2007-07-26-Hold Fast

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Topic: Hold Fast

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Chief Bzutu: “Some places are flooded right now, and some are bone dry and on fire. There are troublesome leaks in an atomic power plant (Japan), and a tsunami warning (Indonesia). Life goes on, Mother Earth shudders, and these occurrences in nature and of nature, should be enough for you to cope with.

“The toil goes on. We, Midwayers, operate for more than twenty hours each day without growing tired, without becoming despondent, although we may well shake our heads at your more bizarre doings. This, incidentally, is my personal time for prayer, and also for reversion, and I prefer to spend my allocation with you both, and in prayer.

“The recent exercise in meditation (Fire the Grid), taken up by so many people all over the globe, has strengthened the network. It was I who showed it you so many years ago, and now you saw it again, strengthened. We are making progress together on this planet. Those of good will and cooperation, of honesty and sincerity, of love for another and spirituality, are becoming more and more numerous across the globe. Indeed! Progress!

“Those of the old order, who wish to hold on to the ancient ways of selfishness and control, which never worked for you in the first place, are becoming more and more desperate. Let us hope and pray -- and once again, I cannot give you a crystal ball vision of the future -- that some major ruckus, some major upset, some major damage that is now being contemplated, will not come about.

“Hold fast to what you are doing. Stay within the program. Do what you can to help educate the masses, and let us all be on the side of the Creator, not with those who have long ago fallen away. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. Take heart, you are with us, and you are on the right track. Let us talk again soon.”

George: “Thank you brother.”