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In a hectic world of change, the Institute for Christ Consciousness[ is a place where you can find relief and peace. Inside your being is the center of your christed self—your higher nature. Partaking of the services offered at the Institute for Christ Consciousness is a path that will open you to the world of your beautiful inner being.

Sometimes it is challenging to find that part of yourself that is connected to your Divine Source. Sometimes on this inner journey it is helpful to have someone accompany you, especially if you feel lost or stuck. I will help you find your divine nature, and that will bring you a great feeling of accomplishment and many rewards.

This is the path of spiritual growth and soul healing. Through the various services provided at the CCC, you will be gently guided into new insights into your SELF—your higher nature. This is done in a nurturing and safe environment that honors where you are in your journey and takes you to the next level of your journey into your true self.

Services of the Institute for Christ Consciousness are designed to bring you into direct personal experience with your Divine Source, and to help you develop a relationship with that creative power that is yours to own and use for your benefit. This creative power heals all wounds and frees you to live fully. You will learn new techniques through these innovative services to find, know, and love yourself.

For the lessons transmitted at the Institute for Christ Consciousness, follow this link.

What is the Divine Experience?

What would it feel like to be embraced by God? What would it feel like to become aware of how deeply you are loved by your Divine Mother/Father God? It is possible to experience this! You can have a direct personal experience to feel the love your Creator has for you and to grow into the body experience of feeling the love you crave.

I will guide you into this place of profound love and acceptance. You will increasingly experience the love you were born to feel. Your heart will open and blossom as you grow in understanding your self and how deeply cherished, respected, and nurtured you are by God. You will receive new tools to help you go through life with more peace, joy, forgiveness and understanding. You will learn how to overcome your obstacles and how experience happiness and fulfillment with your life.

Contact me for additional information on how I may assist you into amazing place of love that heals all wounds and frees you to live the life of your dreams! The services I provide will help you learn techniques to find, know and love yourself.

An introduction to Donna's book Teach Us To Love, ISBN 0971810702 can be heard at [1].