within you about who you are: false impressions that have built up this complexity of inferiority that casts a shadow upon who you are becoming. All you need to recognize is the truth of who you are through my eyes, and asking me to break the shadow image that does not allow your mirror reflection to see yourself clearly through my eyes. In time you will find that this is shattered. And as I knit the shards of glass pieces into a more unified and harmonious picture of who you are, spend time in asking for the truth of what your life is becoming to become more pronounced, alive and vibrant in your mind. And then truly will you be able to break through this barrier.

This glass wall that is between us is one of human doubt. Do not be afraid to look squarely in the eyes of this doubt within you, and to ask me to lead you more into the ways of faith. You have my peace. You have my truth. You will be free.

Student: Michael, I want to thank you for the freedom you bestow upon us. I am overwhelmed. I sense it in the respect you pay us. It is beyond my comprehension.

Michael: My son, you are a child of divine dignity. And you do well to remember that as such you are afforded great respect and approval in my family. The ways of this world have not honored that. But when you walk with me, you are accorded all of the dignity, the acceptance, and love that I have to bestow on each and every one of my children.

And you cannot possibly even fathom at this stage in your life how deep my love for you is. You are only beginning to sense this. But you can open up even more and more each day. And this is my request to you: to let me fill you with that which you desire, more and more each day so that you become even more assured of who you are and who you are becoming. You are mine. Go in peace.

Student: Michael, at this time I'd like to raise my interest to you in reference to spiritual partnership. I feel that I have been alone most of my life, and I am now becoming more and more in alignment with my spiritual guide, my spiritual brothers and sisters. I feel that progress is going along pretty smoothly, and I am basically okay.

I am curious to find out if at this time you have suggestions of anything of particular that would be relevant for me to do, or to change, so that I can, even more effectively, be aware of the spiritual partnership that I have on high and inside - and to be more effectively in partnership with whomever it is in my destiny to be participating with. Could you speak on that?

Michael: My child, all of your life will be a series of partnerships, with varying levels of life forms and personalities. The most important partnership that you can undertake is in relationship with the Father in Paradise through your divine indwelling Monitor, who so patiently, steadfastly and lovingly points you toward Paradise.

As you gain more conscious awareness of this partnership, the myriad forms of partnerships that you have at your leisure to cultivate will draw you into creative and varied avenues of expression. You will be drawn into many partnerships, the more you cultivate this most important and intimate of partnerships in your life.

In making this your primary focus, all other partnerships will naturally develop from that, and you will find satisfaction, indeed, in your life in all areas of your life. Seek the Father, and allow that which is within you as your potential to become real, living, satisfying, and the most beautiful enticement to your brothers and sisters to work together with you. Shalom. (Thank you) (Long pause)


Note: We moved into prayers and ended with a blessing and benediction that was not recorded.