2002-10-07-You Have Much To Gain

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Topic: You Have Much To Gain

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



This is your Father-Brother who greets you this evening. Welcome! Be in my peace. I bid each and every one of you a personal welcome this evening, and thank you for your interest in participating in this evening's activities. All of you know me in various ways. And I honor each person's attitude and perspective of who I am.


Tonight as we have begun to do in the past, I wish for you to personally experience my presence and my essence in greater depth and in greater love. Your willingness to open your heart to me now will precede your capacity to receive my love for you. My desire is for us to share an intimate and tender association as you come to explore the many and myriad ways that I can walk with you throughout all aspects of your life, and help you with the challenges and circumstances that you live with. You were not meant to walk alone. Your human brothers and sisters associates can provide much assistance, but it is only the loving, guiding hand of the Divine that stabilizes and ennobles your life.

So in opening yourself to me, know that you have so much to gain. And the only thing you let go of is fear. Are you all willing and interested now to join me in an embrace? (All give hearty acceptance.) Thank you my children for your trust. For this is all I ask of you - for you to trust me just a little more each day, and thereby gain confidence as you grow in faith and grow more beautiful as my child.

Call me now to your heart's center. Take a deep breath. Expand your lungs and call me into that place where you crave truth - truth of who you are, the truth of who you are becoming, and the truth of the Divine Hand that lovingly influences and guides your life. Spend a few moments in breathing and calling me into you now. (Pause.)

My children, each of you has a dark place within you that longs for the light of truth, that longs for the tender merciful touch. Call me into that secret place within you. Let me lovingly place my healing balm on that tender hurt, and comfort you with the Father's loving devotion,and a mother's gentle caress. (Pause.) Speak to me of your secret fears and doubts. Be unabashed in sharing what is on your mind. I shared with you human life experience. I know the troubles of the human soul, and there is nothing that you have experienced that I cannot and do not understand. I do not judge. I do not reproach. I only help you see the truth so that you can become free from all your doubts, all of your wounds, all of the loneliness of this condition of being a young and tender human being.

I need your souls strong! I need them vibrant, alive, healthy, and resilient. That which has caused you pain, when you come to me and ask for healing, I will strengthen - refortify you, and help you to use those experiences to the greater good of yourself and for your fellows. Spend time now in speaking with me, so that I may share my loving mercy and ministry with you.

To each of you I say, "Place your hands on your lap with your palms facing upward and outstretched but relaxed." (Pause.) Call on my light now - the light of Divine Truth and Love to in-fill the center of your palm. (Long pause.)

Transmitter: This is D talking now. What He is instructing me is, that He'd like us to do is, to take our palms - our hands - and focus this on one person in the room, and we're going to start as we did the other night. We're going to go around to each person in the room and we're going to spend a few moments just taking our hands and pointing them in the direction of that person that we're focusing on, and He's going to come in and do something with that person. And we're going to start with M. And when it's your turn, you keep your hands open so that you can receive. And when it's your turn, just focus on your heart-center. And that's all you have to do. Actually I'm being corrected. I'm sorry. There's an energy ball in the middle of the room and we're to focus our energies in the ball, and that's where He is, in the center. And then what He is going to do is take that energy and put it into each person.

(Note: At this time we went around the room focusing on each person) And now what He wants us to do is all join hands but still have our thoughts projected to the center of this energy-ball in the room.

I don't know what He's going to do, but there's this focalization here. So in your mind's-eye you can see this big ball of energy. If you can't see it, just imagine that it's there. You just project your intention to add your thought-power to this energy ball. That's all you need to do. (Pause)


Michael: My children, you are connected to the living, vital forces of the universe. You have access to that which lies beyond your ability to sense through your eyes and through your ears and through your touch; but nonetheless these are real and living spiritual currents that pervade all of life, and activate all of your being. As you intensify your concentration on this energy-being in the middle of the room, I will add that which is mine, and open the channels within you so that these living energies are more accessible, dynamic, and energizing within you. Project your intention to intensify this ball. Allow me to in-fill you with that which you need. (Pause)

This is an energy exchange. As you focus what it is you wish to create that is of goodness, that is of truth, that is of value, you allow me to reciprocate by replacing that which no longer is yours to dominate you with something that is more tangibly beautiful. You create space within you for new things to be added when you focus on intensifying something better for your life. And as I step into your being, I find that which tarnishes you, constricts you, restricts you and replace it with something that ennobles and enriches you.

And when you gather as a group as you are doing now, you multiply this potential for the exchange; for there is a progressive enhancement that is greater than the sum of all of you present this evening.

So, sit back now. You may disengage, and I will answer your questions of this evening. Is there someone who would like to begin?


Student: Dear Jesus could you help us to combine our natural sensual desires - to be more socially fragrant - more effective, like even the Dalai Lama talks about it, in his book. I'd say it was the history in our modern world, where we tend to overvalue that, I know, and we don't know how to convert it to the social graciousness that we really want to.

Michael: My son, there are multiple levels of engaging and harnessing your natural biological tendencies into what you would consider to be socially acceptable. Social acceptability is greatly influenced by the cultural traditions and sexual and social mores of religious and educational traditions. If you are asking how to be more socially acceptable in accordance with your societies standards, then it would behoove you to follow certain manifestations of etiquette - prescribed forms of behavior and graceful postures and refinement that are deemed acceptable.

But if you are asking now for that grace and poise and effortlessness that comes with being full of the nature of our Father in Paradise, then in your times of social intercourse, ask for your spirits to speak for you. And let your tongue, and your hands, and your eyes be governed by your Divine Monitor. True refinement-true cosmic sociability-begins with your being willing to be governed by this. And this is a very strong and commanding word I use, for it requires you to say, at some level, "I do not know how to comport myself in this situation; and so I ask for Your Guidance now, so that I may behave divinely and lovely." Do you understand the distinction that . .(Tape ends) . .. are often fraught with how society wants you to behave. Many times it is not how the Spirit wishes you to reveal yourself to others.

But know this: when you are so governed, you are infinitely more gracious and more charming. And so there is never any reason for you to doubt that what you say will be in any way offensive or misconstrued, because it will be endearing, and it will touch the soul of that other person. Have you other questions, my son?

Student: I really appreciate that. And I think that's enough. Thank you!

Student: Jesus. I have a question regarding the present situation, energies, on the planet. It seems like we are approaching world-changing events, potentially, and that this is going to continue. And I'm asking your advice on how is it best to project good or loving energies when you are dealing with world changing events before us.

Michael: My son, this world is changing quickly. It may appear that things seem to be quite chaotic and quite confused and out of control. None of this is true. There is a great undercurrent of re-stabilization. But it will not manifest itself for some time to come. Perhaps some of you will not live to see its full manifestation. But know this, what you are participating in is the re-grounding of this stabilizing living current, vital force.

Each one of you, in coming to greater spiritual opening within your own souls, is participating. And so, while there are many things you can do to foster this within you, there are two of particular importance which will greatly help you in your own unfolding and re-grounding, as well as that of the collective. And that is to spend time in loving and sincere communion with your Spirit within. And to ask to be made an instrument of My will.

There is nothing to fear. You will only become stronger, more courageous, more under- standing, more sympathetic for what is unfolding on your planet. Spend time each day and allow your will to attune to the divine will that resonates within you. And pray. Pray, my children, for the stabilization of this planet. Project your intention for this planet to be stabilized into those energies that are now actually beginning to achieve this.

It does not matter if you see these energies or not. It is only important that you focus your intention - and keep some attention during the day on them - so that those spiritual personalities who work take the human counterpart and add something of great value and nurturing to the collective.

Any situation you wish to see an improvement in will be augmented when you focus and project your intentional thoughts and desires for spiritual outcome to be made manifest. Trust, in time, that this will prevail; and fan the flame of your faith each day by staying close to me in spirit and asking that it is not my will but Your will be done.

My children, you are vital now to the correcting energies that are now engulfing this beloved but beleaguered planet. And I wish to encourage you to come to a fuller appreciation as to how important you are, as each individual is. You are all valuable. You are all essential. Know that when you spend your time in these pursuits, you are providing a very much appreciated and great gift - not only to me, -- but to those of your brothers and sisters who live here yet still linger in the darkness. For you are the ones who are bringing light and love to this planet. You are the ones who are transforming this world. Do you understand this, my son?

Student: Yes, thank you. (long pause)

Michael: I am your brother and I share your life experiences. You need not be shy in approaching with your questions.

Student: Michael, I just wish to thank you again. Both difficult and glorious to be loved so. It's a little bit like dying each time, followed with a new birth in the night air, fragrant again. Thank you very much.

Michael: My son, the treasure that you give to me is your faith that you know that you are loved. Your appreciation for being loved will grow. The dying is the letting go of the sorrow and the deprivation of not being loved and not experiencing love that each person feels as a result of living in spiritual isolation and deprivation.

How I wish each of you to feel how much you are cherished. You are my treasures. My beautiful children are jewels, each precious and unique - and so valuable. How I long for each of you to appreciate how important you are. And if your human lives can reach to that extent, appreciating yourselves and trusting in my love for you, then you will have found true contentment and true success.


So believe it is real, believe it is possible, and enjoy being loved. Just enjoy. Let your hearts beat in harmony with my being. Let your cells of your body face the light of truth. Rejoice in the presence of being alive here and now, and know that you can receive that which you need to live moment by moment - peacefully, joyfully, steadfastly - in loving grace and everlasting tenderness, nurtured gently by those who watch over you and care for you. You are my children.

And as I take my leave, my peace is yours. Draw it into your being now, and let it envelop that which troubles and disconsoles you. You are mine. I am devoted to you, and I am always available to you when you open your heart and ask for my truth. Be in my peace, my children. Good evening.