2004-01-29-Proclamation, V


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Topic: Proclamation V

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Celebra, Solonia

TR: S. Butterfield, Oliver Deux



  • Note from Oliver: We were a small gathering of three, sat at a table with tall brass candleholders and the warm light of its candles engulfed us, while the wind played a soothing tune on the chimes. We closed our eyes and allowed ourselves to perceive the Eternal Nature. No expression of words should be deemed sufficient to capture the Divine reality of the Love felt when we entered a period of silent awareness. No concepts or symbols can possibly capture the total of the Love that was received by each.]
  • Note from Suzi: David had talked to teacher Alana earlier in the day: "She was very happy, cheerful and glad we were open to any expansion of the message of love."


All three of us fell into a deep stillness.]

Suzi reported, "I have someone named CELEBRA here, who has been saying they are using our willingness, our energies, our openness, to enter into a broad streamed band of energy, and that incredible sense of expansion that I am experiencing in my transmitting body, which also sometimes feels like a weightiness, is part of this expansion that they are requesting of us."

Suzi: "I think I am hearing from an archangel, or arc-something or other, they are putting energy into the third eye of all those who are focused on this moment, focused upon receiving, and for some it would feel like difficulty breathing." [pause]

Oliver: I am hearing Solonia...


SOLONIA (OD): I am known to you as the "Voice of the Garden." Speaking tonight as the voice of the expanded garden of greater manifestation of love pouring down into your ready-made beds for spiritual fruitfulness. You have opened yourselves to an experiment of working in our spiritual garden. We honor your faith.

This work is a continuation of an ever-new and expanding manifestation of spiritual downpour of the golden-light rain to water the spiritual garden that together we tend to. You are asking what this experience is for.

Our work is in preparation for the Son of Paradise origin, who will arrive some time. This is a time of learning how to become ready for such an occurrence. And so, we call all those together, who have shown interest in an event that is so magnificent, so different and all powerful, that it is beyond the imagination of any living human being.

So please understand that the phase of readiness is upon you, and that this evening is just a small part of what will be required of you humans, who, with your own free-will decisions, aid in setting the stage for this magnificent and saving event to occur. Certainly, you may have sensed from what you have been told so far, that your personal decisions can and will contribute to the time in your future when his coming, his arrival, will be observed by many around your world, as the rest of your universe looks on. We will continue to ask you to engage in experiences that will allow for clearer and wider and brighter channels of communications to occur.

We are most grateful for your trust, and the love you bring to this endeavor. Stay receptive, as you might be able to discern others...

[583ยง4 51:3.5 In the case of Adam and Eve, the angel of the Garden was none other than the chief of the planetary helpers then on duty. This seraphim, Solonia, proclaimed the miscarriage of the divine plan and requisitioned the return of the Melchizedek receivers to Urantia.]

[Suzi spoke for someone who might be Machiventa she got Ma...cha..., but nothing clear before the speaking began.]

UNIDENTIFIED TEACHER (SB): The joy of recognizing that only your voice can speak the love that dwells within your heart, is the new opening to God's love that I would have you know. As you grow in the lessons of this Teaching Mission, you will speak love more readily before the questions, doubts, and objections to the way of love sound you out. You must raise your voices for love. It is not a competition, as a debate, or a practice of elocution, but rather a co-operative bending to the will of God that love be manifested in his name.

Love, my beloveds, not names. Love, my beloveds, not categories. Train your voices to sing out to all the hungry and waiting, bringing forth to them the music and harmony, the beauty and the truth of love. Go forth from this moment with the garden of Solonia expanding in your heart, blossoming now, spilling petals of fragrant flowers from your mouths, and seeing the joys of love's fruitfulness through your eyes of love's perspective.

The moment of grace is now. Graciously accept. Graciously allow. Live your days with the dedication and focus that brought you here and now, into the promise, the promise of joy, the promise of God's glory blooming in your hearts. [pause]

ALANA (SB): Yes, this is Alana. Remember to love, my friends, through "thick and thin," whether high on the mountain or low. The task before you is great and simple: Remember to love. Yes? Thank you. [pause]

AHBARON (OD): Lend me your voice, my brother, as I want to compliment you for coming together at a time when many of you have heeded the call to come together in love, to experience more love, more of God's grace, more of the mercy-ministry of your Creator, who has ordained a long time ago that special circuits and channels be established for his love to flow into all areas of your existence that are in so dire need for the experience of love.

Without the mercy-ministry of your Creator the expression of this particular flow of love would not occur, and so join me in a prayer of thankfulness.

Beloved, Creator/Brother, beloved Mother, who continuously spreads her ministry via untold heavenly helpers. We bow in gratefulness with our hearts overwhelmed with the joy that the recognition of your love brings into our hearts. And may we be led to express the love, that flows so readily into us, to all who come across our path. May we learn, day by day, the many exercises of love toward those, who make it, at times, more difficult to love them as we would like.


We give thankfulness for the sturdiness of the mercy and grace that we are learning to experience. May we learn to minister more and more perfectly as you so perfectly minister to us. We thank you with the totality of our beingness.