2004-01-29-Proclamation, VIII

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Topic: Proclamation, VIII

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Most Highs

TR: Sirrus-Adam



[Sirrus-Adam] Preparatory to receiving the message(s) (with our eyes closed), I was guided to do an energy manifestation. While seated, with upper arms by my side and forearms parallel to the floor, resting on the chair’s arms, with palms directed diagonally inward/upward so that the energy from each hand intersected in front of my face, I sensed a ball of white light form and grow brighter. After it became intense, my hands then rotated around moving the expanding ball down to the earth. It continued to grow to cover the entire planet and out some distance, and then white light loving energy continued to pour into it until it was saturated. The feeling of overwhelming love brought tears to my eyes. At this point I seemed to hear:

“Gaia is ready to receive.” [Gaia is interpreted to be "earth mother". Earth's basal vibrational frequency has been increased allowing for improved reception for everyone - Ron B's note]

TR/JoiLin: I keep hearing a message, but I keep blocking it.

Greetings children of the Light, I am an emissary from the Most Highs, and I bring you tidings of great joy, for upon your world spreads an energy the like of which has not been known for many a long year. It will not come with the sound of trumpets or the clashing of cymbals, but will spread out exponentially over and across and around your world, taking unto itself the very heart energy that has been nurtured for so many years. In each of you resides a seed that waits to bloom. The Light begins to shine, even now as I speak, allowing these seeds to burst forth, the Light of the Father's Love. Be true to yourselves, for you are the hope of this mission; allow yourselves to be guided, for surely your guidance is now much more clear, and will be in days to come. Trust what you feel and know in your heart. Do not expect a time-line, for this I cannot give you. But know with each day that passes the time of His coming is closer, the time of your knowing is nearer. Allow your Teacher to work with you, open your minds and your hearts; allow the circuits to be connected for yours is a free will planet and naught can be done but through you. Enter your classroom each night as an open channel. As you are taught, you will teach, preparing the ground for your Teacher to step forward and be amongst you in physical form. I thank you for receiving my message. Stay in His Light and be at peace.

Eric: Is this Monjoronson or someone else?

Response: I am an emissary of the Most Highs. If you are willing I will now speak through you Sirrus-Adam.

TR/Eric/Sirrus-Adam: I bring you greetings from this receiver as well, for we are most pleased to work with everyone we can. It is an honor to be present among you in this new age or beginning when many lives will be changed, especially for those who desire it. It is time to be willing to go forth to serve to be willing to learn and express God's will in your lives for everyone’s benefit. I can tell you that we are working, preparing the way for you to ascend to a more enlightened state, one where you can work more freely with the energies we are making available to you, and to prepare the way for many changers who will come forward in this hour of (this is the TR, I’m not sure if it’s enlightenment or delight) but you will not need to be so concerned with knowing in advance what to expect, just know that we are working in coordination and cooperation with many agencies and personalities here and throughout the universe for the restoration of our dear planet Urantia. Bring all you have into this effort, and be especially glad for now is the time to be about your Father’s business. It is with no small (TR: it sounds like wonder, but I’m not certain) that we bestow so many blessings upon each and everyone of you . Be of good cheer and know that we love you and you will begin each day with more than the day before. Benefactors are arranging for you to participate on a number of different levels so that you can be more prepared for what is to come. Be mindful/cognizant of new energies/leadings as they arise from time to time, for they shall weave together many threads which will lead to becoming the whole fabric that you comprise, also carry out your work with gladness and know that we are with of you every step of the way. I will leave this vessel now.