2003-12-09-Churches, Progress, and Tibet


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Topic: Churches, Progress, and Tibet

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



George: “It’s what I wrote down, Andrea, and whatever reached your ears from the ongoing discussions and postings of late.”

[The question centered around individuals like Sai Baba, the Dalai Lama, their possible connection with the Reserve Corps, and essential Adjuster-to-Adjuster Information Transfer.]

Andrea: “We know how some of you like to valiantly push the boundaries, theorize and speculate, but what I have prepared for you may not altogether answer your question. And for your benefit, and that of others, I would like to introduce a new term, and rather than us speaking on this day of the Angels of the Churches per se, let us widen the term and refer to them as ‘the Angels of all the Teachings.’

“It is so often with your human vocabulary that when a term like ‘Churches’ is spoken of, and to those of you who are ardent students of the Text (5ER) that your interpretation of the concept is narrowed rather significantly, and, at best, you see in your mind a congregation of a specific denomination, a church building even, or a number of church buildings, perhaps.

“Now I want you to visualize your angelic friends of the Churches as those who ensure that the Teachings are not lost. Teachings, my friend, and they can be of the most exalted on your world, of Sikh, Christian, or Sufi teachings, and they may be no more than the nature worship of rocks, trees or animals. Indeed, the Angels of the Churches and their capable midwayer associates do promote these teachings of all kinds.

“‘Churches’ are there to ensure that the books are read, the stories are told, the sermons are given, and the belief systems are not corrupted as they are passed on from mother to daughter, from father to son, from teacher to student, yet the angels will not judge the level of sophistication that they are at, only the purity of teachings, and from generation to generation, for that is their primary task.

“Just recently you enquired about your dear friend and his work with the Falun Gong, and I can assure you now that both Churches and Progress, as well as Science, Medicine and the Arts are represented (and hard at work) by the angels, artisans, specialist teachers and midwayers in the movement – the oh so promising movement that is the Falun Gong.

“Even among those of the old faith of ancestor worship, the aspects of truth, conviction, and belief traditions were promoted from one generation to the next, and from the blue sky ‘prayer houses’ of the Mongolian steppes, to those of the visionary cults who dwell in the dense-forest ‘cathedrals’ of the Amazon, we were and are there as ‘Churches’ to promote the continued acceptance of those belief systems. As well, we were and are there as ‘Progress’ to promote the higher truths whenever they may be learned or intuited.

“And so it is with the beliefs of the Tibetan nation. No matter the prayer wheels, the prayer flags and banners, you will find those there who are most sincere and deeply devout. And it is not (up) to us to frown upon the idiosyncrasies of any such credos that even include some strange notions from your own Christian history. And, yes, you will find us there, too, to promote all that is good and beautiful, and to ignore the erroneous, but to awaken to higher truths when appropriate.

“So to your question: The mention of Spirit Selves transferring great amounts of specific and often also mundane information as in the case of the Dalai Lama hierarchy is indeed along the lines of Thought Adjuster exchange as it is customary with older and younger members of the Reserve Corps. It is up to the Thought Adjusters to indicate, and with the foreknowledge with which they arrive from Divinington, which new personality is to take over from the old and dying.

“It is up to the likes of Dr. Mendoza and the many assistants to speed up the physical, mindal and spiritual development of this preordained individual, and to re-enforce the specific aspect of knowledge and recognition of facts that are important for the human associates on their long and guided journey to receive confirmation that, indeed, this new, immature personality is in fact the destined one to take over the task.

“It behooves you to realize that in the Paradise existence the past and future merge into the ever-present, and that these things can be foreknown, even to the need for a specific new personality to turn up in time to take over the lead from the old, and to keep alive the teachings of one generation for the benefit of the next.

“It takes no great imagination to visualize the utter chaos that would ensue if the older generation neglected to pass on their spiritual heritage to the next. No, indeed, neither you nor I could imagine the absolute bedlam that would therefrom result, but these things are foreseen and ‘Paradise-generated data’ and advice is received by our angelic associates and through them passed onto us midway creatures more often than you take a breath.

“Suffice to say that the old teachings are well guarded by ‘Churches,’ and that all further truths, as they are realized, are capitalized upon by ‘Progress.’

“Suffice to say that only the most advanced-in-experience Thought Adjusters will volunteer to indwell the minds of such exalted leaders of the minds of men.


“I thank you, my dear brother, for staying the distance with me. We fared moderately well with this ‘new stuff,’ as you will put it. This is Andrea, and I send my love to all who will hear our words.”